Divine Feminine Series: Goddess Kali

divine feminine Jun 03, 2022

A Divine dance of duality exists in life: without darkness, there could be no light.

How you address the darkness in life is the key…

In this installment of the Divine Feminine blog series, I’m sharing a perfect example of this duality: Goddess Kali. You’ll learn about Kali’s background in Hindu mythology, her vibrational readings, and a warning about the dark side of her energy.

I want to bring awareness to consciousness states that are associated with certain Goddesses and can be mistaken as Divine Feminine energy – but in reality, are lower vibrational states that can disrupt your awakening process.

You must exercise caution about what energy you connect with!

I’m also sharing 4 ways you can connect to Divine Feminine energy to deal with life’s challenges in a healthy, heart-centered way.



Goddess Kali In Mythology: The Dark Mother

The story of Goddess Kali is controversial depending on what historical text you reference. In the Vedic Hindu religious tradition, she has been called The Dark Mother, master of death, the fullness of time and change, and the ultimate reality. She is known both as a fierce killing machine and a Divine Mother. (1)

Kali is first mentioned in the Devi Mahatmya “The Glorifications of the Goddess,” c. 6th century CE throughout various tribes and traditions in South Asia. Kali is associated with violence, death, sexuality, and motherly love. (2)

According to Hindu mythology, the benevolent goddess Durga was asked to destroy demons that had infested the planet. Durga was unable to complete the task in her true form, so she created a fierce, enraged version of herself: the goddess Kali. Her skin was depicted as dark blue and her eyes were bloodshot and sunken in. Her appearance is meant to inspire fear with her tiger skin sari, a necklace of severed heads, and a girdle of severed arms. Her hair was wild and her tongue lolled out of her mouth. (3)

The Goddess Kali was meant to be a terrifying weapon of strength and rage. Once she manifested from Durga, Kali was able to kill off all the demons and save the world. However, in one of the many versions of the story, she became so consumed by her thirst for blood after vanquishing the demons (she was literally drinking the demon’s blood), that she began killing anyone in her path. Her actions were on track to destroy the planet.

Finally, the Hindu God Shiva (who was her husband in some tellings of this story) intervened and was able to neutralize her rage by lying on the ground in front of her, pretending to be dead. When she noticed him and thought she unintentionally killed her husband, she was brought back into balance, stopped killing, and became calm. (4)



Goddess Kali’s Vibrational Frequency Reading 

My partner Alejandro and I met with Dr. Joanna Kujawa, a goddess scholar, to review the vibrational readings of goddess Kali. We found the overall frequency of Kali is 100 - the level of worry. This number appears many times in her readings. She was born at the frequency of 100. Her relationships and intuition are also level 100. She played her part well during her time on earth, instilling fear into those she destroyed.

Her compassion was 53% and empathy 55%. Kali’s health frequency was 30 - disgrace. This shows that she drifted away from her inner feelings to protect herself from the emotional impact of all the killing. Her clairsentience was 50, which explains how she was able to disconnect and get the gruesome deeds done. She had an EQ of 20, SQ of 30, and AQ of 20 – meaning, people were not drawn to her energy and would flee at the sight of her.

Kali’s personal growth reading was 200 – the level of heroism. She used her gift for ridding the world of evil as a catalyst for transformation. Her joy was 94% – she enjoyed what she did and many stories say that she danced after killing the demons. Integrity, clarity, and purpose were all 100% for Kali. There was no wavering or doubt in her mind that she would fulfill her mission.

You can find our full interview and reading about Goddess Kali with Dr. Kujawa below...



A Warning About Connecting With Kali’s Energy

Now that you know her story and vibrational frequencies, you can understand that the Goddess Kali embodies darkness or the shadow side completely to bring about radical transformation by brutal means. She served her Divine purpose by saving humanity to vanquish evil demons but not without cruel fallout that went too far and ended up hurting innocent bystanders.

When terrible things happen in the world, to you personally, or to someone you love – you may experience a Kali-like transformation into a state of rage. Life can throw curve balls that knock you right out of your heart-centered state.

Anger is a response, it is part of the human experience that shouldn’t be ignored or suppressed. However, you can experience it without going into a blind rage and letting darkness take over like Kali did. It is important to stay connected to your light, remember who you are, and transmute that anger back into love. You must take time to process and seek those who will support you in that.

Many groups and individuals connect with the energy of goddess Kali for the purpose of divining strength in response to injustice. Fury and rage are harnessed to bring about transformation. Connecting with her energy can inflame the situation you are trying to address and cause chaos.

When anger is promoted as a righteous catalyst for change, it’s important to consider – when does the sword of truth just become a sword for violence? There is always a price to pay for dwelling in low vibrational energy, for the individual, for the cause, and for the collective.

We must keep this in mind: at the heart of the Divine Feminine awakening is love.

When bad things happen, you CAN work through them while staying in your heart. Whether it’s interpersonal conflict, a traumatic event, fear or anger-inducing media, or something from your past you are working through – letting low vibrational emotions stagnate or even purposefully promoting them as a solution will only make things worse in the long run.

Here are 4 ways you can harness love-fueled Divine Feminine energy to address challenges in your life and help support the collective awakening.



4 Ways To Connect With Divine Feminine Energy

  1. Invite your shadow into the light. Kali let her shadow consume her. Divine Feminine energy invites the shadow into the light! Take time to examine your personal shadows and notice where fear comes up for you. To transmute fear into love, state this affirmation: “I invite my shadow side into the light.” Say this any time you are struggling with life’s challenges, negative emotions, and low vibrational states and it is sure to give you relief.
  2. Let negative emotions flow. There is no need to feel shame for experiencing anger, fear, or other low vibrational emotions. These feelings are all part of the human experience! The important thing is to acknowledge the feelings and let them flow through you rather than letting them stagnate. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a loved one or a professional if your emotional burden feels too heavy to bear alone.
  3. Cut the cords of unhealthy attachments. Much like a gardener pruning back a diseased and dying plant, you may find yourself in a season of life when you must cut away influences that are disrupting your wellbeing so you can grow and flourish. Find out how to do this effectively with step-by-step instructions here! Divine Feminine energy empowers you to create healthy boundaries for yourself.
  4. Make a heart-centered decision and stick to it. The word “decide” comes from the Latin decidere which means “to cut off.” When you cut cords of unhealthy attachment with toxic people, sometimes those people will go to great lengths to get access to your energy again. Stay strong in your decision. Remember, when you choose to eliminate damaging or negative influences in your life, you make room for the things that matter the most. 



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