The Hero’s Journey of Your Frequency

frequency Feb 22, 2021

Welcome to the WHOLISTIC LIVING PODCAST: Episode 17
Aligning Body, Mind, and Soul with Elena Bensonoff



Hello and welcome to the podcast. My name is Elena Bensonoff, I am so pleased that you are listening here today. Did you know that the act of showing up and being open takes a lot of courage? You are a hero for showing up for yourself today. You have been on an epic journey your entire life, whether you knew it or not. A journey of vibrational frequencies. Today, I want to help you understand this journey and, how you can learn from the dips in your energy, and how to move forward with high vibrations.

I believe that because you are here listening today, you are searching for answers. Perhaps you have challenges in your life that seem daunting, and you need to know that there is purpose in the pain. Maybe you have overcome many things along the way already but still desire enlightenment and feel like there is more out there somewhere. Or perhaps you are frustrated by the trials that you face and the storms of life and stuck in feelings of anger and resentment.

Whatever you feel at this moment is valid, and it is useful information! Our journey through life is full of highs and lows. The emotions that we experience are triggered by events in our lives. Feelings of love, joy, and peace are high frequency vibrations. When you experience these you feel lifted and lighter. On the other side of the spectrum emotions like shame, anger and fear have low vibrations. They literally weigh you down and take a toll on your body and mind. These emotions are never permanent, but we can become bogged down in a negative spiral if we are not paying attention and living with purpose.



The hero’s journey is simply acknowledging where you are stuck and doing the work to raise your vibrational frequency.

The journey itself is divine and beautiful. We do not need to judge it as good or bad. Wherever you happen to find yourself is right where you need to be! You have the power within you to shift your perspective and change the way you do life. Yes, we all go through bad times. But you are able to pull yourself out of the mire! I believe that you can do incredible things. You are courageous and strong.

Our inner wisdom is always guiding us. When we learn to pay more attention to our inner voice and less attention to the voices of the world, miracles begin to happen. We begin to disempower the emotions that hold us hostage. When we can acknowledge our triggers, we take away their power. Then we start to focus on building anew.

The more we learn and realize that we have the power and everything begins within us we can rely less and less on the outer world to give us peace. We can focus more on what we feel within and allow our inner peace to flow. The world we see will begin to change because of our vibrations rising. Our perspective will change even when nothing physically seems to change. We become observers that radiate light.

My job is simply to remind you what you already know. How you experience life on the outside is a direct reflection of what is taking place on the inside. When you are able to put a name to the lower vibrational energy that you wish to change, you can begin to speak the opposite and create change. “I am so afraid” becomes “I am full of courage”. “I am angry” becomes “I am at peace”. “I am depressed” becomes “I am joyful!” I encourage you to speak out loud the emotions that you want to embody. You will feel your energy begin to shift immediately.

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the podcast today. I hope you were encouraged along your own personal hero’s journey. If you would like support along the way, or a personal Vibrational Frequency Analysis, I encourage you to visit my website at You can learn more about my work and become a member of our Vibrational Revelations community. Until next time - be well and enjoy the journey.

Wellness Wishes,



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