Breaking Free From A Fear Based Living

fear May 31, 2016

I am not speaking about the realistic fears such as being under physical attack, being chased by a terrifying tiger, living and experiencing a state of war, or dealing with a life threatening illness.

Today I would like to focus my attention on fears that we create within our minds, based on our imagination, perceptions, interpretations.

Most of the time we become slaves to our thoughts and project fear into our reality. Fear can lead to many debilitating physical and mental imbalances: paranoia, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, jealousy, chronic stress and eventually burnout.



Have you ever examined your thought patterns to understand if they are truly supporting you?

  1. I hate my job, but afraid to leave it because…
  1. I am miserable in my relationship but afraid to leave because….
  1. I am afraid to speak my truth, because I am afraid of…
  1. I fear being around a lot of people because…
  1. I am afraid to be alone because…
  1. I am afraid to make a life- changing decision because….

Often times, beliefs that were developed and rooted into our subconscious at an early age will act as a hindrance later in life. These deep-rooted beliefs can work to block our happiness, success, and fulfillment. Breaking free from fear is a huge step towards achieving balance and happiness in our daily life.



Breaking Free from Fear-Based Living:

  1. Recognize that you are not the victim. You Are in Charge of Your LIFE!
  1. Aware: Become aware of your thought patterns.
  1. Let go of as many negative beliefs as possible. Make it Your DAILY Practice!
  1. Replace Negative beliefs with Positive thought or Affirmations.
  1. Celebrate your new way of being. Genuinely feel GRATEFUL for your Courage to Shift!

We all have the resources within to make the changes needed to reach our full potential, to achieve the most happiness and stress free life that we deserve. It is a matter of finding those fears and emotions that block us and learning to use those same fears as resources in their own right.

It is possible to by-pass both conscious and unconscious emotional blocks and defenses and get to the root of the problem at a much faster rate. Sometimes results can be achieved in only 1 session with me.

Fear does not have to run our lives anymore, the resources are within us, and the guidance is all around us!

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