Creating Space for the Sacred to Arise

spirituality Apr 13, 2017

Do you find it difficult to switch off and relax? Do you often feel disconnected?

One of the best remedies to ‘busy-ness’ is cultivating a spiritual practice.

But fitting in a spiritual practice can be a challenge. It is often one of those things that gets put to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list. Before you know it, another day has passed where you didn’t take a moment to reflect or to meditate.



If you crave more spiritual awareness, then one of the easiest things you can do to make this a reality, is to create the space.

By having a dedicated space for your spiritual practice, you are giving your subconscious mind a clear message. The mere fact of having the space will trigger the behavior you desire. And the opposite is also true. When there is no space in your home dedicated to spiritual growth, the subconscious message is that there is no mental or emotional room for it either. If you have ever had the thought “I have some time, I should do a meditation,” and by the time you have found the right cushion and dug up a lighter, time has run out and it’s too late.

This can be avoided if you have the space setup, ready and waiting. You will find that once you have created it you will be far more likely to use it. You will have a constant physical reminder of what you desire to include more of in your life.

And it is easy to do. There are no rules; this is your space, it only has to be significant to you. It could be as simple as a cushion and a candle, or as elaborate as a dedicated room. It doesn’t really matter, the important thing is that you create it. 



Items you may like to include:

  • Meditation paraphernalia – however you like to meditate (stool, cushion, or chair), have it set up and ready to go. Include a light shawl for knees or shoulders and a rug to make hard ground more comfortable.
  • Candles – a flame is ideal for focused meditation. Lit candles will move stagnant energy and burn away negativity (never leave a naked flame unattended).
  • Music – for inspiration, relaxation, or guided meditations. I have created many guided meditations available on my website (some for free!)
  • Books – to read and be inspired and a blank note book to jot down thoughts.
  • Crystals – hold sacred energy, cleanse and clear a space, and can be used to deepen your practice.
  • Flower essences – there are specific essences that will clear and calm the mind and can be used to deepen your practice.
  • Essential oils, perfumes, diffuser/burner – scent plays a significant role in our mental and emotional experience. Anoint your temples and wrists, your chakras with sacred scents, and place specific oils in a diffuser to scent the room. Essential oils can be used to deepen a spiritual practice, clear the mind, and sharpen concentration.
  • Incense – traditionally used in many rituals, there are many types available from the pungent Tibetan to the smokeless Japanese. Chose one that suits your purposes (never leave burning incense unattended).
  • Ritual items – anything that has significance to you – items from nature, shells, birds nests, drift wood, stones, or specific ritualistic items (bells, sacred knives).
  • Flowers – will beautify any space and are a daily reminder of the impermanence of life.
  • Images – framed picture, postcards – whatever pictures inspire and have meaning to you.
  • Alter – this is simply a raised table or bench upon which you would place your items such as images and candles.
  • Cloth – used to cover the alter, some people like to wrap significant items (such as books or images) as a form of respect.
  • Offerings – to a higher power or simply to your own spiritual growth, including offerings as part of your ritual can give it more significance – water bowls (changed daily with fresh water, food (again, kept fresh), any item that is held dear to you or that represents an aspiration or a gratitude can be given in offering.
  • Spoken affirmations, mantra, or prayer – some people like to use the spoken word to bring energy to that area of their life.



How to create the space:

Choose a place that is away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the family. For parents with young children, your bedroom may be the only place! It is a good idea to do an energetic cleansing of the area with a smudge stick (bundle of dried sage leaves) first. Circulate the sage smoke into all corners of the room.



How to maintain the space:

Make it part of your daily ritual to keep the area clear and clean. You should try to treat it with respect, not tossing dirty clothes or letting it become a repository for ‘stuff’ – it is so easy to do and then it quickly looses its significance.

  • Add fresh flowers to bring more flow, vitality and healing energy.
  • Keep it dusted and clear of clutter to keep the energy ‘clean’.
  • The best way to keep the space clear is daily use!



How to help your family understand:

If they are old enough, most children will appreciate ‘quiet time’ (even if they don’t always respect it!). If children see their parents looking after their spiritual health as part of the daily routine, it will imprint upon them, and will have far-reaching, positive effects in their own later life. You also want them to have a positive association and not to feel they are being excluded. Over time, they will see it as a ‘normal’ thing to do. They may even want to join you, which will probably somewhat alter your experience, is laying foundations for their future wellbeing.



Having a sacred space is a beautiful reminder for us to celebrate life!

Always stay connected. It allows us to recharge and reconnect on a daily basis so we can live a more spiritual life – no matter how busy we are.


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