Embrace Your Emotions To Boost Your Health!

emotions meditation Oct 27, 2020

Do you wish you could overcome emotional blocks and experience vibrant health on all levels?

What if I told you those two goals can be achieved together? The wellbeing of your mind and your body are intricately connected!

Shifting your emotional reality to resonate at higher levels of consciousness starts from the inside out. The shift begins with recognizing and embracing your emotions with complete authenticity. Then, the benefits of embracing your emotions will flow into your physical health!

Read on to learn the power of embracing your emotions, understand how your emotional and physical health are linked, and discover how to shift your emotional state to contribute to the health of your whole being.



Embrace The Rain Clouds, Then Let The Sun Shine Through

Emotions are as diverse and ever-changing as the weather.

We often carry emotions with us from past experiences. Traumatic or negative emotions can overwhelm our senses and prevent us from seeing any hope of brighter days. We become stuck in a grey cloud of anxiety and fear as if we are reliving the past experience.

When we indulge the urge to wallow in past events, replaying what happened over and over again in our minds - we keep those emotions hanging over us like that classic image of a sad cartoon with a raincloud over their head.

It is not just the mind that suffers… Our imaginations are so powerful that the stress, anxiety, pain, and fear we recall from the past affects the body in the present.

That’s why it’s critical to see negative emotions in a positive new light!

Much in the same way the cloudy days help you appreciate the sunny ones more – you can embrace the emotions from your past and thank them for bringing you to the present moment, without letting them cast a constant shadow on your life. Acknowledge your rainclouds and respect their part in your story, then release them and allow the sunny emotions like love, peace, and joy to shine through.

We were never meant to stay enmeshed in trauma or disappointment. In the same way, life on a constant high would soon become predictable and boring. Emotions were created to flow. We must learn to let go of what we cannot control and shift our perspective. From this new vantage point we are able to discover what is fact and what is a story we have been telling ourselves.



Your Emotional and Physical Health Are Intricately Linked

We all have ups and downs. Experiencing a full spectrum of emotions makes life so much more rich and meaningful. The more we understand how our emotions influence our wellbeing, the more we can consciously do to take charge of our health.

Repressing, or refusing to acknowledge strong emotions causes an internal imbalance. If we are unable to deal with emotions in a healthy way, they back up causing blocks and stagnation in our bodies. This leads to mental suffering and even physical disease. Eastern medicine dives deep into the realm of emotions and how different parts of our anatomy are directly impacted when we experience them.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Shame - reproductive organs, bladder, appendix
  • Fear - kidneys, bladder, adrenals, stomach, spleen
  • Courage - kidneys, bladder, spine, adrenals
  • Love - heart, thymus gland, lungs, circulatory system

If you think back on your own experiences, I’m sure you have felt these emotions manifest in your own body. Remember the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you forgot to do something important? Or, when you stepped out in courage to defend a friend, you stood a little taller and felt the adrenaline pumping? Or maybe you fell in love and your heart fluttered. These little tells are the body’s response to an emotional experience.

What if we were able to reverse engineer our emotional state to experience positive physical outcomes?

This ability to “change our minds” is called neuroplasticity. Research has confirmed that positive thoughts and emotions have a profound healing effect on the body. In contrast, hopelessness and distress triggers destruction and actually damages our brain cells.

By turning our focus away from what is behind, we imagine our dreams and desired outcomes. It takes practice, but the more you use your creative power in productive ways, the pathways become stronger and easier to navigate in your mind.



Take Charge of Your Emotions to Cultivate The Health You Desire

Through daily practice, we can train our minds to imagine and believe the best for our lives. Giving conscious attention to our emotions allows them to flow through us and gives us some autonomy in steering them toward love.

Through training the mind, we can influence the body…

How can you teach your body to experience optimal health? Clear any lingering thoughts of illness or physical limitation our of your thoughts. Practice cultivating the emotional experience of that healthy future before it happens! Picture yourself glowing with vitality, able to do all the things you desire without any physical limitations holding you back.

It is important to disconnect from negative emotions about your health and boost your emotional state to a positive vibration that connects you to the experience of the healthy body you desire. To do this successfully, you must focus you mind and become grounded in the present moment.

One of the best ways to support your mind on this mission is meditation! That’s why I’m offering two of my best guided meditations at a special price: $19.97!

Morning Meditation: This meditation will help you begin your morning with motivation, intention, and magnificent energetic flow. You’ll waken to your most purpose-driven self and take on the day with love and light.

Evening Meditation: This meditation will help you wind down and relax for a good night’s sleep. Experience rejuvenating stillness and tranquility that will calm you on a cellular level.

These meditations will help you start and finish your day the best way possible so you can more easily embrace your emotions and manifest the healthy body of your dreams.

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I hope you will set aside some time each day to meditate with the intention of embracing your emotions and cultivating the health you desire and deeply deserve!

Wellness Wishes,


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