It's Time To Shift Your Frequency!

services Jul 30, 2020

Are you feeling stuck in areas of your life due to negative thoughts or emotions?

Do you feel a “disconnect” between your mind and your heart?

Are there any emotions that feel locked within you or seem blocked from flowing through you?

These are all signs that your vibrational frequency is suffering. Luckily, there are steps you can take to release what is no longer serving you and find balance again.

I’m reaching out to give you insight into why your vibrational frequency is important, what each frequency level means, and what you can do to shift it into alignment with your highest and best expression of self (including an exciting BRAND NEW service I’m offering!)


Get to Know Your Vibrational Frequency

When we are stuck in any area of life, we are unable to tap into our full potential. Everything seems so hard and full of roadblocks. Joy feels like a distant figment of our imagination. Sometimes we don’t even know why we feel blocked.

I have found that, many times, past traumas and key events that we experienced as young children can still affect a person’s vibrational resonance. These things we had no control over, and often no memory of, can escalate out of control, drop our energy, and weigh us down.

Check out this video where my partner Alejandro and I explain this in more detail...

Every being is surrounded by a powerful energetic field that vibrates at a specific optimal frequency. This spectrum encompasses all of our emotions. On the low end we have negative vibrations like fear, shame, and guilt.

On the other end of the spectrum we experience love, joy and peace. When we linger in negative vibrations, we experience imbalance. Living in a constant state of low vibes keeps us vulnerable to illness, burnout, and mood swings. When we are stuck, we are unable to attract the very people and resources that we need to live our best lives.



Learn the Levels of Human Consciousness

Take a look at the table and graphic below to better understand the different levels of consciousness. Be encouraged that you CAN raise your vibration no matter where you register on this scale!

Download Free Scale



Step into Alignment with a Higher Frequency

Becoming aware of your vibration is the first step towards aligning with your higher self. It is liberating to realize that you do not have to remain stuck in a low vibration forever.

There are many simple practices that you can incorporate into your day to help boost your frequency.

  • Listen to and read uplifting content
  • Set boundaries with those who drain you
  • Meditate and connect to your heart
  • Explore your creativity through art, writing, movement, or music
  • Spend time outdoors surrounded by nature
  • Care for yourself with a healthy diet, exercise, rest, and spiritual practices
  • Practice compassion, forgiveness, and empathy with those around you

As you raise your frequency, you will unlock a wealth of inspiration and endless possibility.


Exciting Announcement! Receive a Vibrational Frequency Analysis

I am excited to share a BRAND NEW service with you: a Vibrational Frequency Analysis. I want to help you understand your energy timeline and who you are on a deeper level.

Discover your current unique energetic frequency plus the exact frequency you incarnated at in utero and the frequency you were born with (and pinpoint the reason for any drop). We will dive into your levels in many aspects of your life: health, finances, creativity, relationships, personal growth, philanthropy, and intuition (you will know and understand the level of resistance that exists within each area of your life so you can increase the flow of consciousness). We reveal your overall percentages of joy, in the now, in the ego, integrity, energy purity (indicator of how close you are to shifting to a higher frequency level), and how aligned you are with your divine and personal purpose.

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