Why Prayer is the Ultimate Security System

prayer Jun 05, 2019

Are you ready to discover how to embrace trust in a chaotic world?

In the midst of uncertainty and unpredictability, security is a constant concern - especially when it comes to our homes. Even with top of the line security systems and cameras you can check from your mobile device – it can still be difficult to sleep peacefully without worry creeping in. You’re probably familiar with just how exhausting and disruptive living in constant “defense-mode” can be.

I’m sharing this post to help you embrace prayer as the ultimate “additional measure” when it comes to home security. Prayer acts as a bridge, connecting the uncertainty of life with faith through a stabilizing and reassuring practice. It’s a surefire way to connect to your Divine “security team” so you can feel safe enough to sleep peacefully and go about your days without chronic worry.

Read on to find out how prayer can remind you of the beautiful support system you are surrounded by at all times. I’m also sharing a powerful Prayer for the Home that has helped many of my loved ones and clients find peace even in the face of fear and anxiety. Make sure and read through to the end for a special offering!



Discover the Power of Prayer

You have access to connect to the Divine through prayer anytime, anywhere. Prayers are requests for guidance, protection, and more that can be used to lift up your own needs and the needs of others. Praying is a perfect ally when you’re dealing with situations in your personal life that bring you stress and anxiety. This powerful practice also serves as a way to count blessings and express gratitude.

There is no right or wrong way to ask for help or guidance from your spiritual support team! Whether it’s a silent “freestyle” prayer during a busy day or a dedicated ritual with candles and music - prayer can help you connect to more joy, peace, presence, self-control, and happier relationships in life. 

You’ll notice results very quickly when you start incorporating prayer into your routine. Studies show prayer has an impact on healing as well as cognitive function by associating areas of the brain with calming and comforting thoughts. (1) Prayer increases activity in the brain, specifically the frontal lobe, that connects to compassion and sensitivity. (2) The power of prayer can improve every aspect of life!



Why Worrying is “Negative Prayer”

It is most common for us to get caught up in “negative prayer”. Negative prayer is the time we spend thinking and talking about our worries and doubts. Most anxiety stems from worrying about the things we cannot control; for example, worrying about your safety, safety of loves ones, and wanting to protect your loved ones even when you are not around. These worries focus on worst case scenarios, often aggravated by news stories and media images we are exposed to and are manifested in our thoughts and words as negative prayer. Over time, negative prayer begins to wear us down as we fight an invisible battle in the mind.

This doesn’t mean not to lock your doors at night, because taking precautions will help ease the worrying. Prayer can help ease your mind when the natural fear and worrying creeps in. Instead of focusing on the negative, we are changing our thoughts to manifest the flow of positive and peaceful experiences.

So how can we change worries and doubts about home security into positive prayer?



Your Home Security Prayer

The home security prayer can be used when you begin to have worries, doubts, or engage in negative prayer regarding your home, safety of your home, and safety of those in your home. 

This prayer can alleviate your repetitive negative thoughts and manifest safety and comfort in your home. Turn to this productive prayer instead of “negative prayer” when you need a reminder that your home is safe and secure.

Try reciting this prayer at home or even when you are away from home and want to send some extra protection in your absence. Your home is a sanctuary, and this prayer will support your ability to attract positive energy and create a calming, peaceful environment in your home.




1. Verghese, A. (2010). Comment on prayer and healing: A medical and scientific perspective on randomized controlled trials. Indian Journal of Psychiatry,52(2), 193. doi:10.4103/0019-5545.64587
2. Shukla, S. (2013). Neurotheology-Matters of the Mind or Matters that Mind? Journal Of Clinical And Diagnostic Research. doi:10.7860/jcdr/2013/5409.3181




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