5 Cell Phone Safety Essentials

emf Jan 06, 2021

Do you know how much time you are REALLY spending on the phone?

You might be surprised by the number of cumulative hours a day you’re attached to the small screen you’re probably reading this on right now. We have become so dependent on our phones for all things work, entertainment, and interpersonal connection.

Being too attached to the cell phone is not only unhealthy, but it can also be downright dangerous. We receive high doses of harmful radiation which can lead to life-altering ailments like migraines, tissue damage, and even cancer.

That’s why I wanted to share my top recommendations for cell phone safety essentials with you. Let’s uncover why cell phones are dangerous, ways you can reduce your screen time, and how we can more safely use the cell phone when we must.



The Hidden Dangers of EMF Radiation

Cell phone technology has only been around for about two decades and the FCC regulations that cell phone companies abide by is 16 years old. There are billions more people using cell phones that there were back then, and wireless signals are inescapable. EMF radiation is all around us and there is still so much we don’t know about long term effects of exposure.

There are already scientific studies linking cell phone use to headaches, tinnitus, parotid gland tumors, sperm damage, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, heart irregularities, and damage to the developing brain.

Children can absorb EMF radiation up to ten times more than an adult – putting them at even greater risk of harm. Cell phones are regularly marketed to children in the United States, but six other nations — Switzerland, Germany, Israel, France, United Kingdom, and Finland — have recommended reducing children's exposures to cell phone radiation.

For information specific to the radiation associated with the rollout of 5G, check out my article: "What You Must Know About 5G EMF Exposure."

There is much we can’t control about our exposure to EMF radiation from other’s cell phones, the WiFi all around us, and cell phone towers in our communities. That’s why it’s important we limit our own personal use as much as possible.



Digital Detox: Tips to Reduce Your Screen Time

Cell phone use can mean anything from calling a loved one, to scrolling social media, to playing a game. There are many aspects of this technology that can be downright addictive and make it tough to put the phone away.

So, here are a few tips to unplug and be more present in the here and now:

  • Keep the phone out of the bedroom, period! This boundary will benefit your quality of sleep immensely.
  • Take a look at the times during the day that have you on your phone the most. Explore if there something else you could be doing instead like reading a book.
  • If you are constantly refreshing your email or social media throughout the day, it’s time to draw a hard line and designate one time a day to check for messages so you don’t "fall down the rabbit hole" of distractions multiple times a day.
  • When you are spending time with loved ones, put your phone on silent and truly be in the moment. Don’t let people outside of your household feel like they have instant access to your time and energy – they can wait until you are ready and available!
  • Take a social media break. Delete it from your phone and focus on real connection outside of those apps for at least a week. Try to do this once a month.

Your neck will thank you for implementing these tips since you will be looking down at your phone way less! Don’t be surprised if your posture improves and you feel more grounded and present in your body.

When you do have to have your phone on you, make sure and follow these safety guidelines whenever possible to reduce your EMF exposure.



5 Cell Phone Safety Essentials

  1. Disconnect – the best thing you can do is use your phone less! So, when you have to make a call or send an email, get it done and get off the phone.
  2. Distance – keep your cell phone as far away from your body as possible in a bag or backpack. Don’t keep your cell phone in pocket or tucked into your clothing. If you have a WiFi router, keep it far away from the main gathering places in your home.
  3. Disable – whenever possible, turn your phone on airplane mode, turn off the WiFi signal, or turn it off completely. Consider downloading articles like this to read offline. 
  4. Do Your Research – check the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value of your phone and look into using a lower radiation cell phone.
  5. Go Handsfree – one of the worst things you can do is hold your cell phone against your head when you take a call. Your best bet is to keep it farther away from your body by using headphones (with cord, not Bluetooth) or speaker phone.

I hope this information helps motivate you to assess your cell phone usage and encourages healthier digital habits. Knowing the facts is half the battle of adapting safer cell phone habits.

Remember that there is a lot to experience and enjoy right in front of you when you aren’t so sidetracked by a phone. Here’s to a healthier, more present future!


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