5 Ways to Unlock Your Divine Creativity

creativity vibration Nov 24, 2021

Creativity is the Divine force that exists within each human being.

Tapping into this sacred part of your soul is one of the most effective ways to raise your vibration. In our Vibrational Frequency Analysis sessions, we always reference how increasing the creativity frequency can help shift all the numbers in a person's chart.

That's why I'm sharing the top 5 ways you can unlock your Divine Creativity and spark a positive shift in your life. It's time to remove your creative blocks and have fun exploring this magical aspect of yourself!



Dissolve Your Creative Blocks

We are programmed to judge what we create against what other people create from a young age at school, with siblings, etc. It’s important to understand that what you manifest with your creativity doesn't have to be ‘perfect’ or fit within set guidelines by other people's standards.

Here is an affirmation you can repeat when judgment of your creativity starts to creep in. This will help you reprogram the thoughts that block your creativity so you can dissolve your creative blocks. As you repeat this, imagine any resistance melting away.

“I honor my unique creativity. Whatever I dream into being is perfect for me because it comes from my heart.”



Give Yourself The Gift Of Time

Maybe you already have a closet full of unfinished projects because you didn't have the time to really immerse yourself in your creative process. It's important to allow yourself the space and time to dream and free flow. Maybe you can cut back on screen time to make this possible.

This could also mean dedicating time to hone your skills in your chosen creative endeavor. Decide on a first action step. Do you need supplies? Can you seek a mentor or take a class? Set aside at least one hour a day to be in your creative flow or skill development.



Jumpstart Your Creative Spark With Playfulness 

Anytime you need to reset or boost your creative energy, I encourage you to play! Be totally open and allow yourself to be silly and have fun. Invite your inner child to be playful and let loose.

When you were growing up, it wasn’t necessarily a good thing to be unique and unapologetically yourself because others may have singled you out or made fun of you. Adults may have told you to be quiet and behave. We learned to blend in and hide our brilliant spark so it would stay safe from external judgment.

There is no one else quite like you in the world. Now it is safe to be you. Break all the rules that were holding you back and see what comes up for you. It might feel like truly meeting yourself for the first time!



Tap Into Pure, Unfiltered Imagination

Your ego may try to put a filter on your creativity. What is the source of infinite inspiration and insight? It is not the ego - it is your Divine spirit. Creativity holds a key to a spark a Divine shift by tapping into unfiltered pure imagination. 

Tune into your imagination. Let go and let inspiration move through you. You are not dreaming alone. Tap into the collective consciousness. Call on your higher self and your guides. You may just simply ask them, “what can I create?” Open your heart and ask yourself, "what wants to come through to bring me ultimate joy?"



Experience And Express Love

Creativity is a love story unfolding in action. Make sure your creative venture is in alignment with your soul. Whether it's picking up an old project or starting something new, how can you tell if it is a creative expression that will raise your vibration?

Ask yourself, "does this help me experience and express love?" If the answer is no, that creative expression is not in alignment with your soul at this time. Keep searching until you find a creative expression that gives you a "yes" answer. You can also use muscle testing to find out what creative expressions are in alignment with love for you.

The expansion you experience when you tap into your Divine Creativity will truly blow you away. I hope you can start incorporating these practices to explore your creativity and begin manifesting all the wonders you envision. I wish you a beautiful journey on your creative path to playfulness and joy.



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