What Is Morphogenetic Field?

morphogenetic field Mar 31, 2021

Welcome to the WHOLISTIC LIVING PODCAST: Episode 20
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Hello and thank you for tuning in to today’s podcast. I am so glad that you are here. I am your host, Elena Bensonoff. Today, we will be discussing the morphogenetic field. I will explain what the morphogenetic field is, and how you can learn from it to achieve ultimate wellness in every area of your life.

All human civilizations have healing traditions that are focused around what could be called “life force”. These healing modalities are often ridiculed by the scientific community because there is no way to prove or explain how they work exactly. Quantum Physics is now beginning to unravel the mystery and understand more about energy that moves in and around our bodies. This energy is called the morphogenetic field. It is the missing link for superhuman health.



Morphogenetic fields are invisible to the human eye.

You are surrounded at all times by a powerful field of information. Just like computers have a “cloud,” you too have an energy field all around you - full of “data” that affects you on all levels. These fields guide our existence, in fact they are present in all life on earth be it plant, fungi, or animal. This energy is a genius at pattern forming - like the most clever architect in the universe. It helps our cells structure themselves, telling our bodies how and when to use specific genes to grow correctly.

The word morphogenetic comes from the greek words morphine, meaning “form”, and genesis meaning “come into being”. It was first documented by Alexander Gurwitsch in 1910 as he studied the development of embryos. Later, his work was continued by cell biologist Rupert Sheldrake. These scientists became fascinated by the seemingly intelligent design of invisible forces that bring the puzzle pieces of life together as we know it.

Remember learning about natural selection in biology class? This way of interpreting the natural world depends on random mutations to produce changes in species. The survival of the fittest story explains why creatures fit into their environments or why some fail to thrive. But how did these creatures, and the genes and DNA that make them up, come together in the first place? The chances of all the incredible creatures and beings coming together in perfect order is too astronomical.

If life was purely driven by our cells and DNA, how exactly do creatures like lizards regrow perfectly formed legs? How do those cells know what body part to form? Your finger has the same DNA as your toe. How does your body know which part to put where? These mysteries open exciting and powerful possibilities that we are more than meets the eye.



In Eastern traditions, the morphogenetic field is explained through the Chakras.

We can think of each of these chakras as fields around the poles of magnets. They help facilitate the movement of energy throughout the human being. This energy organizes and maintains the health of our whole being. When aligned, the energy flows smoothly and easily and we are connected and well throughout our entire beings.

However, when blocked or disrupted, we will begin to experience symptoms. Your morphogenetic field can be “hacked” by outside sources that cause glitches in the system. If exposed to harmful vibrations or energy, the internal vibrations or energy in our bodies suffer and become unhealthy. Consciously accessing and rebalancing the field is the key to optimal health. This is what I help my clients understand and explore in my work.

I urge you to treat your morphogenetic field like it is your most valuable resource - boundless and limitless.

Here are 3 ways to practice rebalancing your energy:

  1. Take some time to identify physical stressors that could be throwing you off balance. Perhaps your diet or lifestyle needs some adjusting.
  2. Pinpoint energy “vampires” that could be hacking your field. These could be negative people, addictions, or electronic interference.
  3. Meditate to eliminate energetic blockages or debris in your field.

Thank you for spending time listening to the podcast today. I hope your curiosity has been sparked and you continue learning about the marvelous being you are! If you would like to connect with me and learn more about my work as an energy medicine practitioner, you can find me on my website Hope to see you next time - blessings.

Wellness Wishes,



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