Language of Light

light Jan 10, 2019



How to Transmit the Light

On our planet Earth, the transmission of sunlight to the surface of the planet is vital to our survival. Our human bodies use the sunlight to produce Vitamin D. Without this nutrient, our mood can suffer, and our bones are at risk of becoming brittle and weak. Plants soak up the sunlight through photosynthesis and become the source for all the planet's food supply. Reptiles need warmth from the sun to move and function. We use light transmission from the stars to navigate. We need light to see colors. Light also influences the water cycle which regulates climate.

Everything in the Universe is influenced by light transmission. When the cosmos was created, out of the darkness came a great light, massive energy, and a shift in what had always been. There is always darkness in the universe – if you ask any scientist, they will tell you the world as we know it is mostly empty space after all. There is always emptiness.

But our ability to see is limited, and there are incredible things going on beyond the visible spectrum. There is more there than meets the eye. What seems to be empty space and the absence of light is like a superhighway of unseen light transmissions. Just as messages from our phones can be invisibly transmitted to another phone halfway across the world from cellular signal towers, we are gifted with an invisible communication system – the language of light.



We transmit light all the time without knowing it.

When we act as a light in this world, we create warmth for those around us. A smile, a gentle word, and simple acts of kindness are all ways we transmit our light. These small gestures sustain our spirits in dark and lonely moments - nurturing and facilitating growth much like the sunlight does for the plants. We may not always see the abundant harvest of our light transmissions, but the seeds of hope that we plant live on and influence others long after we’re gone.

To purposefully access this light language and use it more consciously, it’s simply a matter of connecting to the Divine spark within your heart – feeding that fire with love, tending it with self-care, sustaining it with compassion, and sharing its warmth in all interactions.

Something I really want to hit home is the fact that connecting to your light is an ongoing process. An untended flame will eventually burn out. Fed the wrong fuel, a fire will not burn as it could.



We must tend to our inner flame.

The things we listen to on a regular basis and the people we are close to can strengthen our light or put it out cold. Invite those in need into your space to share the light.

Take care to build yourself up and call others alongside you for support when your light grows weak. It’s a personal process but everyone needs a little help sometimes. The more we transmit the language of light together, the brighter it will shine. The more we let our lights shine, the more love and light we see in the world around us.




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