Manifesting Miracles in the New Year

We all have an idea of the life we would love to see manifest. It comes to us when we’re daydreaming, feeling inspired, or simply unsatisfied with our current situation. The ideal situation looks different for each of us. Maybe it’s being surrounded by family in a cozy little house. Or a dream of traveling the world and meeting new people every day. We want to meet our soulmate, land the dream job, and finally learn to make a perfect risotto.

The dream scenarios can change throughout our lives, especially as our perspectives shift and we experience people and places that expand our beliefs about what’s possible. The New Year has a special ability to help us see that we’re capable of more than we’d thought the year before. No matter what the dreams are, they are vitally important to our purpose. These desires are our little miracles, our “why” in life.

In this post, you’ll discover you are the artist of your life, designing your dreams and making them a reality. I’m going to share three steps that will support you in manifesting your desires in the 2019 – a potent year for embracing the fact that miracles are within reach. Together, we’ll explore the ways you can get started by changing one small thing, transforming pain into inspiration, and learning to trust.



Your Life is Your Masterpiece

It took me a long time to recognize that my ability to manifest was already inside of me. This is true for you too. Imagine a sculptor, the first time they see the giant block of granite. To an untrained eye, it’s only stone. But to an artist, there’s already a glimmer of magical form waiting to be uncovered beneath the surface.

An artist sees the shape, structure, and flow of the stone. They see the potential. They may not know exactly what the end result will be, or how they need to proceed. Yet, bit by bit, the artist chisels away, revealing the form they imagined – bringing it to life.

Manifesting miracles in our lives often feels like encountering obstacles of stone. We have an image, a knowing of who we desire to be and the life we crave to manifest, but the rough edges can be scary and intimidating. Our starting point is not always comfortable and not always pretty.

We wonder: is it possible to crack the surface and reveal the masterpiece within? I’ve outlined three steps you can take that will give you the tools you need to manifest miracles in your life and create the magnificent masterpiece you’ve been dreaming of.



Start with One Small Thing

One of the easiest ways to create change in life is by focusing on one small thing at a time. Like an artist, practice sculpting one tiny part of creation at a time. Each refined stroke eventually adds up to the masterpiece. Ask yourself, what is one small thing you can do today that will bring you closer to your vision?

It might seem insignificant. But practiced daily, that one thing at a time will soon become a habit. Once a habit is formed, it takes far less willpower and effort to accomplish. It will simply become part of your routine. After that first, doable thing is done – the rest will start to seem more realistic and within reach. It will give you momentum.

Developing solid habits will launch you towards your dreams. Do what you say you are going to do, even when no one else is watching. The more of the small things you accomplish, the more you’ll learn to trust yourself. Trust builds confidence and confidence is a manifestation superpower!



Transform Pain into Inspiration

When life is difficult, it’s easy to see all the things that are wrong. Some situations loom in the background. Other issues, we believe to be immovable on our own. The artist views pain as a spark of inspiration. Only the artist with the right tools can embrace the granite and begin to create a masterpiece.

When pain becomes a catalyst for change, doors start to open. Pain shows us where we no longer reside. The first step in becoming who we are meant to be is often realizing who we are not. This process is uncomfortable, but there is hope. Recognize that the struggle shows us a path to follow. The more we can engage with the struggle, the sooner we can be on our way to a better future.



Learn to Trust

There’s an awkward stage in creation. Some pieces will clearly stand out, easy to uncover and polish. Others take more time and may remain unrefined for quite a while. Learn to trust the process.

The artist knows that below the surface there is beauty. The path to manifesting miracles can be bumpy and unpredictable. But even if things don’t turn out as planned, I believe everything happens for a reason. Time and time again you’ll see that if you trust the guidance of your heart, you will bring miracles into this world.

The best part about being the artist of your own life is that no one can tell you how it is meant to look. An artist has full liberty to create the wildest and surprising works. What you choose to manifest cannot be influenced by what others think you should want or what others have. To do that is to live a lie. So break the mold and dream big, dream your way. Feel free to push boundaries, break some of the old rules you have always followed.

I encourage you to journal during the process of implementing these three steps. Draw, doodle, write even just a few words a day. You’ll become more familiar with that inner you – the masterful artist that can connect to their heart and manifest with skill and acumen.

Know that the ability to manifest comes easiest when you are able to love yourself deeply – every angle, every shade, and every shadow. You will inevitably find imperfections. But remember that what makes you unique is your strength. You are the only YOU in the world. Go forth and manifest miracles as only you can.

You are the artist of your life, make it your masterpiece.



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