Balance – Your Key To Wellness

balance chakras energy Feb 13, 2017

Being in balance is our natural state.

When we are in balance our energy is good. We sleep better, have more vitality, recover faster. We are happier and healthier. Our mood is lighter, our intuition clearer.

When we are out of balance our energetic field is stagnant and blocked. We are quick to become ill and slow to recover. We don’t feel rested even with plenty of sleep. We suffer from negative emotional patterns.

Our precious body has innate intelligence that is always seeking a state of balance. Known as homeostasis, it keeps us healthy, happy and even alive.



Why then are so many of us out of balance?

We are beings of energy, living in a world of energy. We create energy and we consume it. We sense energy even if we can't see it. It surrounds and flows through us and influences our every thought and action. Energy is the currency of balance.

Many of us lead disconnected lives; disconnected from our surroundings, from our bodies, from each other. Daily we are exposed to dozens of energetic drains, blocks or blow-outs that throw off our natural state of balance.

  • ENERGY DRAINS  Stress is a big drain on our energy and a major reason we are thrown out of balance. A modern life is filled with a million stress-inducing moments, meaning we have to constantly recalibrate our system. Certain people or situations can be energy drains – we feel low just thinking about them, and become depleted after being around them.
  • ENERGY BLOW OUT – The go, go, go of modern life is puts our system out of balance. We seek out and crave constant stimulation. Physically with caffeine, sugar and nutritionally deficient ‘fast foods’. Mentally with computers, T.V. information, entertainment. Our adrenals are constantly switched on, our brains are never at rest. This leaves us overstimulated and eventually exhausted.
  • ENERGY BLOCK – Negative emotional states cause energy to stop its natural flow and ebb through our body and become stuck. We block the flow of energy when we feel threatened, fearful or resentful. Blocked energy can eventually lead to illness of the body or mind.



Where does energy come from?

Energy is created and circulated throughout our system by energy centers in our body called chakras. These are hubs where energy both enters and exits the body. Each chakra relates to an organ or set of organs and an emotional state. Thus the heart chakra creates and is affected by energy to do with love – both the positive and the negative. The throat chakra creates and is affected by energy to do with communication.

We have seven of these centres on our energetic body. When in balance our throat chakra will create energy of eloquence and speaking our truth. When out of balance, we feel constricted in our speech, our words are held back or explosive and unskilful.

Love is the energy of the heart chakra. It is why we feel love in our chest. Why we have an ache in our heart when we are broken hearted. Closing off your heart, to 'protect' it blocks the flow of energy to this energy centre, creating a stunted emotional experience.



How to re-balance:

When in balance our chakras allow the healthy movement of energy throughout our body. Activities that support this free flow and create a state of balance include hands-on healing, being in nature and living authentically.

The three keys to balance (practice these activities to rebalance your system):

  1. REFLECTION – Being in the present moment will clear blockages in your energy system allowing you to be in balance. Yoga or other moving meditations bring present moment awareness to your physical body. Self-reflection or journaling opens an internal dialogue. Mediation helps you to better understand yourself and your reactions and allows your mind to become balanced and calm.
  2. CONNECTION – Being true to your own nature and recognizing the true nature in others is the essence of connection. Connect to another human through the act of authentic listening. Connect to the planet by placing your naked feet upon her surface. Being in nature is balancing to the soul as it reminds us of our connection to it. It is why we so often experience a state of balance after vacations taken in places of nature. Hands on healing is recommended to support a state of connected balance. This will clear blockages and rebalance chakras and micro-energy systems allowing your body to heal and your mind to relax.
  3. PROTECTION – Know what people, places or activities drain your energy and create a state of imbalance. Be proactive in your protection. Minimize your contact with these people or places. If you are unable to do this then energetically protect yourself by consciously placing yourself in a pure white protective light, by visualizing a mirror between you and the draining person or taking time to clear your energy field through some type of cleansing ritual.

There is so much in our lives that takes us away from balance, making a conscious decision on where and how we concentrate our energy is key to health and happiness. It is easy to exercise the three keys and need only take a few moments each day.

If you support your body this way you will start living a life of beauty, authenticity and balance.

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