You Can’t Hide Your Frequency

frequency Mar 11, 2021

Welcome to the WHOLISTIC LIVING PODCAST: Episode 19
Aligning Body, Mind, and Soul with Elena Bensonoff



Hello and welcome to today's podcast. I am your host Elena Bensonoff and so happy that you are here with me.

Please, consider this your invitation to awaken and rise above whatever has been holding you back. Today, I want to help you lift the veil and see beyond the physical limitations of your body's five senses into the world of vibrational intelligence.



As Consciousness Explorers, we spend much of our time contemplating the nature of reality.

  • What is this place that we call home?
  • Who am I?
  • What makes up the essence of who we are behind the physical bodies we live in?
  • What is this “I”?

You have most likely experienced periods in your life when you felt in sync with something larger than yourself. In this place, ideas and creativity flowed and you felt connected and at peace.

At other times, perhaps you have felt separated from something very important, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it.

This feeling of losing touch with a bigger YOU is humanity's greatest hindrance to enlightenment. It is reflected in our society today that is fragmented by fear. Losing touch with the innate knowledge of our true identity is what got us where we are today. Recovering this forgotten knowledge is key.

We are taught from the very beginning to see the world as physical. We are individuals. I am separate from you. The trees are separate from the ground. The sea is separate from the clouds. The truth is, these physical boundaries are part of the illusion.



The foundation of everything in this world is a perfect dance of vibrational frequencies.

Every time we have thoughts or feel an emotion, we are generating information, i.e. energetic frequencies.

When you “pick up vibes” from someone, that is exactly what is happening! People sometimes try to hide their intentions in the physical reality but the truth is you cannot hide your true self at the level of vibrational frequencies.

Have you ever wondered why the feelings you experience intuitively don’t always match with the narratives that you hear in the media? The gut feelings you receive don’t match with the information being presented. Someone can present themselves as compassionate and understanding but inside you are feeling unsafe and your internal alarm bells are ringing very loud.

Where does this intuition come from and can it be trusted? My partner Alejandro and I wanted to understand these discrepancies. We began deep investigation through analyzing thousands of public and historic figures, private clients, and the nature of our reality and came to realize that we are not just one frequency in time and space, we are so much more.

Your level of consciousness is determined by your predominant emotions in different aspects of your life. Through analyzing frequencies, which correspond to different layers of emotions, we get an accurate depiction of peoples’ life stories.

Frequencies constitute our human experience and reflect the reality that we are all a part of. The frequency of a person cannot be hidden and the true intent of the person’s frequency level can be measured at any given time.

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For example, frequencies below 200 represent the illusion of the greatest disconnect from our inner-self. Destruction, disgrace, indifference, sorrow, worry, impulsivity, rage, and vanity are experienced at these levels. At 200 we experience heroism that can propel us onward to the higher levels. Receptivity is at 350. Flow is 500. Bliss and harmony come next, until finally illumination is reached from 700-1000.

As we explored these human frequencies and layers of consciousness, we realized how truly powerful we are as human beings. Our mission is to guide humanity back to wholeness.



We have created a Vibrational Revelations community fully committed to raising the consciousness of humanity on this planet.

From this platform, we dive deep into weekly revelations. Together, we are learning how public figures and systems are our teachers in vibrational awareness. Our wish is to empower each person to raise their energetic vibration to a higher level, see beyond the curtain, and give themselves the gift of peace and harmony. You will develop a deeper awareness of yourself, your environment, and the collective as a whole, and heighten your ability to tune in and trust your intuition.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to encourage you today. If you would like to learn more about me, Alejandro or about our Vibrational Revelations Community, please find me over at my website wholistic.comUntil next time - blessings.

Wellness Wishes,



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