Methylene Blue Killing Your Microbiome?!

gut health wellness Apr 02, 2024

I recently recorded my third interview with top gastroenterologist, researcher, and clinical trial expert, Dr. Sabine Hazan to discuss the potential consequences of Methylene Blue and how it impacts the microbiome.

Since the pandemic, the number one searched product on the internet has been Methylene Blue. While I was very hesitant at first, I too took it for about 4 months last year. While I did notice improvements initially with brain clarity, it also caused severe GI symptoms. And that's when I reached out to Dr. Sabine and she suggested to test my stool to see what was going on.

What we found, in my case and many others, was that Methylene Blue is killing the bifidobacteria and harming the microbiome. It's important to understand that anything and everything you eat, take, apply, and inject ends up in your gut. And once damaged, it can take at least a year to heal. Whenever a new product takes the world by storm, it's so important to test the microbiome before and after taking it to make sure it isn't doing more harm than good in the long-term.

Please take the time to watch this important conversation below...

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