Sacred Sites Series: Uluru

Have you ever visited a place that speaks to your soul? Maybe a favorite beach along the ocean or a cabin in the woods? Is there just something about it that brings you peace, inspiration, or a feeling of wholeness?

We are energetic beings and respond to the energy within and around us. It’s no surprise that the places we visit have the ability to impact us deeply. All over the world there are sacred sites that beckon us to come and experience their wonder.

Today, I am going to share about the sacred site of Uluru. This place is known as one of the great powerpoints on Earth. I will share where it is located, some of its unique history and lore, and the vibrational reading of this very special place.



Uluru or Ayers Rock

If you have seen any travel advertisements for Australia, chances are you have seen a picture of Uluru. Uluru is a massive red sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in Australia. It was named Ayers Rock by explorer William Gosse in 1873 but is traditionally called Uluru by the Aboriginal people.

Uluru rises 348 meters above the surrounding sandy plains. It would take about 3.5 hours to walk around. Below the surface, geologists believe it extends at least 2.5 kilometers further! During the rainy season, you will find waterfalls cascading down the sides of the giant red stone. It is a haven for Australian wildlife. As of October 2019, Uluru is protected and no longer accessible to the public for climbing. (1) However, you can experience it’s majesty by viewing from a distance or from seeing it in a picture.



A Dreaming Giant

Uluru is a sacred place to the indiginous Aboriginal people. To understand Uluru’s significance, it is important to understand the people who know it best. Charles Mountford, an anthropologist that worked closely with the Aboriginal people in the 1930’s, noted that Uluru is a word used to describe the whole region, many surrounding sacred sites, and also the name of a dreaming ancestor. The Anangu people, native to Siwa, believe that the world was created by their ancestors. (2)

There is a slightly bizarre part of human history that not many people believe anymore. Did you know there used to be giants on earth? All ancient texts and oral traditions from all over the world tell us about the giants. In the Book of Enoch, the giants were bigger than we can even imagine, close to a mile tall!

Fossilized remains of giants have been recovered around the globe. Mainstream academia has been trying to remove the story of giants from our past. Often, they twist the stories with fear to tell us that all giants were evil or man-eating. These are the giants we learned about from manipulated fairy tales and stories.

Shamans who are able to connect with ancestors and guardians of these ancient sites will tell that most of these giants were beautiful and like children. They were among the first beings of higher consciousness that lived and shaped the Earth that we know today. They created the mountains and valleys to direct the flow of rivers and streams. As time went on, the giants scaled down and became smaller in stature.

What would happen if we were to cast aside what we think we know about the formation of the earth? When you are prepared to accept new information, your perspective will shift dramatically. The geological formations around us may have happened very differently from the way modern science tells us. Great change involves frequency. Some people believe that Uluru’s power is because it is in fact the remains of a very large giant that walked the Earth whose body is now part of the landscape.



Vibrational Reading of Uluru

Uluru is a monolith that is millions of years old. Though its surface has eroded and been carved by the elements over the years, the overall frequency of Uluru today is 700. This is the frequency of enlightenment. We can be sure that this is a very special place that still resonates with such a high and empowering frequency. Perhaps this reading is the result of the place being the remains of an enlightened individual. We may never know all of its secrets but it is fuel for the imagination!

I hope you have enjoyed learning about the sacred site of Uluru today. It is a magnificent place that holds special significance to the aboriginal people who have called this place home for generations.



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