Meditation for Digestive Health: The Gut-Mind Connection

gut health meditation Aug 28, 2023

Increasing evidence suggests that gut health may be the key to a happy life!

When your gut is in balance, it sets the stage for a happy mind. More and more people are experiencing this phenomenon for themselves and prioritizing gut health. That’s why probiotic supplements have become a multi-billion dollar industry and #guttock is trending. (1)

It's easy to fall into the trap of believing that a daily probiotic supplement is the ultimate solution to gut health. The truth is, there’s no such thing as a quick fix for gut imbalances. Your entire lifestyle must be considered to sustain long-term digestive health.

We always hear about how gut health affects mental health but what if addressing the mind could help balance the gut?

There’s emerging evidence that meditation can help promote optimal digestive health!

In this blog, I’m sharing highlights from some groundbreaking studies that explore the exciting connection between meditation and gut health....

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Do You Need Sacred Womb Healing? 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

meditation Jul 07, 2022

The womb is a sacred container for Divine creation, whether that represents motherhood or the birth of ideas, passion, and flow. It is a powerful portal of life that connects dimensions. This vital area is also central to the maintenance of hormonal balance which affects everything from mood, to energy, to fertility.

Addressing your sacred womb space with conscious intention and compassion can help you clear imbalances you may be experiencing. You can also clear generational trauma that doesn’t belong to you! Prioritizing womb wellness helps accelerate personal healing and the collective healing of humanity.  



How Can You Tell If You Need Sacred Womb Healing?

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to determine if you could benefit from womb healing:

  1. Do you suffer from a hormonal imbalance? If you have been diagnosed with a hormone imbalance or suffer from painful periods, endometriosis, PCOS, or early menopause – womb healing is a must! The symptoms of...
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Embrace Your Emotions To Boost Your Health!

emotions meditation Oct 27, 2020

Do you wish you could overcome emotional blocks and experience vibrant health on all levels?

What if I told you those two goals can be achieved together? The wellbeing of your mind and your body are intricately connected!

Shifting your emotional reality to resonate at higher levels of consciousness starts from the inside out. The shift begins with recognizing and embracing your emotions with complete authenticity. Then, the benefits of embracing your emotions will flow into your physical health!

Read on to learn the power of embracing your emotions, understand how your emotional and physical health are linked, and discover how to shift your emotional state to contribute to the health of your whole being.



Embrace The Rain Clouds, Then Let The Sun Shine Through

Emotions are as diverse and ever-changing as the weather.

We often carry emotions with us from past experiences. Traumatic or negative emotions can overwhelm our senses and prevent us from seeing any hope of...

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Awaken Your Wholistic Healer Meditation

meditation Oct 24, 2020

Welcome to the WHOLISTIC LIVING PODCAST: Episode 8
Aligning Body, Mind, and Soul with Elena Bensonoff


Welcome. Today, I want to inspire each and every one of you and help you perhaps recognize that every one of you holds this incredibly powerful, magical ability... And that ability is to heal yourself.

The healing does not exist outside of self. It is something that every person has inside.



We're going to bring the light and reconnect to Awakening Your Wholistic Healer.

So let's begin.

First, relax your face, all of your facial muscles, your scalp, your neck, anywhere where there is a tension in your body. I'd like for you to imagine that it's beginning to melt and drift away.

You are in charge of your health. And every emotion that you experience is there for you as your most powerful messenger to allow you to tap in to your innate ability of healing yourself.

So let's focus on our breath... inhaling on six... and exhaling on six. Just gently...

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Transforming Your Life Through the Practice of Meditation

meditation Sep 17, 2020

Welcome to the WHOLISTIC LIVING PODCAST: Episode 3
Aligning Body, Mind, and Soul with Elena Bensonoff


Hello, and welcome. I’m Elena Bensonoff – Quantum Medicine Practitioner, clinical pharmacist, and Health Expert. I am so excited to talk to you about transforming your life through the practice of meditation.

In this episode, you will learn how you can benefit from having a daily meditation practice, and give you easy steps to begin incorporating meditation into your schedule, no matter how busy you are!

When I was preparing to speak to you about this, I was thinking about how overwhelming and hectic our lives can become, and I reflected on how incredible meditation is when I feel myself becoming overwhelmed or getting irritable towards those I love. Meditation is truly a solution and your greatest ally when you feel it is time to reset and recalibrate your state of being.

