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mantras meditation Oct 03, 2018

Do you ever wish there were “magic words” that could help solve your problems and make everything better? Sounds like something that would only be possible in fairytales…

What if I told you that kind of magic exists?

This post will give you insights into the power of mantras and their life-changing benefits. I’m also sharing a very special mantra with you, the Moola Mantra, so you can start using it for protection and positive outcomes.



What is a Mantra?

The translation of the Sanskrit word, mantra, is “instrument or tool of the mind.” Mantras are usually a series of words or phrases chanted for spiritual connection, like a prayer. It’s similar to a song that offers praises to God or a beautiful poem of truth. There are thousands of mantras, many from Hindu or Buddhist origins. Each one invokes a specific energy, with a unique purpose.

Chanting mantras promotes harmony on all levels as it awakens the spiritual self. Whatever you feel you need Divine assistance with, there’s a mantra that can help. Connect with a spiritual teacher, perform an internet search, or browse books in the spirituality section of the library or bookstore to find a mantra that meets your current needs.



How to Activate Divine Connection with Mantras

Chanting mantras is considered a form of meditation. Many people prefer using mantras to silent meditation, because the repetitive chanting can help keep your mind from wandering from your meditative intentions. They are often not in English, so it helps to do some research on what the words of the mantra mean and learn how to correctly pronounce the words by listening to a recording. You can really connect to the rhythm, pronunciation, and meaning of the words when you practice often.

Mantras are a way for you to hone in on a specific intention and maintain focus on it. You can say them in your mind, but saying them aloud is so much more potent. The vibration of each sound in the mantra is like a code that unlocks the power of attraction in the airwaves. But know that the universe hears you either way and you’re actively making your connection to the Divine much stronger.

Once you are comfortable with how to say the mantra you’ve chosen, the next step is to activate your divine connection. Do this by clearly setting an intention to let the vibrations of your words and thoughts flow to the heavens where anything is possible, and you are always heard. Follow the flow of that energy with your breath as you prepare to recite your mantra. Keep your heart open as you let the unconditional love of the Universe wash over you. Recite your mantra as many times as you feel inclined to do, and close your session with an expression of gratitude. Bringing your hands to heart-center in a prayer position and saying, “namaste” is always a great option.

You can also listen to guided mantra chants as you meditate, to “absorb” the vibrations of the mantra and speak it aloud in unison with the recording. There is nothing more powerful than a group of people chanting a mantra together, it amplifies the energetic qualities of the mantra and can raise the vibration of an entire area. If you have the chance to take part in a group chant at a yoga class, local meditation center, or gathering – I highly recommend it.

Divine connection through spoken invocation… what could be simpler? It doesn’t have to be hard to connect to the Divine and generate positive experiences through devotion. Mantras are a beautiful reminder for you to stay connected. This connection is available to you anytime anywhere. Here is one of my favorite mantras to get you started:



Moola Mantra

The Moola Mantra is a powerful prayer, one of the oldest and most revered Sanskrit teachings.

The magnificent Moola Mantra creates a Divine connection to incite protection, serenity, positivity, and relief from suffering. You’ll be able to access clarity and overcome recurring thoughts of worry and discontent. Whenever you chant this manta, you will find it easier to discover the peace and happiness that you’ve been seeking – that has always been there just waiting to be uncovered by the right intention.

Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma
Purushothama Paramatma
Sri Bhagavathi Sametha
Sri Bhagavathe Namaha

Simplified meaning of the moola mantra:

Om – The primordial sound of the Universe – acknowledged and called upon for the highest good of all

Sat  The truth that surrounds us

Chit – The consciousness that emanates from us

Ananda  The pure love and joy that infuses every moment – bliss

Para brahma  The supreme creator beyond all space and time

Purushothama  Who has incarnated in human form to be our great teacher

Paramatma  The divine essence that comes into our hearts, becomes our inner voice and guidance

Sri Bhagavati – The Divine Mother, present within each of us

Same tha  Together within, both feminine and masculine principles

Sri Bhagavate  The Divine Father, present within each of us

Namaha  I thank you and acknowledge the presence of the Divine in my life, within and as a reflection of the Divine masculine and feminine energies of all things. I ask for your guidance at all times.

Chant this mantra, or whatever mantras you choose (sometimes they choose you!) with meaningful intent. Open your heart to the call to raise your consciousness and invite mantras into your life as medicine for your soul. The more you dedicate yourself to generating love and joy with peaceful practices like this, the more you benefit the entire planet.



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