Cutting Cords to Release Emotional Attachments

cord cutting emotions Aug 17, 2022

Many of my patients suffer from chronic fatigue and report feeling “drained,” “sapped,” “exhausted…” It’s no coincidence that those terms all allude to a depletion of energy by an outside source. While there are many diet and lifestyle considerations that can prevent you from generating optimal energy levels, a contributing factor that can actually take energy from you is emotional attachment.

In this article, I help you learn to recognize unhealthy attachments and provide you with information and tools to release them so you can live life to the fullest.



Emotional Attachments & Etheric Cords

Draining emotional attachments are usually linked to other people but can also be linked to places or things. In my work with Quantum Medicine, I’m able to see these attachments in the form of an etheric cord connected to your body – imagine a surgical tube linking you to someone or something. These cords create...

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Embrace Your Emotions To Boost Your Health!

emotions meditation Oct 27, 2020

Do you wish you could overcome emotional blocks and experience vibrant health on all levels?

What if I told you those two goals can be achieved together? The wellbeing of your mind and your body are intricately connected!

Shifting your emotional reality to resonate at higher levels of consciousness starts from the inside out. The shift begins with recognizing and embracing your emotions with complete authenticity. Then, the benefits of embracing your emotions will flow into your physical health!

Read on to learn the power of embracing your emotions, understand how your emotional and physical health are linked, and discover how to shift your emotional state to contribute to the health of your whole being.



Embrace The Rain Clouds, Then Let The Sun Shine Through

Emotions are as diverse and ever-changing as the weather.

We often carry emotions with us from past experiences. Traumatic or negative emotions can overwhelm our senses and prevent us from seeing any hope of...

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Do Thoughts & Emotions Affect Your Health?

emotions Apr 30, 2018

Everything is connected.

Your eyes see the words on this page, your brain processes the information, your thoughts about it may influence your belief system. You may make changes in your life as a result of what you learn. Maybe you decide to use the affirmations I share at the end of the article. These daily affirmations resonate with your heart and influence your emotions…

After a few weeks, you notice you feel more energetic, you are happier and realize you haven’t had a chronic headache episode in a while. You feel more connected to your loved ones and feel a renewed passion in your work. Your skin blemishes clear up. Somehow you have more time to do the things you love… 

All those occurrences are steeped with connection! Today’s leading experts are just beginning to uncover the mysteries of the mind and how our thoughts and emotions affect the workings of our physical body and internal systems. In this article, we will explore ancient wisdom...

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