Awaken Your Wholistic Healer Meditation

meditation Oct 24, 2020

Welcome to the WHOLISTIC LIVING PODCAST: Episode 8
Aligning Body, Mind, and Soul with Elena Bensonoff


Welcome. Today, I want to inspire each and every one of you and help you perhaps recognize that every one of you holds this incredibly powerful, magical ability... And that ability is to heal yourself.

The healing does not exist outside of self. It is something that every person has inside.



We're going to bring the light and reconnect to Awakening Your Wholistic Healer.

So let's begin.

First, relax your face, all of your facial muscles, your scalp, your neck, anywhere where there is a tension in your body. I'd like for you to imagine that it's beginning to melt and drift away.

You are in charge of your health. And every emotion that you experience is there for you as your most powerful messenger to allow you to tap in to your innate ability of healing yourself.

So let's focus on our breath... inhaling on six... and exhaling on six. Just gently keeping your attention in the center of your chest area. Let's begin. Inhale, two, three, four, five, six. Exhale, two, three, four, five, six.

As you're focusing on your breathing and relaxing your whole body, I want you to set a very powerful intention and that intention is: I am my own healer. I am in charge of my own life. With these two powerful affirmations, you're giving yourself full responsibility for taking actions or inactions in your day to day life. Also, you're recognizing that you are the co-creator of any imbalance that may be happening in your physical body.

Starting today, I want you to make yourself a promise: that you will treat your body with the utmost respect, love, and care. Whether that means shifting your dietary habits, your thought patterns, your relationships, your interactions with others but most importantly it is connecting to the most powerful relationship of all and that is the relationship that you have with yourself. So begin by paying attention to your thought patterns, your reactions to those thought patterns, your triggers... because all those are very powerful messengers in helping you reconnect to the power that you hold inside of yourself. And that power is the power of being your own healer.

It is not the miracle pill or the miracle doctor or the miracle diet that's going to change your life and save you. The only person that is going to save yourself is you. So I want you to give yourself a big embrace first. Hug yourself and recognize perhaps all the neglect that you might have caused to you and perhaps you can deeply apologize to yourself and say "I'm sorry," as you're embracing, "please forgive me. I love you. Thank you." Let's say it again. "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you."

From this moment forward, I want you to have daily reminders of this most powerful relationship: the relationship that you have with yourself. Assuring that you treat yourself with compassion, love.... the same way you would want to treat a friend who's in pain or who's struggling.



So now, let's reconnect to our body.

I want you to tune in and imagine that you have roots growing down from your feet and your tailbone into the center of the earth. It is crucial that as a human being living on this beautiful planet, you stay centered and connected to this planet. So today, it's about connecting to Mother Earth, connecting to yourself, and connecting to the consciousness of all that exists. Because when you heal yourself and you stay true to yourself, you're healing not only you but you're healing the entire planet and elevating the collective consciousness of humanity.

I want you to see yourself as the most powerful healer that exists because only you know yourself best.

Now let's bring this powerful, vital, life-force energy through your feet up and run it through your entire body. And I want you to see if you can feel different sensations. Don't judge. Just allow it to flow through you and meet it with utmost curiosity and love and openness. Judgment cannot exist in a place of love.

Let go of any fear that may arise and when it arises, open your heart even more and see yourself either as a Superman or a Superwoman beaming this beautiful light through your heart center which is the light of unconditional love that connects you to yourself and to all other humanity. It is the most powerful force of all that exists and creates. Feel this love and this powerful force flowing through you.

Tap into your body and go deeper and see if there is anything that is requiring your attention. Perhaps there is an area that might feel uncomfortable. Perhaps there is an emotion that might be rising within you... fear, sadness, anger. Notice it. Don't resist it. See where it takes you in your body. Perhaps it takes you on a journey to where you might be suffering so deeply that you've buried it also so deeply within your body. I want you to connect to that, meet it, and allow it to run it through your heart with absolute love and visualize it spinning out through your heart, which is your biggest center filtering station, and release it into the Universe.

Let go of any burdens that are weighing you down. Let go of living in the past or having anxiety about the future. All you have is today.

Embrace yourself and be loving and kind to yourself and remember no one outside of yourself is responsible for making you feel better, for healing you, for loving you. You are the one that has to fill up your being with absolute love and light because in the place of love, fear, judgment, illness will not exist. Love on every single cell in your body, every organ. Give it a smile. If there is a part of you that's hurting, love on it some more. Give it more attention. Melt into this beautiful love that you have within you. The divine power that you carry. After all, you are the powerful Wholistic healer. Always remind yourself that it exists within you and stay connected to yourself.

Thank you for being here with me today. For more meditations, visit me at Until next time, blessings.

Wellness Wishes,



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