Your Guide To Understanding Vibrational Frequency Analysis

You may have just discovered our Vibrational Revelations episodes on Youtube or maybe you were drawn to join our private online membership community. Either way, you probably have many questions and curiosities!

I wanted to create a blog that could be a one-stop reference guide for understanding how we do what we do and why we do what we do with vibrational frequency readings. Whether you want to learn all there is to know or simply brush up on a particular area - the following information will help you.

These are the topics we will be diving into:

  • What Is Vibrational Revelations?
  • Why We Share Our Vibrational Frequency Analysis With The World
  • How We Determine Vibrational Frequencies
  • Breakdown Of Our Scale of Consciousness
  • What To Expect From A 1-On-1 Vibrational Frequency Analysis



What Is Vibrational Revelations?

In 2018, my partner Alejandro and I answered the Divine call to help raise the vibration of the human collective by creating a safe space where people can come to discover the truth about consciousness.

The Vibrational Revelations community of consciousness explorers was born!

We developed a unique testing system to read and interpret the vibrational frequency levels of well-known people, places, and events from the past and from the here and now. The information we share reveals a clear view of humanity in all aspects.

We cover a range of topics and interests: historical figures, celebrities, healing modalities, locations around the globe, modern day tech companies, and so much more. We also look at how our human collective consciousness has shifted across different timelines. You are sure to find many of your passions and curiosities represented.

The discoveries we share every week in our live online sessions help people better understand the many aspects and layers of the frequencies that make up our reality. We have analyzed thousands of frequencies over the years and connected with so many beautiful souls in the process. Our Youtube platform and our private membership community have become sacred spaces to ask questions, post requests, and unite with others on the path of discovery.

By sharing our findings with the world, we have opened a gateway for people to realize the depth of human connection. Initially, it can feel like a giant leap of faith to follow the whisperings of your inquisitive nature and uncover the truth about the matrix of our reality. However, once you dive in - you will realize we are a big family. As we come together with our unique divine spark and deeply connect, we all contribute to amplifying the positive vibrations on the planet to help create a massive frequency shift in humanity.

Vibrational Revelations is for all who seek truth, wisdom, and unity. When you are ready to explore the nature of our reality - we are here for you, waiting with open hearts. If you’re feeling stuck or searching for something more from your human experience - exploring the mysteries of the Universe is the solution you have been looking for.

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Why We Share Our Vibrational Frequency Analysis With The World

You may be wondering why we are analyzing the frequencies of public figures.

Everything in this universe is connected! Because we are all connected, taking a look at the vibrational frequency reading of a person you are familiar with can help you create a foundation of understanding for what really constitutes your reality. The knowledge we share translates to growth and fulfillment in so many ways. Joining the Vibrational Revelations community is an ongoing learning experience that will take your intuition and awareness to a whole new level.

One of the most beautiful ways we can examine cause and effect in our matrix is by showcasing and revealing different aspects of the layers of consciousness of known individuals. It is through learning and exploring the lives of historic and public figures that we can better understand our own experience in a much more powerful way. We can see with a clear view what makes our human experience so enriching and beautiful. You may even connect on a deep level with someone we reveal and become inspired by their journey to become the best version of yourself!

We help our fellow consciousness explorers recognize that every one of us goes through the ups and downs of life. Everyone is playing a divine role and all unfolds in divine timing. Contrast is what makes life so rich and colorful, and sometimes challenging.

It’s also our mission to convey that every human being matters, everyone is on their own journey, and everyone is playing an important role whether they are in the shadow or in the light. Every person has the ability to transcend their current frequency and shift wherever they want to be based on their free will.

One of the main reasons we share our findings is to help each and every one of you awaken to your best life as we unite to co-create heaven on earth. When you immerse yourself in exploring consciousness with Vibrational Revelations, you are empowered to raise your energetic vibration to a higher level - if you choose to do so. You will also directly contribute to the Divine purpose of Raising the Consciousness of Humanity on this planet.



How We Determine Vibrational Frequencies

In our system, we use scalar waves and light frequencies to measure vibrational frequency levels across 34 categories. We are able to capture the information from the Biofield or Divine field by tuning into the right frequency based on the information we want to retrieve. On a consciousness scale, we measure categories from 0-1000. Interpreting the data across different categories with specific frequency levels gives us deeper insight into how a person is perceiving their reality.

We determine percentages for certain consciousness categories like alignment with divine and personal purpose, self-awareness, joy, etc. We look at how close the person is to self-realization. We look at the percentage the person is in their ego to see how much they were letting their heart lead. In private consultations, we reveal deep emotions as well.

The Divine field of information is a record keeper. Past, present, and future all exist simultaneously.

I like to use the analogy that we are all a living library, leaving an imprint through time and space. Pinpointing certain frequencies is just knowing where to retrieve a book of information and where to open the right place. Not only people but also objects, events, and whole societies can be analyzed using the scale of consciousness.

In the Universe, everything is always seeking balance. It’s a matter of our choice, do we want to stand on the side of shadow or the side of light? No matter what the choice is, know that we are each walking our own Divine path.



Breakdown Of Our Scale Of Consciousness

In the book Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, he presents a model of consciousness levels which we used as a foundation to build our scale of consciousness. I think you’ll find this model worthy of reflection. We adapted the scale for Vibrational Revelations to yield more comprehensive and specific data points.

In this video, Alejandro and I do a thorough Vibrational Frequency Analysis breakdown. We explain each of the categories we address during our episodes so you can comprehensively understand the data we present:

You can also
download a free PDF of our scale of consciousness here! Look at the categories with an open mind and see if it leads you to new insights that may help you take your life to the next level.



What To Expect From A 1-On-1 Vibrational Frequency Analysis

In addition to our Vibrational Revelations membership community, we help people transform their lives and businesses with our 1-on-1 Vibrational Frequency Analysis sessions. With this life-changing consult, you will finally understand who you are on a deeper level. We also help you understand where you want to focus your energy and shift your attention to forge a higher-vibrational future.

It’s important to understand there is so much more to uncover than just the overall frequency. Different areas of your life measure at different levels. The lower levels you find within yourself will serve as a resistance that holds the rest of you back. If you tend to spend a lot of time in anger, shame, guilt, grief… it becomes your reality. But you’ll also find higher levels in your life that may surprise you.

Here is everything you will learn during your analysis:

  • Discover your current unique energetic frequency
  • Reveal the exact frequency you incarnated at in utero and the frequency you were born with (and pinpoint the reason for any drop)
  • We also dive into your levels in many aspects of your life: health, finances, creativity, relationships, personal growth, philanthropy, intuition (clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairaudience), and intelligence (intelligence, emotional, social, and adversity consciousness). You will know and understand the level of resistance that exists within each area of your life so you can increase the flow of consciousness
  • We reveal your overall percentages of joy, in the now, in the ego, integrity, compassion, empathy, energy purity (indicator of how close you are to shifting to a higher frequency level), and how aligned you are with your divine and personal purpose
  • Uncover which dimensions you are experiencing in life

*This reading will be with myself or Alejandro (occasionally both of us). Because it takes us a long time to prepare for, it is non-refundable.

We are so excited and honored to share our gifts with you!

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