2017: Your Time to Shine!

new year Dec 07, 2016

Numerologically, 2017 is a number ‘one’: the sacred number of new beginnings.

The start of a new nine-year cycle represents a time of adventure, creation and activity. It brings with it much opportunity if you know how to prepare for it. A ‘one’ year is a time that new patterns emerge, new ideas take root, and if we have created the space for it, miracles manifest.

To embrace the abundance and opportunities available, you must first make the space emotionally, spiritually, and energetically, to allow this to happen. That means letting go of what is not serving you, forgiving those who may have wronged you, and making peace with situations you cannot change.

As you leave behind 2016, integrating the wisdom you have gathered in the previous nine years by reflecting and acknowledging your journey so far, will ensure that your next cycle is one of value and greatness.



As you go into this new cycle, use these 4 sacred rituals to move with grace and clarity into the wonderful adventure ahead:

1. Reflect - Think back on the year that was. What achievements have you reached? What obstacles did you overcome? What lessons have you learned? Only when we understand, can we fully integrate. Acknowledge your achievements and talents. Being able to embrace your greatness tells the universe you are ready to shine. Having gratitude and expressing it freely is the flip side of this. The ebb and flow of the sacred begins with small gestures like this.

2. Let Go - Leave behind habits, beliefs, or situations that are no longer serving you. To access all the opportunities for growth, you must let go of self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. This old blocked energy only holds you back. If you see yourself as a victim, that is what you become. If you see yourself as a victor, then that is your reality. This type of mindset will prepare you for the challenges that growth inevitably brings. Clear your physical space by decluttering. This opens you up to a new energy. Finish any half-completed projects. Get rid of unused items. Your work, living, and loving spaces should be free of unnecessary things; they only serve to drag you down vibrationally.

3. Forgive - Free your heart by forgiving those who you may have not been able to until now. If there is a situation that has been making you unhappy but that you have no intention of or ability to change, now is the time to shift your mindset around it. If you can’t change it, then make peace with it. Acceptance is not defeat; it allows mental and emotional harmony. Go one step further and transform feelings of frustration to gratitude for the opportunity for growth that challenge brings.

4. Vision - You have now generated the ground in which your most beautiful vision can flourish. You have created the conditions to have perfect clarity to take you into a powerful 2017. Now, all you need do is allow the vison of your life’s path to emerge. Take the time, let it unfold. It is a process, and one not to be rushed or forced. 2017 is the time to express your uniqueness. To walk your life’s path. And to bring your gifts to the world. 

Now is your time to shine!


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