The Dangers of Mind-Altering Substances and Ceremonies

Many on their spiritual quest choose to use mind-altering substances hoping to enjoy a mystic experience.

I want to spread awareness of the dangerous and dark side of these substances. This is especially important now that these so called “ceremonies” are branching out from their cultural origins and becoming an apparent mainstream trend.

What people need to understand is that these substances open you up to psychic realms where you can become victims to low vibrational and powerful spirit attachments. In this state, you are vulnerable to entities that are floating around waiting to consume your light.

There are reports of people having psychotic breakdowns and even committing suicide after a ceremony when they try to re-integrate into normal life.

A sign that this has occurred is the person wandering aimlessly, spacing out, disconnected, anxious, depressed, migraines, restless nights, feeling fatigued with no explanation after participating in a ceremony. This is known as a “hungry ghost state,” which is a concept derived from Chinese Buddhism. Hungry ghost means they are driven by intense emotional needs in an animalistic way - drained of their life force/chi, because the entity is feeding off them.

Unfortunately, like in any industry, there are people working in the healer community that are driven by greed, ego, or a desire to create co-dependency. These ceremonies can be used as a weapon in the wrong hands and can heal one person while poisoning many – it is extremely risky to take part in this kind of thing. It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before partaking in something like this, so if you do choose to do a ceremony – be fully informed on the medicine and all those involved in the ceremony.

Please watch our Facebook Live, The Truth & The Ugly Behind The Ayahuasca Trend, where Alejandro and I talk more in depth about this topic and our experience with it.

Please protect your light!



Assessing & Clearing The Biofield

I am here to help you discover if you have being affected in a negative way by Ayahuasca. I offer two services that can help:

Assessing the Biofield: A precise assessment is prepared ahead of time using scalar waves. Your report includes the following with a 15 minute call to discuss:
✓ Soul and color light Resonance
✓ Karma
✓ Biofield/Aura
✓ Miracle Meridians
✓ Soul Gate interferences

Clearing the Biofield: This is a follow-up booking to the Assessing the Biofield report, which includes 4 remote, scalar wave sessions with a comparison report and 15 minute call.


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