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guides meditation spirit Aug 01, 2018

In my work as a Quantum Medicine Practitioner, I help bridge the gap between scientific context and therapeutic application with a blended approach, cohesively integrating the latest research with ancient healing traditions to help my patients achieve mind/body/spirit balance. I share a great deal of data driven advice on this blog, but this particular topic will require that you open your mind to the unknown to nurture the spirit aspect of your journey to balance.

In this blog, we explore the world of spirit guides so you can access advice, protection, and encouragement anytime, anywhere. We’ll address who your spirit guides are and ways you can connect with them. Then we’ll close with a meditation you can practice to support you as you seek this divine connection.

The first thing to know about connecting with your spirit guides, is that you’ve already had many incredible experiences with them throughout your life. Everything from being in the “right place at the right time” to scoring a perfect parking space to the “divine intervention” that saved you from a life-threatening situation has involved the energetic support of your guides.

They’re always with you.



Who are your spirit guides?

Your “dream team” is composed of beings of pure light, including your ancient ancestors, loved ones that have passed on, guardian angels, and ascended masters. Some angels are known as Archangels and watch over all of us, simultaneously. Your guides have no ego, they are all-loving and they have pure intentions to support you on your soul’s journey. Importantly, since you always have free will, your guides aren’t intervening in your life or making decisions for you (unless your life is in peril before it’s your time) – but there’s ways you can purposefully commune with them.



How can you connect with your guides?

JUST SAY THE WORD: What’s the easiest way to connect with a friend or family member who isn’t currently in your view? You reach out and contact them with your phone. This is not so different. Instead of sending out a text at the speed of light you’re sending out an intention to your guides at the speed of love. Just as surely as you know your texts go through to a loved one, know your transmission to your guides is always received.

Ask for guidance or pray for help to receive messages from your guides and feel their comforting energy as you welcome their presence. They can help you bring light and love to any situation. They can also surround you with protection if you feel unsafe. Call on them and they will instantly be at your side. You don’t have to identify as religious to do this!

A simple way to call on your guide’s counsel is to say or think, “May my spirit guides of the highest good and order please be with me now.” You can further express your need such as: “advise me,” “protect me,” “help me,” or simply “give me strength.” Thank your guides for their assistance and know they are always happy to be there for you no matter what.

You can also ask for a sign if you need more clarity that you’re following the right path. You can choose anything, but it’s helpful if it’s something you feel strongly about that is somewhat specific – like a favorite animal, shape, or number.

Often, even without asking them to, your guides will give you a nudge of encouragement by showing you repeating “angel numbers” like 1111 or 333, whether it’s on a license plate on your commute, on your order number at lunch, or on the clock when you happen to check the time throughout the day.

AUTOMATIC WRITING: Another way you can explore connecting with your guides is through writing. It’s no coincidence that “inspired” is a word that translates to “in spirit.” You can receive inspired guidance and messages of love and wisdom from your spirit guides by “free writing” while holding the intention that your guides of the highest good and order can connect to you through the medium of your pen or computer keyboard.

This practice is also known as “automatic writing.” It helps to have a clear mind before beginning this practice, so you can more effortlessly enter a subtle space of receptivity. You may notice words just start flowing onto the page at a rate almost faster than you can think them! This approach takes practice but is well worth the time and effort. Meditate on the messages that comes through. Enjoy the miracle of being able to receive such incredible messages.

MEDITATETo feel more awakened to the energetic love and intelligence of your guides, here is a meditation you can practice at home...



Spirit Guide Connection Meditation

Get comfortable, seated in chair or on the floor, with eyes gently closed and palms facing up on your lap. Take several deep breaths through the nose, and exhale fully out from the mouth.

Repeat the following: “Dear spirit guides, of the highest good and order, please hear me now. I invite you and welcome you to be near me, so I can get to know you better.”

Tune in to what the energy feels like around you. Does it shift? Do you feel any new sensations? Pay attention to how you feel so you can experience the joy of recognizing when your guides are close to you later.

In your minds eye, imagine a bright white light, shining around the perimeter of a beautiful ornate door. As the door opens, you will now see one of your guides, whether they are in human form, or simply a glowing light or presence.

Your guide is so happy to be with you. You can ask their name. Ask if they have a message for you. Listen patiently, without judgement. Just be, open to receiving. When your communion with this guide is done, embrace them and thank them for their guidance.

Repeat this exercise for as many spirit guides as you want – you have many. 

Let the magnificence and the wonder of the compassionate guidance that is all around you and within you wash over you now. Feel the sense of centeredness in your body.

Then slowly start to come back into awareness of your breath, your body’s connection to the chair or floor, and open your eyes. Think of your guides often and happily acknowledge them with gratitude as you go about your day.

Prefer to listen to a guided meditation? Check out my Connect with your Spirit Guides Meditation!

Meditate Now


I hope you will consider the possibility that there are wonderful invisible forces at work in your life – guiding you, protecting you, and helping you serve your divine purpose on this planet. Once you open your mind to the idea that greater possibilities for love and peace like this exist – you can more easily disconnect from fear and reconnect to the wisdom of your heart and higher self. 


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