Ignite Everlasting Self-Love with 3 Simple Steps

self-love Jan 28, 2020

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there is a buzz around topics like love and gifts. This time of year, there is increased pressure placed on looking, feeling, and performing a certain way to conform to society’s commercial expectations of love and relationships with “that special someone.”

If you caught my last blog, you already know that I feel every day is a special moment to show your loved ones you care – not just holidays. Living this way is the key to generating unlimited love in 2020! I want to put the spotlight on an important aspect of that mission that will ensure your success:

YOU are “that special someone” and you can give yourself the gift of self-love.

It’s time to see yourself through the eyes of the Divine and enter a new paradigm of self-love! This blog is all about showing you the three-fold path to love yourself: let toxic beliefs go, let light in, and let love ignite.



Step 1: Let Toxic Beliefs Go

Did you know that believing you are not worthy of unconditional love is the #1 most toxic thought for your health?

The belief that you are not inherently worthy of love has never been true. There is a part of you that can feed on fear and create a false narrative for you to follow so you will be “surviving” instead of thriving. You may know this part of you as your “ego.” It can lead you into the trap of comparison or to believe hateful words that you’ve been subjected to through toxic relationships.

Have you ever thought: “I’ll be happy with myself when… I lose 10lbs… when I meet ‘the one’… when I make more money”? This is the ego lying to you, because satisfaction will never result from this mindset. Even if those things come to pass, there will always be some “evidence” on the outside that the ego can use to justify your unhappiness if you don’t love yourself first.

We must uncover the subconscious programs in the mind that are out of alignment with love, such as “I’m not good enough” or “I’m always messing things up.” Then, pinpoint where those beliefs began so we can get the record straight and shift to a loving inner dialogue. Healing the wounds that resulted in negative subconscious programs is crucial, because without conscious change - the outer world will reflect the toxic inner beliefs and the cycle of toxicity will continue.

When you do the inner work to invite the ego into the light and illuminate the truth that you are worthy of unconditional love – that is when all aspects of life will start to align with love and bring you the happiness you’ve always deserved.

The vibrant life you dream of is built on the foundation of unconditional self-love.



Step 2: Let Light In

Just as our bodies detox from the toxins they encounter, we must also set intentions to clear low-vibrational beliefs from our being so there is room for self-love. You don’t have to have all the “answers” to make progress and improve your mindset. The simplest way to raise your vibration and illuminate your natural state of self-love is to let light in.

Get comfortable in a quiet place where you can take just 10 minutes to yourself to experience this illumination exercise…

I want you to take some deep, centering breaths and begin to visualize a beautiful white light beaming down upon the crown of your head. It is a pure source of love and healing from the Divine.

This light illuminates the area of your brain where your subconscious beliefs are held and acts as a filter for toxic, fear-based programs that no longer serve you.

You are now able to easily release negative programs with love. As you clear out the low-vibrational thoughts, you see that the light is able to expand and radiate even brighter as your subconscious begins to align with love.

The gates of flow have been unlocked for high-vibrational beliefs to occupy this sacred space. Now let more and more light pour over you, showering your entire body with healing energy.

Bathe in the light and feel it raising your vibration, unblocking your energy centers and promoting harmony across all systems of your body.

Invite the light into every cell of your being. As it enters, know that any low vibrational energy or debris that was trapped in your cellular memory is now released.

Feel the increased sense of presence and reverence you have in your body now. From this radiant place, send light and love to every corner of your home, every person in your life, every interaction you will have today. Let your light shine wherever you go!

Know that the light is there to help you clear the way for self-love any time you need it. It will always be there for cleansing, guidance, and connection. Stand in the fullness of your light every day!

Embracing self-love to support your body, mind, and soul is the best decision you can make for your health.



Step 3: Let Love Ignite

Think of your self-love journey as feeding a cozy fire. Once you feel it’s warmth, you won’t want to go back to being out in the cold of negative self-talk. At first, there might be some learning curves - but with practice and dedication loving yourself unconditionally will become second nature.

So, if you were camping out in the cold, how would you light a fire and keep it burning? You must have an initial spark to ignite the fire plus plenty of fuel to feed the flames over time.

The key to igniting the cozy fire of self-love, is realizing you have always had the spark you need inside you.

You aren’t going to find your spark in anyone or anything else – this beautiful gift is within. The sooner you can access your spark and let love ignite within you, the better! That’s why I’ve created a 7-day series to help you do just that.



Embark on a Deep Compassionate Journey of Self-Love with Me

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The Ignite series includes 7 days of short interactive lessons that will guide you to train your conscious and subconscious mind to cultivate and sustain self-love. You’ll also be part of a truly enlightened community that will help you generate and share love energy with all of humanity!

Discover your inner power and take an active role in connecting more deeply to your life’s purpose today!

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