Astrology vs Vibrational Frequency Analysis: Uncover the Secrets of Soulmate Compatibility

astrology relationships Apr 05, 2023


Is your destiny written in the stars?

Curious minds turn to systems like astrology to explain the mysteries of life.

If you think of astrology as the language of the personality, then vibrational frequencies are the language of the soul. This language can seem strange if you are new to exploring reality with an energy-based system.

Today I want to explore how a vibrational frequency analysis is similar to astrology, how the two systems are different, and how both can be consulted to help you find your soulmate.

If you have been intrigued by astrology and the potential to uncover secrets about yourself and your relationship, keep reading! You’ll quickly see how a vibrational frequency analysis can take your journey of self-discovery to a whole new level.



What is Astrology?

If you’ve been captivated by astrology, your interest probably stemmed from that inner knowing that there is more to life than what meets the eye…

Astrology is the study of the connection between the movement of celestial bodies and human affairs. It was practiced throughout ancient human history, first documented in Babylon, Egypt, and Greece. For thousands of years, astrology has encouraged self-reflection – enabling individuals to understand themselves and their environment more clearly.

The position of the sun in relation to the moon, stars, and planets determines the zodiac signs in your astrological "birth chart." Each of these signs is assigned a specific energy and is said to explain various facets of your life and personality. The most well-known sign is your “sun sign” which is determined by the position of the sun in relation to 12 constellations when you were born.

Knowing and connecting with the unique characteristics of the signs in your birth chart can help you gain more clarity about yourself and articulate ideas and lived experiences that are difficult to put into words. This categorical information can also be helpful when you are trying to understand others and can be a great conversation starter, since the basics of astrology are relatively common knowledge.

Studies show that astrology can greatly influence and even help validate a person’s identity. I am still fascinated by astrology and it led me to explore the deeper meaning and nature of reality with my partner, Alejandro, by co-creating an Evolutionary Vibrational Frequency System: Vibrational Revelations.



What is a Vibrational Frequency Analysis?

Every human incarnates with their own unique vibrational frequency signature and the frequencies you embody throughout life are all part of your Divine purpose and unique path. A vibrational frequency analysis is a tool that can help you decipher the truth of what makes up the matrix (by this we mean the Divine energy field) around you and what constitutes your individual lens or perception filter of reality.

Using scalar wave technology, Alejandro and I measure the vibrational frequency levels of key areas of life like health, finances, relationships, integrity, personal growth, and divine purpose. We analyze the frequencies to reveal illuminating data or consciousness levels that can help people better understand themselves and the world around them. This system can also be used to reveal the compatibility level of two people!

We use our Vibrational Frequencies of Awakening consciousness scale for the analysis, which you can find below to categorize frequency levels.

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However, it’s important to know that each person is so much more than the numbers we share. Each number represents a state of mind, a state of being, and an emotional state so your frequencies are constantly evolving as you evolve and have new experiences throughout your life.

When we interpret your vibrational frequencies and share that information with you, the purpose is to empower you to perceive reality with much more clarity, peace, love, compassion, appreciation, and empathy. You can learn more about our process and how to book your own Vibrational Frequency Analysis below.

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Similarities of Astrology and Vibrational Frequency Analysis

Both astrology and vibrational frequency analysis are forms of self-inquiry and ways to explore reality. It’s important to approach both systems with an open mind and the intention of enriching your life with increased self-awareness rather than judging yourself or feeling victimized. Learning about yourself and how you relate to the world empowers you to stand in your truth, align with your divine purpose, and raise your vibration.

Both are fun and enlightening ways to explore your personality and compatibility. They offer a window into the deeper meanings of life, help curious minds find a renewed sense of self and belonging, and even help you attract your soul mate!

Diving into the world of vibrational frequencies and learning about consciousness levels is the perfect next step if you enjoy astrology!



Differences Between Astrology and Vibrational Frequency Analysis

I feel that vibrational frequency analysis are a deeper dive into consciousness and more individualized than astrology. Vibrational frequencies are like a direct line to the wisdom of the higher self. Often, you will learn something about your frequencies and it will feel more like confirmation of a gut feeling you already had.

Astrological charts are informative but a little inflexible, assigning certain traits and themes to life and timelines. While your astrological signs and descriptions are set in stone, your vibrational frequency shifts and evolves throughout your life as you learn, grow, and have new experiences.

While you can’t change your astrological birth chart, you can proactively do things to raise your vibrational frequency!



Finding Love in Astrology and Vibrational Frequencies

Many people are introduced to astrology as a way to navigate their love life and determine the quality and durability of their connections. Complex birth charts and sign compatibility are used to explain why certain connections are strong and others never seem to work.

A Frequency Compatibility Analysis is a method of assessing the compatibility of two people based on the frequencies of their energy fields. The idea is that each person has a unique energy field, and when two people come into contact, their energy fields interact and create a specific frequency. If the frequencies are compatible, it is believed that the relationship will be harmonious and positive, while incompatible frequencies can lead to difficulties and conflicts in the relationship. The harmonious energy generated by a vibrational match actually helps heal and contribute to the Wellbeing of Humanity!

It’s a great tool to predict the success of a relationship, whether it be romantic, professional, or even between friends. The analysis is typically done by measuring the frequencies of each person's energy field using special equipment or by using scalar wave technologies. The results are then compared to determine the level of compatibility. This analysis provides a unique opportunity to identify underlying compatibility issues and address the areas that need work so couples can grow stronger together and understand each other on a deeper level.

I hope this information has sparked curiosity and the desire to understand yourself and the world around you.



Uncover the Secrets of Soulmate Compatibility

Finding your soulmate has EVERYTHING to do with your vibrational compatibility.

What if there was a way to test if you’ve found your vibrational match?

Our NEW Frequency Compatibility Analysis gives you the insights you need to take a closer look at your relationship. After you provide us with a few details about you and your partner, we produce a report that compares the vibrational frequency levels for both of you and reveals your compatibility percentage as a couple. 

Special Upgrade OpportunityAfter purchase, you can upgrade your analysis to include a 15-minute call with us so we can go over your results together for further clarity!

The information in this one-of-a-kind report helps you discover what aspects of your life to address so you can learn more about yourself and your partner and grow as a couple.

This analysis is for you if you’re ready to…

  • Discover what aspects of your life might be blocking the flow of love
  • Reignite deeper attraction and appreciation for your partner
  • Experience more joy and passion in your relationship
  • Contribute to raising the vibration of the collective! 

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This information could be exactly what you need to determine if you’ve found “the one!” 


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