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daya senses Sep 17, 2021

Have you ever felt like your days are on autopilot? Maybe you wake up, eat meals, go to work, take care of your family, go to bed, and do it all again tomorrow. Things are fine but do you have to settle for fine? Does your life sometimes seem to lack vibrancy and color? Do you have a hard time visualizing your divine path and verbalizing your dreams?

If this resonates with you, rest assured that you are not alone! There is a way out of the fog and confusion. You can learn to anchor into your gift of sight and experience life in dramatic color again. Today I am going to remind you of your incredible gift of sight, explain how your sight might be weakened, and give you three easy ways to amplify your sight today.



You Are a Sensory Being

From the moment of our birth, we experience the world around us through our five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Our bodies’ nervous system intricately takes in information and interprets our surroundings. The data we receive can warn of danger, manifest pleasure, create exciting new experiences, and enhance our day to day lives. When we are in tune with our senses, we will feel energized, supported, and balanced.

Many of us live out of balance and are not aware. Our world is full of distractions and distortions. Sensory overload attacks with overstimulation. If we are not careful to restore balance we may begin to experience stress, numbness, and overwhelm. It is hard to find the joy in life when anxiety, illness, and discomfort are our constant companions.



The Gift of Sight

When children are experiencing the world as new beings, everything they see is full of wonder. They gaze at the sky, so vast, filled with every shade of blue imaginable and always changing. They notice the stars at night as they twinkle and light up the inky darkness. They study the trees, plants, and animal life around them, learning how everything is interwoven in delicate balance. They stop to appreciate the little things, to gaze into puddles, to touch the flowers, and memorize their loved ones faces.

Somewhere in our rushing to grow up and find success we seem to have forgotten these simple pleasures. We spend less time in nature and more time behind our computer screens. We video conference and text one another from across the country and neglect to see each other as often as we would like. It’s no wonder that we begin to feel out of balance as time goes on and we stop noticing.



Blinded by the Light

Have you ever been on social media late at night, realized what time it was, and then tossed and turned for hours trying to get some sleep? It’s not just you! Research shows that light and social stimulation from our smartphones and apps cause sleep disruption. These two factors play off each other to create havoc in our system. Blue spectrum light is harsh on our eyes and has been found to disrupt the production of melatonin in our bodies causing poor sleep quality. (1)

It’s no secret that the use of digital devices has increased dramatically in our lifetime. We spend hours upon hours in front of our phones, computers, and televisions. Work, social life, and entertainment all seem to revolve around these bright screens. Studies have found that over 50% of screen users are afflicted with digital eye strain. Digital eye strain causes headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, neck and shoulder pain. (2)

In addition to the physical effects of digital screen use, what we consume via these devices also matters greatly. Studies have found that daily exposure to negative news and images makes people feel bad. It increases anxiety, sadness, worry, and the tendency to catastrophize. (3)

Think about what you see daily across social media apps, news headlines, movies, and video games. It’s no wonder you may feel stressed and saddened about life and the state of our world. It’s time to take our power back and make a change.



Three Ways to Amplify Your Sight

I use a method with my clients called grounding. This is essentially the practice of reconnecting with your body through your senses. Grounding is a powerful modality used in many therapy settings to address and treat trauma, stress, and pain.

Here are a few simple Seeing Exercises that you can practice today:

  1. Limit exposure to screens and blue spectrum light, especially in the evening. Use blue light filter glasses to protect your eyes if you must use screens. Set time limits and get good at turning your devices off.
  2. Get outside and immerse yourself in nature daily. Take a walk and notice the life around you. Spend time at the beach or in a forest. What colors do you see? What textures? Where is the light coming from? Are there any shadows? Pay attention to the details and how you feel.
  3. Pick one thing that you see each day that brings you joy. Study it. Trace its shape and lines. Notice color, texture, and depth. What is the significance of this item? As you practice grounding into your sight again, you will become more sensitive to the little joys and gifts of each new day.



Seeing is Believing

Deepening your awareness of your sense of sight will truly help you see the world with new eyes.

If this idea of connection to your senses spoke to you today, I would like to invite you to experience my new 6 week course, Deepen and Anchor Your Awareness. For a limited time, I am giving you FREE access to week 1!

You will learn how to ground into your gift of sight so you can see all the wonders of the world around you that you have been missing. In addition to your regular vision, you will learn about your third eye - the energy center that empowers you to see beyond what is apparent with your third dimensional sight. You won’t want to miss the special insights in this lesson!



1. Bowler, J., & Bourke, P. (2018). Facebook use and sleep quality: Light interacts with socially induced alertness. British Journal of Psychology, 110(3), 519-529. doi:10.1111/bjop.12351

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