Are Food Sensitivities Sabotaging Your Health?

digestion gut May 11, 2020

Could the solution to your health struggles be as simple as changing your diet?

Your gut health directly influences how your body functions and feels. The effects can be extreme when your diet is unknowingly wreaking havoc on your gut and causing inflammation in the body.

One of the most common causes? An unidentified food sensitivity!

In this blog, I reveal why gut health is so important and share a simple “self-testing” technique to help you pinpoint your food sensitivities. Then, we’ll explore steps you can take to heal your gut.

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Why is Gut Health Important?

In your gut, you have a “microbiome,” an internal ecosystem hosting trillions of microorganisms. All of them play an important role in your health.

Your gut microbiome is involved in nutrient absorption, digestion, elimination, energy levels, hormone metabolism, and more. When an imbalance happens, you may suffer from bloating, stomach pains, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, or extreme fluctuations in weight.

Often called our “second brain,” the gut is not only linked to the health of our physical body - it directly affects our mood through the brain-gut axis.

When somethings “off” in the gut due to a disturbance like a food sensitivity or intolerance, your body lets you know through the manifestation of nagging physical symptoms or even mental symptoms like depression.

As you can see, gut health has to be a top priority to have a healthy, happy life!



Learn to Listen to Your Body

Learning to listen to your body gives you a direct line to discover the root cause of your food sensitivity.

When your body sends you messages through symptoms or illness, it’s important to see it as an invitation to learn and grow so you can take better care of it.

Luckily, there are natural ways to tune into what your body is trying to tell you.



The Food Sensitivity “Self-Test” Technique

This self-test is a beginner-friendly, non-invasive way to listen to your body and get started on the road to gut health!

Magic Eight Method: This is the muscle-testing technique you’ll use now, but there is a second testing method you can learn in the book chapter I’m giving you!

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Instructions: Form an “O” shape with the thumb and pointer finger of each hand.

Intertwine the loops formed by your index finger and thumb on each hand to create a “magic 8”

When performing the self-test, you’ll try to maintain the loop in your non-dominant hand as you think of a number from the testing instructions and pull with the loop in your dominant hand.

Strong: fingers stay locked (Answer is YES)
Weak: Fingers pull apart (Answer is NO)

Magic 8 Method Practice Exercise: This self-test exercise will help you practice your "yes" muscle test response. Say aloud: "My name is ___.” and say your correct name, paying attention to how your yes “feels.”

Ensure your "no" response is working well too by stating, "My name is ___." and say someone else's name. Again, pay attention to how your no “feels.”

Now that you’ve practiced your yes and no – we can move on to determine if you have any sensitivities to 12 of the most common food intolerances.

Food Sensitivity Self-Test: Perform the test by stating: "I am weak for number ___." And say the number you’re on. Repeat the process for numbers 1 through 12 and record the responses you receive before reviewing the corresponding food list.

It’s important that you do not know which food category each number represents while you perform the test. “No” means you are not intolerant to the food category and you can continue eating those foods.

“Yes” means you could be intolerant to that category, so you must eliminate those foods from your diet to achieve balance in your gut.

After testing each number, click here to find out your results!

How did you do? Are your results surprising to you?

You can address food intolerance yourself by simply changing your dietary habits. Vigilantly avoid the food items you tested sensitive to. Always check the ingredients list on prepared foods for added certainty!

This may seem unbelievably simple - but some of the most effective ways to care for yourself are the simplest!



3 Tips For Success On Your Self-Testing Journey

1) Combine: ordering lab tests for food intolerance and sensitivity is a great way to ensure you are on the right track with your self-testing.

It can give you peace of mind to confirm your results as you build your confidence with the self-testing method. For an in-depth food sensitivity analysis, I recommend doing the 96 Food Panel sensitivity test.

2) Connect: It’s very important to be centered and in a state of connection with your body before you begin self-testing. You don’t want your busy or distracted mind to impact your results.

It can help to take some deep breaths and affirm: “I trust my ability to understand what my body needs.”

3) Retest: Your body is constantly adapting and changing and so is your life! That is why it is essential to check your results and retest yourself every few months. You may no longer be sensitive to some things you tested weak for before, while other things that used to test strong could test weak for the first time.



Take the Next Steps to Heal Your Gut

Now you know what foods you need to avoid… what’s next?

I recommend following an elimination diet to detox your body. I developed a comprehensive approach for detoxing and repairing the gut called the “5-R Protocol.”

Want to learn how to do it?

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The Ultimate Guide for Healthy Digestion will open your eyes to the simple natural healing techniques you can start right now to enjoy the best gut-health of your life!

  • Discover even more life-changing information about food sensitivities
  • Learn all about leaky gut syndrome and how to overcome this common ailment
  • Master your gut microbiome to prevent imbalances like yeast overgrowth

When you become aware of the signs and symptoms of these issues, you’ll be able to reverse and prevent the negative effects on your body (and mind!) so much sooner.

Read on for loads of relatable examples and simple solutions to help you become a gut-health pro!

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