Seasonal Allergies Connected to Your Gut?

gut health Mar 26, 2024

Today, I want to talk about pollen.

In some places around the world, pollen is out. Everything is blooming, it's springtime, and therefore, a lot of allergies.

Many of you have been reaching out and asking, "Elena, what can I do to prevent from being impacted by pollen and not having irritable eyes, congestion, and cough?" All of which are quite common during pollen season.

Let me explain something...

Pollen is related to mold which is a cousin of candida in your GI tract. Whenever your GI or your microbiome is out of balance, you're going to be a lot more sensitive and reactive to the pollen and to everything that is blooming outside.

If you have noticed that your symptoms keep getting worse with each allergy season, it's not spring that's changed, it's the health of your gut.

I explain in this 1-minute video below...

So, what can be done?



Heal Your Gut to Heal Your Symptoms

To prevent seasonal allergies, it's important that you see a specialist that knows how to rebuild your microbiome. Doing so is key in many of the inflammatory processes that are going on.

If you are ready to tackle your allergies from the source, book a Quantum Health 1-Hour Appointment with me. I will use a very advanced, non-invasive, remote muscle testing technique to reveal the root cause of your imbalances. I will then customize personalized regimens which will include the following: food sensitivities, protocol based herbs/supplements, affirmations, and wellness recommendations so they are a perfect vibrational match for your unique needs.

Specifically when it comes to your gut, everything will be explored and tested! This includes which good bacterias are missing, which bad bacterias are present, which probiotics will work for you, and what supplements you need to heal any inflammation or imbalances that are found with the testing.

Book a Quantum Health Appointment

In my practice, most of my patients are currently testing strong to ProTren 
Probiotics. If you want to purchase this brand, you can do so here (use my code WQH11 to get 10% off orders over $65). But remember, you should be tested first to find out which probiotic you personally need to balance your unique system.

It can also help to change your diet. If you are having dairy, sugar, and breaded things, you will be more susceptible to pollen allergies!



Want to Learn to Test Yourself?

If you want to learn how I do this testing, come to my next 3-day live training September 27 - 29, 2024 in Tampa, FL!

I reveal all my secrets (from over 25 years of experience) on how to help people end their struggles with chronic illnesses. You will learn a proprietary combination of applied kinesiology and energy work that will help you accurately identify and clear physical and energetic imbalances and create customized quantum protocols for healing.

You can use this knowledge in your professional practice, at home with your friends and family, and even on yourself to keep everyone you know happy and healthy for life.

It’s time to welcome this new kind of healthcare. One that will empower us all to:

  • Feel better from the inside out
  • Create mind, body, and soul balance
  • Leave Rx pill dependency behind
  • Take control of our health once and for all

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