Chakra Healing Relieves Anxiety

anxiety chakras healing Jan 27, 2016

Years of experience in helping patients has strengthened my trust in the transformative benefits of Chakra Clearing and Balancing sessions for a multitude of different symptoms and imbalances.

Today I want to focus on a special case.

One rainy afternoon, I received a call from a patient that I hadn’t seen in a while because of his hectic work schedule. He came into my office with extreme anxiety upon returning from weeks of business travels. His symptoms included: shortness of breath, pressure in his chest and a racing heart. His anxiety was so detrimental that he was either going to see me or go to the emergency room. I told him that he should go to the ER if he doesn’t feel better after our session.

Our health is directly correlated with how open and balanced our chakras are.

His first and fourth chakras were blocked resulting in disconnection, lack of grounding and the energetic obstruction of his heart/love center.

The Root chakra or 1st chakra is associated with our survival skills, stress coping mechanisms, adrenal glands, cortisol (stress) levels, and finances.

The Heart or 4th Chakra is correlated with unconditional love and the ability to openly give and receive love.

My patient’s anxiety was a direct result of self-neglect. It can be challenging to make time for self-care in the midst of an intense work schedule. When life gets too busy and routine-oriented, we miss the simplest messages trying to alert us. Our body is highly intelligent. It has the ability to communicate with us when something’s off balance. It is our own choice to slow down and pay attention to the signs and symptoms. Only when we listen to ourselves, do we hear what our body is trying to say.

The world has trained us to reach for the quick fix, such as: OTC (over the counter medication), Rx (prescription drugs) but what we fail to realize is that our ailments have deep emotional roots that need healing.

Within two hours, this patient’s anxiety vanished and he left feeling calm and at peace. As with all of my patients…

I also gave him daily homework assignments:

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