Reflections on 2018, A Magical Year

new year Dec 21, 2018

Something that stood out to me as magical this year, is the way the spiritual path winds and intersects into all areas: family life, friendships, business, and more. It makes everything more magnificent, even the more challenging aspects of life. For instance, being a mom of four and running a business pulls me in many directions on any given day. But when the hectic hubbub is infused with spirituality, it becomes a “moving meditation” of sorts.

In this post, I’m sharing my reflections of 2018 and beyond with you – many magical lessons and exciting new developments were enjoyed! Spirituality has been part of every aspect. I’ll also reveal the one thing you should do differently in 2019 to ensure you can reap maximum benefits from the potent energy of the new year.


I Invited Spirituality into All Areas of My Life

Although there was so much on the to-do list this year, bringing awareness to the present moment rather than constantly planning my next steps has been incredibly liberating. Consciously bringing aspects of my spiritual practice into the all areas of my life has helped me heal emotional wounds, navigate my relationships in a healthier way, and become the master of my Divine path.

When something is triggering, or someone seems to be pushing every button to get a reaction, it can be hard to feel spiritual. But that’s when we need it the most. Often, that means asking for help or support in some way. As a devoted independent woman, accepting that fact and unpacking the reasons why I felt resistance to it was a feat to overcome.

Making the decision to stick to what I’m good at and to recruit help for the rest has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Trying to force things that didn’t flow easily for me created an energetic block in my manifestation process. But my spiritual path has led many Earth Angels to my aid in my personal life and in business, that help me become the woman I am today and deliver powerful messages of healing to the world.


I Found the Love of My Life

I was lucky to be raised in a loving home where my parents displayed the greatest example of a healthy relationship. I wanted to find that for myself because I had so much love to give. I learned many life lessons through some unsupportive relationships along the way.

This year, everything changed. I met my twin flame, my “soul glue,” the supportive partner that brings so much love and balance to my life. I feel wholly understood and treasured and I can’t express the level of magnificence he’s brought to my world. There is nothing as magical as sharing your journey with the one you love. On a spiritual level, it wasn’t about finding “the one,” it was about finding myself first and loving myself first in order to attract my twin flame match.


My Kids Connected to my Mission

My kids know what I do, and we have conversations about it often. I’m so grateful for their understanding of the messages of healing I want to share with the world. They know that many of the principles from my work are part of our home life too. It’s truly about practicing what I preach – there really is no separation. The interest they’ve shown and the support they’ve given to my business is awe inspiring and motivates me every day.

Now one of by beautiful children is an adult and the other three are teenagers. They are not only my children, they are my friends and the most beautiful human beings I know. They have witnessed me seeking my truth, and I’ve witnessed the same for them – we hold space for each other to become. This year, I found a harmonious rhythm for living my life in alignment with my spiritual calling while being present for my kids.


I Found My Soul Family Across the Globe

Something I will never compromise on is embodying the lessons I teach. I’m passionate about authentically representing the tenants of Quantum Medicine in my life. The principles of love and light from my practice are fluid with my interactions with anyone I meet. So finding friends that accept me for me, that connect with my beliefs, and that help me evolve as a person has been potent medicine for me.

Finding my soul family has allowed me to feel and express unconditional love I had inside. I know forces much greater than myself had a hand in guiding us together. Ultimately, it’s my steadfast belief in humanity despite the negative relationships I’ve been through in the past that allowed me to be open to meeting my soul family. I believe every human being can rise and connect to their own unique soul aspect they are meant to express in this lifetime, and that becomes a beacon of light for the soul family to connect to.


I Let My Heart Lead in Business

Flashback to my childhood: I came to the United States as a refugee with my family. We came without passports and $150 each, knowing that the only thing you can really call your own is your hopes and dreams. That’s what kept us going through hard times. I learned from a young age that you have to ACT on your dreams – not only to survive but to thrive in business.

Advice that served me well my whole life, and this year was no exception, is this: call on your team of energetic support – your angels, guides, and higher-self, to help you take the best steps to make your dreams a reality. They have an incredibly important place being present in your business dealings. Setting your intentions and optimizing ancestors their creation with your actions is a must. Here are a few highlights from the year that manifested from this belief:

  • In January, I taught at a workshop in Paris – my favorite city in the world
  • In May, I helped lead a group of extraordinary people at a retreat in Greece
  • I became a Soulvana author and immersion creator
  • I published my book with the support of an amazing editing and design team
  • One of my all-time most revered mentors, Dr. Bruce Lipton, endorsed my book
  • The forward to my book was written by renowned physicist Nassim Haramein
  • I found a miraculous way to offer healing all across the world with a long-distance method
  • I launched a certification program to help medical professionals integrate Quantum Medicine
  • I began my Monthly Miracle Rx webinar and have an online course coming out soon!

Sometimes, letting your heart lead means going against what you initially thought was your path. A great litmus test is to check in with how you feel in your heart – do you feel like you’re going in a direction that is in alignment with your purpose? If you’re letting your heart lead, the feeling should remind you of coming home. Don’t doubt yourself. Follow your joy and make sure everything connects back to the source of your inspiration. Practice this and you’ll receive abundance with grace and ease.



The One Thing You Must Do Differently in 2019…

This year was a whirlwind. But overall, I found myself feeling more centered and connected to my inner peace and spiritual path than ever before. 2018 was a gateway for transformation for all of us. Everything was intensified, and many of us felt the call to transcend old stories that were holding us back from living our truth.

If you caught my Monthly Miracle Rx Webinar earlier this month (if not, watch the playback here!), you know that it was a potent “11 Universal Year” in numerology. It’s been a time for us to connect to our Divine path, receive expansion through new challenges, and manifest heart-centered opportunities.

The year 2019 reduces down to the number 3 in numerology. The energy of a “3 year” is all about alchemizing abundance, indulging your creative side, and exploring the passions that set your soul on fire. We are in a perfect place to be supported for even more expansion. In order to take full advantage of the potent energy of 2019, here’s the one thing you should do differently:

Disconnect from the noise you create yourself.

We all slip into the habit of mulling over the negatives, re-playing upsetting scenarios, and engaging in unkind self-talk. This is the number one way you are getting in the way of expressing the Divinity that exists within. Remember that your thoughts will attract more of the same. So instead of allowing negative noise on your airwaves, invite the music of love, forgiveness, joy, and peace to rule the day.

Repeat: I embody joy. I live in peace. I attract abundance. I am love.



Awaken Your Inner Healer

2018 served up an abundance of transformation in my personal life and for Wholistic Inc. but my goal remains the same: to empower you to awaken your inner healer. This brings me to one of my most treasured offerings of the year: the release of my new book, Wholistic Wisdom.

Thanks to your support it’s the #1 New Release in the Holistic Medicine category on Amazon! Download your Kindle copy today or click here if you prefer the hardback version!

Have a blessed and abundant holiday!




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