Cutting Cords to Release Emotional Attachments

cord cutting emotions Aug 17, 2022

Many of my patients suffer from chronic fatigue and report feeling “drained,” “sapped,” “exhausted…” It’s no coincidence that those terms all allude to a depletion of energy by an outside source. While there are many diet and lifestyle considerations that can prevent you from generating optimal energy levels, a contributing factor that can actually take energy from you is emotional attachment.

In this article, I help you learn to recognize unhealthy attachments and provide you with information and tools to release them so you can live life to the fullest.



Emotional Attachments & Etheric Cords

Draining emotional attachments are usually linked to other people but can also be linked to places or things. In my work with Quantum Medicine, I’m able to see these attachments in the form of an etheric cord connected to your body – imagine a surgical tube linking you to someone or something. These cords create an open channel that can literally leech energy out of your field, leaving you feeling fatigued or burned out without cause.

A cord can develop once an energy exchange is initiated and can linger long after a relationship ends. An energy exchange can involve an interpersonal relationship, an obligation, or resources such as time and money. Sometimes, all of them are involved at once. You may have attachments related to someone or something from the past that have been slowly draining you for years.

An etheric cord can also transmit emotions to you from the person it’s connected to – especially if they’ve been a demanding, needy, abusive, or controlling presence in your life. This can be apparent if you feel unexplainably strong or frequent feelings about someone that is no longer part of your life. This two-way attack on your quality of life, if not addressed, can escalate from fatigue and altered mood states to physical pain (often in the back, abdomen, or chest area).



Common attachments I see patients struggle with:

    • Intimate partners (or other meaningful relationships)
    • Friends or family (especially if needy or ill)
    • Coworkers (especially when conflict surrounds the relationship)
    • Occupation (if not aligned with it - especially if heavily invested in education/training)
    • Addictions (to food, substances, or behaviors)
    • Homes or other assets (especially if they are being sold)
    • Patients or students (for those who work in healthcare or education without proper energetic protection measures – better known as “Healers Burnout Syndrome”)

In addition to the energy-sapping quality of these cords, they can also hold you back from moving on or reaching new levels of evolution or growth. For instance, many patients struggle with intimacy or the ability to find love when an energetic connection still burdens them from an old relationship. I’ve had a patient whose house wouldn’t sell because they had unresolved energetic attachments to it - essentially repelling potential buyers. Sometimes these unhealthy connections are so subtle or seemingly dormant that the patient is unaware it’s affecting them until I examine their energy field and point it out during a 1-On-1 Session.

Over the years I’ve seen patients land their dream job once they cut ties to an old dead-end career or achieve weight loss after severing a tie to a food addiction. A close friend suffered from chronic back pain and finally found relief after cutting a cord attached to a dysfunctional relationship with a needy family member. The list of powerful life transformations goes on! The key is learning how to cut unhealthy cords and maintain a clear and protected energy field.



Before Cutting Etheric Cords

Be empowered to know that you are able to cut these draining etheric cords. If you believe the source of your fatigue or other symptoms could be cord related, set the intention now to sever the unhealthy connection and renew your energy levels.

Before you begin the exercise, ask yourself these important questions about the person, place, or thing:

    • Are there aspects of this energy exchange that are still unresolved?
    • Did you receive the closure you needed when the energy exchange “ended?”
    • Are you willing to let go of this attachment?
    • Does the thought of ending the connection to this experience make you feel anxious or unwell?

It’s important to get to the root of the lingering attachment in more ways than one. You must work through unresolved emotions and provide yourself the closure you need. Only then can you let go of the experience to fully remove the cord from your energetic field. If you hang on to anger, vengeful thoughts, or unforgiveness – the cords cannot be effectively released. If you discover work needs to be done in those areas beyond what you are capable of achieving alone, make sure and seek professional help so you can move on as soon as possible.



Etheric Cord Cutting Exercise

This cord cutting exercise is a gentle process best done when you are in a calm, clear state of mind. You can take a relaxing bath or do some breathing exercises to release any tension in your body before you begin. Create a peaceful environment for your energy work (great tips for that in this past blog post!) and sit comfortably with your eyes closed.

Imagine scanning your body for areas of discomfort. Ask for the etheric cord sites to be illuminated for you by a white light. When you feel them or see them, acknowledge the presence and express gratitude for the lessons you learned from the experience(s) they are attached to. Envision the cord being cleanly cut away and dissolved from your body with the white light. Let the divine light shine within you and emanate from you, creating a sense of peace and wholeness.

Express gratitude that you have been set free from the unhealthy connection. Send the areas on your body as well as the person, place, or thing the attachment was connected to love, light, and healing energy. Feel your energy field glowing with abundant energy!



Energetic Protection Measures

Creating a protective barrier that can help you avoid unwanted attachments is so important and healing - especially if you are notoriously sensitive to other people’s energy and emotions.

    • Inwardly, imagine a protective shield of white light around you especially when you are feeling vulnerable or heading into an energy exchange that you anticipate will be volatile. Set the intention that you will not be connected to any energy that you don’t resonate with.
    • Outwardly, make it a point to speak up and be honest with draining individuals. Don’t commit to requests you know are not healthy for you. Ask for the strength to say no and it will get easier over time. You’ll be so much happier for it!



Need More Help?

Check out my Cutting Cords Meditation. I created this meditation to walk you through the cord cutting process step-by-step.

Be guided through a powerful visualization to scan the body for etheric cords of attachment from anyone who is draining your energy. You will connect to Mother Earth, your light, your heart, and your Angels - surrounding yourself with Divine light of protection as you do this important healing work.

It’s time to release negative attachments and reintegrate all lost aspects of your wholeness!

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