Research continues to show meditation is one of the simplest ways to...

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Raise Your Vibration to Strengthen Your Immune System!

energy meditation vibration Oct 26, 2019

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays and another Mercury retrograde coming up (October 31-November 20!), stress levels can skyrocket and immune systems can take a plunge. That’s why I want to provide you with simple tips and tools to help you raise your vibration.

First, let’s develop a basic understanding of the human energy field…



Why is raising your vibration important?

Every one of us is surrounded by a powerful energetic field that vibrates at a specific optimal frequency.

Many things influence the field, but we are going to focus on how high-vibrational and low-vibrational emotions affect it. Take a look at the image below to get a better idea of which emotions are high-vibe and which are low-vibe.

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As you can see, when you experience emotions like flow, bliss, and harmony – the high frequency strengthens and supports a healthy and balanced energetic field. Think of tuning into a crystal-clear radio...

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Discover the Magic of Mantras

mantras meditation Oct 03, 2018

Do you ever wish there were “magic words” that could help solve your problems and make everything better? Sounds like something that would only be possible in fairytales…

What if I told you that kind of magic exists?

This post will give you insights into the power of mantras and their life-changing benefits. I’m also sharing a very special mantra with you, the Moola Mantra, so you can start using it for protection and positive outcomes.



What is a Mantra?

The translation of the Sanskrit word, mantra, is “instrument or tool of the mind.” Mantras are usually a series of words or phrases chanted for spiritual connection, like a prayer. It’s similar to a song that offers praises to God or a beautiful poem of truth. There are thousands of mantras, many from Hindu or Buddhist origins. Each one invokes a specific energy, with a unique purpose.

Chanting mantras promotes harmony on all levels as it awakens the spiritual self....

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Connect with Your Spirit Guides

guides meditation spirit Aug 01, 2018

In my work as a Quantum Medicine Practitioner, I help bridge the gap between scientific context and therapeutic application with a blended approach, cohesively integrating the latest research with ancient healing traditions to help my patients achieve mind/body/spirit balance. I share a great deal of data driven advice on this blog, but this particular topic will require that you open your mind to the unknown to nurture the spirit aspect of your journey to balance.

In this blog, we explore the world of spirit guides so you can access advice, protection, and encouragement anytime, anywhere. We’ll address who your spirit guides are and ways you can connect with them. Then we’ll close with a meditation you can practice to support you as you seek this divine connection.

The first thing to know about connecting with your spirit guides, is that you’ve already had many incredible experiences with them throughout your life. Everything from being in the...

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Meditation to Transform Your Life

chakras meditation Apr 02, 2018

How often do you feel your head hits the pillow at night, and for the first time all day there was nothing demanding your attention? What if I told you that if you set aside as little as 5 minutes a day to intentionally eliminate distractions and embrace a quiet stillness, you could improve your health, reduce stress levels, and increase your productivity? Meditation is an incredible tool you can implement, even with a packed calendar, to clarify your purpose and elevate your consciousness.



Sink deeper into a mindset of gratitude, embrace prosperity consciousness, and find clarity.

With hectic to-do lists, constant technology pings, and demanding schedules, it can be hard to enjoy a grounded moment or even feel present in your body. Imagine being able to fulfill all your obligations more easily, and sink deeper into a mindset of gratitude, embrace prosperity consciousness, and find clarity. Allowing this stillness can result in finally healing old wounds, opening...

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Connect and Receive your Soul’s Messages

meditation soul May 17, 2016

The world today is moving on a hectic pace. To this end, the messages which our SOULS DESIRE for us to hear can be easily drawn out by the sounds of the world because we are entangled in the busyness of life. It is the intention of almost everyone to connect and receive their SOUL'S MESSAGE. Unfortunately, many have failed to stay tuned into their hearts and listen to the whispers of their soul, because they are finding it difficult to slow down or create space for it in their lives.



What Does Your Soul Do?

Your soul functions like a deep background consciousness that provides it's wisdom and guidance on what to do. These directions do not always come through into the consciousness of your mind, as it can take a while. However, the wisdom of your soul can be accessed by circumventing the mind. Contrary to the belief of many, your soul is not found in the ether, but as part of your consciousness in your body, it is good to say that your soul is you. That is why your...

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