Methylene Blue Killing Your Microbiome?!

gut health wellness Apr 02, 2024

I recently recorded my third interview with top gastroenterologist, researcher, and clinical trial expert, Dr. Sabine Hazan to discuss the potential consequences of Methylene Blue and how it impacts the microbiome.

Since the pandemic, the number one searched product on the internet has been Methylene Blue. While I was very hesitant at first, I too took it for about 4 months last year. While I did notice improvements initially with brain clarity, it also caused severe GI symptoms. And that's when I reached out to Dr. Sabine and she suggested to test my stool to see what was going on.

What we found, in my case and many others, was that Methylene Blue is killing the bifidobacteria and harming the microbiome. It's important to understand that anything and everything you eat, take, apply, and inject ends up in your gut. And once damaged, it can take at least a year to heal. Whenever a new product takes the world by storm, it's so important to test the microbiome...

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Seasonal Allergies Connected to Your Gut?

gut health Mar 26, 2024

Today, I want to talk about pollen.

In some places around the world, pollen is out. Everything is blooming, it's springtime, and therefore, a lot of allergies.

Many of you have been reaching out and asking, "Elena, what can I do to prevent from being impacted by pollen and not having irritable eyes, congestion, and cough?" All of which are quite common during pollen season.

Let me explain something...

Pollen is related to mold which is a cousin of candida in your GI tract. Whenever your GI or your microbiome is out of balance, you're going to be a lot more sensitive and reactive to the pollen and to everything that is blooming outside.

If you have noticed that your symptoms keep getting worse with each allergy season, it's not spring that's changed, it's the health of your gut.

I explain in this 1-minute video below...

So, what can be done?



Heal Your Gut to Heal Your Symptoms

To prevent seasonal allergies, it's important that you see a specialist that knows how...

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Meditation for Digestive Health: The Gut-Mind Connection

gut health meditation Aug 28, 2023

Increasing evidence suggests that gut health may be the key to a happy life!

When your gut is in balance, it sets the stage for a happy mind. More and more people are experiencing this phenomenon for themselves and prioritizing gut health. That’s why probiotic supplements have become a multi-billion dollar industry and #guttock is trending. (1)

It's easy to fall into the trap of believing that a daily probiotic supplement is the ultimate solution to gut health. The truth is, there’s no such thing as a quick fix for gut imbalances. Your entire lifestyle must be considered to sustain long-term digestive health.

We always hear about how gut health affects mental health but what if addressing the mind could help balance the gut?

There’s emerging evidence that meditation can help promote optimal digestive health!

In this blog, I’m sharing highlights from some groundbreaking studies that explore the exciting connection between meditation and gut health....

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Harmonize Your Gut Microbiome Like Your Health Depends On It — Because It Does

gut health immunity leaky gut Oct 24, 2022

If your body is an orchestra, your gut microbiome is the conductor.

In recent years, science has begun to reveal the truth Hippocrates knew all along.

“All disease begins in the gut.” [1]

The key to vibrant health, therefore, is a well-harmonized gut microbiome.



What exactly is your gut microbiome and how do you harmonize it?

Picture a thriving tropical rainforest…

Over 40,000 species thriving in symbiotic harmony. And that’s just the trees! Thousands of different animals and millions of insects thrive in its diverse biosphere. And they all have an important role to play. Together, they maintain the delicate balance of the whole ecosystem.

Scale this down to the microscopic level and replace the plants, animals, and insects with 100 trillion microorganisms (most of them bacteria, but also viruses, fungi, and protozoa) [2], and you start to get the idea…

Your gut microbiome is your body’s quantum ecosystem!

What happens at the...

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Covid-19 Update

covid-19 gut health immunity Nov 29, 2021

I recently attended a seminar held by Dr. Pamela Smith, author of Max Your Immunity, all about Covid-19 and ways you can support your immune system to fight off illness. I wanted to share some of the valuable information with you, because it is information that can actually help you prevent or treat inflammation in the body from other causes as well.

More research is needed, but a solid foundation of research on this topic is being built. Keep in mind that the best approach is an individualized approach to treatment, but I am sharing protocols and advice that should be helpful in a general way for many people.

In this blog, I will be discussing the importance of gut health when it comes to preventing and treating inflammatory conditions like Covid-19. We will address stress and its impact on the immune system and gut health, how Covid-19 affects the balance of the gut microbiome, and how probiotics and prebiotics can reduce inflammation in the body and mitigate Covid-19 symptoms.


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Are Food Sensitivities Sabotaging Your Health?

digestion gut May 11, 2020

Could the solution to your health struggles be as simple as changing your diet?

Your gut health directly influences how your body functions and feels. The effects can be extreme when your diet is unknowingly wreaking havoc on your gut and causing inflammation in the body.

One of the most common causes? An unidentified food sensitivity!

In this blog, I reveal why gut health is so important and share a simple “self-testing” technique to help you pinpoint your food sensitivities. Then, we’ll explore steps you can take to heal your gut.

I’m also gifting you The Ultimate Guide for Healthy Digestion, for free!

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Why is Gut Health Important?

In your gut, you have a “microbiome,” an internal ecosystem hosting trillions of microorganisms. All of them play an important role in your health.

Your gut microbiome is involved in nutrient absorption, digestion, elimination, energy levels, hormone metabolism, and more. When an imbalance...

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Natural Healing for Digestive Issues

digestion gut Apr 27, 2020

Have you ever suffered from painful or embarrassing digestive distress?

It’s one of those things that we all go through at some point and just “deal with.” However, when the issue evolves from a rare inconvenience to a chronic condition – it should not be taken lightly.

There’s much more going on behind the scenes than excusing yourself to visit the restroom for the umpteenth time or canceling plans… living with untreated chronic digestive issues can result in severe health complications!

Many suffer silently, thinking these ailments are just a normal part of life or a side effect of aging. There is hope!

Read on to discover some of the major causes of digestive issues and what you can do to stop digestive distress before it starts.

My “Do’s and Don’ts” list will get you started on the right track to support and optimize your digestion. I’m also gifting you a free download of The Ultimate Guide for Healthy Digestion!...

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Naturally Heal Digestive Issues!

digestion gut Apr 16, 2018

Digestive issues are one of the most common causes for concern I hear from my patients. Symptoms such as bloating, stomach pains, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, and even weight-management struggles can be linked to disruption of healthy gastrointestinal (G.I.) processes. Living with untreated chronic digestive issues can result in severe health complications. 

Many suffer silently, thinking these ailments are just a normal part of life or a side effect of aging. There is hope! Here, I share my best advice from over 20 years of practice in integrative, regenerative, and Quantum Medicine for you to start healing your G.I. system.



I created this video answering the top three questions about this topic:

  1. What are some common signs indicating digestive issues?
  2. What can you do to better support your digestive health?
  3. How can energy work help heal digestive issues?

As explored in the video, it’s immensely important to understand that healthy digestive...

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