The Hidden Dangers Lurking in Your Favorite Perfume

orali perfume Aug 17, 2017

And why you should care…



All Perfumes Aren’t Equal

Many of the most popular perfumes use synthetic fragrances to give them their signature scent. That ‘ode de cologne’ you love so much. The ‘floral bouquet’ aroma that seduces. That waft of ‘ocean breeze’ that takes you right to the beachside. These popular fragrances owe more to the petrochemical industry than to anything in the natural world. They are known as ‘synthetic fragrances’, or simply ‘fragrances’, and there is nothing pure or natural about them.

It is estimated that more than 95% of the components in fragrances are derived from chemicals, many of them highly toxic, that originated in the petrochemical industry. Even if your favourite perfume says it is natural, unless it lists every ingredient, you cannot be sure that they do not use ‘fragrances’. To protect their ‘secret recipes’, manufacturers are not required to list the ingredients. That means as consumers we never know what potential hazards may be inside the bottle.



The Prevalence of Fragrances in The Modern World

Fragrances are so pervasive nowadays. We find them in shampoos, detergents, in kitchen cleaners, soaps and even in bin liners and toilet paper. It is easy to be saturated in these ‘synthetic fragrances’ without even realizing it. When susceptible people have constant exposure to these chemicals, the results can be serious. More vulnerable people can suffer many allergic reactions. Health issues such as a migraine headache, skin rashes, and asthma attacks often become much more frequent. And more serious reactions such as the disruption in the hormonal system resulting in birth defects and childhood autism. This is serious stuff.



Links Between Fragrances and Disease

The link between these fragrances and a disease is often unclear, as it may be years, or even decades, before symptoms appear. But when it comes to protecting your family it is always safer to err on the side of caution. Many health issues, such as reduced sperm count, obesity, nervous system disorders, and allergies, increase after exposure to these chemical cocktails. The safest thing to do is to reduce your exposure.

So, it comes down to protecting yourself and your family from any potential harm. The use of natural fragrances is the obvious answer to this. There are so many combinations of natural essential oils, which are safe, and have no side effects, and have never been linked to any of the deadly diseases or autoimmune issues that the synthetic fragrances have.

Why would you ever risk exposure to such dangerous additives?

Luckily as a consumer we have choices. For those that are seeking a healthier lifestyle, it is reassuring to know there are alternatives. The onus is on us to become educated about what are the healthier options. As consumers are demanding this, we are seeing more and more naturally scented perfumes, soaps, detergents and shampoos.



Which Natural Perfume to Choose?

The natural world has so much to offer in the way of natural scents. Essential oils are in abundance, and offer an endless range. It is quite easy to discover the perfect natural combination to replace your current fragrance. If you want a perfume created in the traditional way, using only the purest ingredients, look no further than Orali perfumes.



Luxury Meets Pure Botanicals

Orali perfumes specialize in high-end luxury blends that transport and seduce. You will find there is a perfect combination for any occasion. Orali specialty blends are of the highest quality. They come from sustainable, pure, and all-natural ingredients around the world.

They are hand-made by compounding-pharmacist turned artisan perfumer, Elena Bensonoff.

From the exotic Maitreya Perfume - perfect for that special evening of mystery and passion. To Saint Perfume – whose mystical aroma will awaken your spiritual self, allow you to connect to your spiritual self. The ever popular Millefleur Perfume – as light and smooth as a summer’s day, a favourite for those who want to bring the essence of sunshine to their lives. If you want something more tantalizing, try the Orali Chocolate Perfume – a hint of chocolate a tang of citrus, exotic and sultry.

Orali Perfumes combines pure botanicals with luxurious quality and gorgeous presentation to create perfumes that convey the essence of femininity, sensuality and love.

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