What You Must Know About 5G EMF Exposure

5g emf Oct 23, 2023

We are all currently part of a dangerous experiment on humanity...

There is a rampant, unexplainable outbreak of brain fog and fatigue sweeping the nation without clear cause. Some of my clients are reporting feeling as if they’ve been “hit by a truck” and they don’t know why. Perhaps you’ve felt this overwhelming and draining force too. I want you to know you’re not alone.

Everything is made up of energy, and we can feel the energy around us – even if it is unseen. I wanted to create this post because I’ve spent time feeling “off” and incredibly tired too. I knew unseen forces were at work and began to do extensive research…

Despite objections from the medical community, environmentalists, and protestors – the invisible forces of 5G have been added to the already daunting amount of EMF / EMR exposure we are subjected to on a daily basis.



What Is 5G?

5G stands for fifth generation and it is a wireless technology created to keep up with an enormous projected increase in volume of internet use and the demand for faster internet speeds. 5G frequencies are reported to be 20 times higher and data transfer rates 100 times faster than 4G speeds. Those of you who struggle with slow devices might jump for joy.

The frequency bands of 4G networks can’t accommodate the amounts of data that billions of devices will eventually be streaming. So, this “global solution” was designed and rolled out. It’s projected to span the entire globe by 2025.



What Is EMF?

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Frequencies. Technological advances have allowed us to harness this energy to create microwaves, radio waves, and WiFi. Other forms of EMF include visible light, UV radiation, and infrared radiation. You may also see this topic referred to as EMR which stands for Electromagnetic Radiation.

There are two main types of EMF radiation: low-frequency and high-frequency. We know for a fact that high-frequency radiation like X-rays are harmful, which is why they are classified as a carcinogen. (1) But the benefits of medical imaging outweigh the cost of the extra radiation, so hospitals take precautions with protective vests and ensure patients aren’t pregnant before exposing them.

Although 5G and Wifi, in general, are on the low-frequency spectrum (remember, 20 times higher frequency than 4G though!), the potential health risks of long-term constant exposure are widely controversial. What if we are being deceived by wireless industry sponsored studies that state there is no risk of harmful effects with this technology?

What are the new risks when billions of devices are WiFi enabled, constantly sending and receiving higher frequency EMFs? Although it’s not discussed much publicly, if you look close enough – you will see this issue is being “covered” by companies that capitalize on the use of EMF. It’s right there in Apple’s terms and conditions for iPhone: “to reduce exposure to RF (radio frequency) energy, use a hands-free option.”



What Sources Already Expose You To EMF / EMR?

This is not a comprehensive list, but as you can see – your exposure is already very high. The fields from all of these items layer on top of each other creating toxic levels of radiation.

  • Cell phones
  • WiFi routers
  • Power lines
  • X-Rays and MRIs
  • Cell phone towers
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Smart cars
  • Nuclear plants
  • Cell phone antennas
  • GPS devices
  • Smart watches
  • Satellites and radar
  • Wifi enabled devices
  • Microwaves
  • Baby monitors
  • Solar inverters
  • Laptops and tablets
  • Televisions
  • Ultrasound
  • Radio



Why Is 5G Dangerous?

All our most-used electronic devices are constantly pinging – emitting AND receiving EMFs. “Upgrading” the global wireless system all these devices are connected to from 4G to 5G increases the amount and intensity of EMF exposure. More and more household items will be part of this dangerous web in the future, with low-orbit satellites increasing by 11-fold to manage all the traffic.

Acceptably “safe” levels of EMF are below 400 MHz, but already when we are using our devices to emit and receive signals - the levels triple, fast approaching and surpassing GHz levels.

Waves ranging from 60-90 GHz have been shown to penetrate the skin to cause pain and disease. (2) The upper range has been used in crowd control tactics because it makes people feel like their “skin is on fire.”

I could write several more pages outlining all the research out there that DOES show how low frequency EMR exposure leads to cancer, immune dysfunction, behavioral disorders, fatigue, cell mutations, and more. (3-7) The fact is, a lot of the research about EMFs being cited in FCC and other overarching organizations we should be able to trust are outdated.  

But new studies are managing to trickle out with shocking revelations about EMF exposure, including a recently identified increased cancer risk among airline pilots and cabin crew that are more exposed to high levels of EMF from the atmosphere. (8) The truth is we just don’t have enough recent research to allow this higher frequency network to span the globe with good conscience.

One of the most unsettling things to me is that there has been a lack of public debate, regardless of environmental effects and regardless of individual choice to own or operate a cell phone or laptop. Refusing to use technology will not shield you from the presence of 5G all around us. This topic should be addressed in a worldwide forum before implementation, but it’s too late.

Some populations are raising red flags though. Development of 5G is currently under debate in Brussels, but even areas that ban 5G and don’t want to take unnecessary risks can’t really limit this invisible exposure. What will it take to put an end to this new danger? How many mystery illnesses and trials will have to happen before something is done?

Besides the health risks, the super-fast internet speeds will push us into an “edge computing system where virtually everything you do on your devices that you do “offline” now will be processed and stored in the cloud. A promise of “better performance” means zero privacy and a much larger cybersecurity threat landscape. It is truly a daunting reality for us all.



How Can You Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones?

There are a few things you can do to minimize the effects of 5G and EMFs in your life:

  • Stay informed and use this site to see where the towers and antennas are in your area
  • Be proactive and peacefully protest or contact your local paper or legislature
  • Carry a blocker to shield yourself from EMFs (use applied kinesiology to make sure it works for you - see below for how to video)
  • Don’t sleep with your cell phone, laptop, or other WiFi-enabled devices in the bedroom
  • Buy a Power Meter Analyzer and Detector so you can test the levels of radiation around your home and office to detect the levels of EMF and identify routers, antennas, and even hidden cameras anywhere you are. I personally use one whenever I travel.



How Can You Be Sure Your Protection Measures Are Working?

If you do purchase an EMF blocker, how can you be sure it’s effectively protecting you? Applied kinesiology is the answer! You can perform a simple test on all your protective tools to see if they are working for you. Everyone’s different and what works for one person may not work for another.

Watch the end of the video below for a demonstration on how to use applied kinesiology to test EMF Blockers:

The key to effective testing for EMF protection is to have your laptop and cellphone on and streaming a video or app when you perform the test.

DISCLAIMER: I don't currently sell any EMF Blockers but you can use this technique for any blocker you choose. I also don’t collect any money from talking about the Power Meter Analyzer and Detector. I just know it is of utmost importance to share the information about 5G so you can feel empowered to take action. I want to arm you with options that can ensure your safety as much as possible.

Please share this post with your friends and family to spread awareness of this important topic.

Protect yourselves, my friends.



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