The Power of Sacred Geometry

sacred geometry Apr 27, 2022

Sacred geometry can be found in the foundations of all things that sustain life on our planet from the flora and fauna that surround us, to the cutting-edge technology that helps us prevent and treat disease. Whether you’re looking to attract abundance, find inspiration, manifest your dreams, expand your consciousness, or nurture your health – there is a sacred symbol that can help you.

In this post, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of some of the most powerful symbols in sacred geometry with my “starter kit,” so you can start experiencing the benefits of these magnificent spiritual tools today.



What Is Sacred Geometry?

Geometry, by definition, connects us more closely with the planet – geo/Gaia (Mother Earth), -metry/measure. Geometric patterns symbolize devotion for many world religions. It is something all cultures can be inspired by – revered as sacred.

Sacred geometry is a beautiful dance of art, science, and spirituality. It’s the linking of our body with the planet and of our soul with the cosmos, expressed in shapes and symbols that are powerfully healing and awakening. Beyond words and conscious thought, it’s a non-verbal way of transmitting ideas from ancient religions, major world doctrines, and unknown reaches of the universe. It’s all around us and within us – patterns connect us to our world.

“Once a pattern captures your attention, you can begin to see its expression everywhere. The cellular surface of a leaf… bears the same patterns as our skin... The neural network of our brain possesses the same patterns of connection as plant roots… The reproductive system of a flower and a human female are based on the same underlying pattern.” S. Buhner, Plant Intelligence & The Imaginal Realm



Sacred Geometry Starter Kit

The structural integrity of the patterns in sacred geometry tie every part to the whole, each line representing a path for the destiny of the world. There are so many wonderful shapes we could discuss, but let’s stick with a few key players for now – starting with three very simple shapes and progressing to three more intricate designs. The following sacred symbols carry tremendous therapeutic value – they are the sigils in our search for meaning in life.




This basic shape is the great support structure which helps make any other shape stronger. From the A-frame ladder to the great pyramids, you can be sure a triangle will last. A triangle pointing up has long symbolized the masculine, while a downward pointing triangle represents the feminine.  The Star of David is believed to be one of the oldest symbols ever used and represents both configurations combined as a sacred union of opposite energies. The merkaba is a three-dimensional triangular symbol with a similar motif of unity.



Spiral: Change

This fundamental shape has been used by ancient cultures around the world to represent cycles of change and the path of life. It is unique because it has a beginning but could go on infinitely. The spiral can be found many places in nature including the double helix of our DNA, nautilus shells, and even spiral galaxies in space. The rich religious history of the spiral can be found many places – from the Unalome, symbolizing the path to enlightenment in Buddhism, to the “serpent power” of Kundalini in Hinduism.



Hexagon: Harmony

This auspicious shape is most well known in nature for its wondrous role in the honeycomb created by bees. It can represent establishing harmony between the physical body and our spiritual nature. Notice that if outlined, the Star of David becomes a hexagon – the harmony created by merging the masculine and feminine energies together. Similarly, the powerful Fruit of Life symbol, considered the “blueprint for the universe,” is also a hexagon when outlined.

Fruit of Life Meditation: Use this symbol in meditation to help expand your consciousness. Create this shape yourself by tracing 13 circles (outlining a cup is helpful) into this design, then tracing a line with your pencil or minds-eye from the center circle, working your way around counter-clockwise to the top outer circle… see the spiral? Now trace the spiral back to the source. Repeat this a few times while breathing deeply. You can even line up your inhales and exhales with the outward and inward tracing. Relax into simplicity and just be.



Visca PiscisUnity

One of the simplest forms in sacred geometry, the Vesica Piscis is formed by two intersecting circles of the same diameter, where the center of each circle is on the circumference of the opposite. It traditionally symbolizes the intersection of the material and spiritual worlds. It is also considered a symbol for the Divine Feminine. We know this shape well from school as a “venn diagram,” used to show relationships between different sets of data. This shape can inspire a feeling of communality with everyone – an appreciation for the unity of everything. Notice you could trace an upwards and downwards facing triangle in the center oval, and you could trace hexagons within each circle. Everything is connected!



Seed of LifeCreation

The Seed of Life consists of seven overlapping circles with the same diameter. It contains six different vesica piscis, created between each neighboring circle, and an inner rosette. Notice the six petals in the center, which can be outlined to form the auspicious hexagon. This shape is often associated with fertility – the creation of new life. The repeating vesica piscis resemble the successive division of cells in reproduction. In the Christian bible, there were six days allotted for the creation of the planet Earth and a day of rest. The Seed of Life is a map of creation, used to understand the nature of God. This shape is also the building block for the next…



Flower of LifeDivine

The Flower of Life consists of 19 overlapping and interconnected circles (notice the vesica piscis again!). It contains the six-fold symmetry of a hexagon, radiating hexagonally outward from the center and branching off into more hexagonally radiating structures. It is also the basic shape of a snowflake – representative of the concept that life originally evolved in water, and all life on Earth requires water as the essential compound of life. Therefore, the symbolism expands from the idea that life is all part of a divine plan. This symbol contains the 13 circles that become the previously mentioned blueprint of the universe, the Fruit of Life. Meditating on this symbol is simply magical, and you can receive messages, or “downloads,” from the universe by focusing on it with a gentle gaze. This powerful design helps me perform my holistic healing practice and is prominently displayed on my perfume line and throughout my website!



Next Steps

One of the basic ways you can use this “starter kit” in your daily life, is to begin noticing these shapes in your environment, whether it’s in nature or in your home. Take time to appreciate the shape and hold reverence for its power even for just a moment. “Feel” the images that stand out to you like fine art. Let them communicate wordlessly to your spirit. The more you “stop and smell the roses” rather than living in a constant state of busyness and distraction, the happier and healthier you will be.

Let sacred geometry remind you of this important truth.

You can also adorn your home and body with sacred geometry through accents like decorations and jewelry.

Infuse intention and purpose with each symbol you choose. You may connect especially well to a specific shape or pattern and start noticing synchronicities in your life surrounding it… your map to uncover the mysteries of the universe.

Continue your quest for knowledge and meaning and allow sacred geometry to help you achieve balance of mind, body, and spirit.



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