Sacred Sites Series: Atlantis

Do you feel a strong connection to the ocean? Perhaps the sound of waves fills your heart with joy and longing.

Have you always been fascinated by dolphins or sacred geometry? Maybe you gravitate towards working with or even just decorating with crystals.

I am here to tell you these are indications you may have had a past-life connection with the lost city of Atlantis! Many lightworkers have Atlantean backgrounds.

Atlantis is a sacred site with a very mysterious history. Although it is no longer here on Earth visibly, many of you have a powerful past there that you can still connect with energetically.

Let’s take a journey to Atlantis to discover information about the location, the people who lived there, and the incredible work that was done there before the downfall of this special place. I will also be sharing the vibrational frequency of Atlanteans and ways you can energetically connect with your Atlantean roots! 



Location: Imagine a Crystalline Paradise By The Sea

Imagine being dressed in flowing white linen robes, walking through an opulent temple where the ceiling is embellished with crystal grids, beautiful tapestries adorn the walls, and sacred geometry decorates the tiles on the floor. You exit the temple to visit a white sand beach looking out onto a sparkling azure sea.

As you walk to the edge of the sand, the sky and water are painted orange and crimson as the sun sets. You watch the transition to the beautiful purple of dusk as you commune with the playful dolphins who have come to greet you and share their thoughts within your collective mind. There is a lot of speculation about where on Earth the mysterious eighth continent, Atlantis, was located. Modern-day Santorini, Greece is one of the front runners. Plato’s dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, written about 360 B.C., mention a lost civilization called Atlantis in this area.

Archeologists and volcanoligists are currently unearthing evidence of an anient civilization underwater there. So far, despite many attempts to prove or disprove it’s existence, it remains a mystery. Cyprus, Cadiz in southern Spain, and an area off the coast of Africa are other potential sites where ruins have been discovered.



People: Who Were The Atlanteans?

The legends say the Atlantians were the closest any civilization of people has been to achieving complete self-realization and allowing consciousness to resonate collectively at the highest level. They existed with all 12 strands of DNA activated. Some say Atlanteans may have had something to do with the origins of life.

At the heart of this enlightened existence was the Atlantean reverence for the Earth and her minerals. Atlanteans were extremely intelligent beings with an affinity for healing and mastery of channeling energy with the help of crystals and sacred geometry. Atlanteans knew how to use the leylines and energy grids of the Earth to connect to Universal consciousness the Divine.

Everyone had certain strengths and areas of expertise. They were born knowing their purpose in life so there was very little conflict, envy, or unhappiness. Among the masses, there were many priests and priestesses, crystal keepers, and students of the Paths of Mystery. Everyone worked together and lived in harmony until the end times.



Healing Arts: A Legacy of Lightworkers

There was believed to be no illness that couldn’t be cured by the people of Atlantis. They had many advanced healing technologies but the main source was their highly sophisticated crystal healing temples. The people of Atlantis knew all manner of regenerative healing techniques and some people had even unlocked immortality and lived agelessly.

The Mineral kingdom formed the base for medicine and all the sciences in Atlantis. The Crystals were gathered from all over the Earth and used to make Liquid Crystals that were channeled into pure healing light. They also used the Divine intelligence of the ocean, sacred geometry, crystal grids, and the powerful leylines of the Earth.



Downfall: An Advanced Civilization Lost To Corruption

The downfall of Atlantis is a grey area. It is important to know there was a long Golden Age of Light in Atlantis before the ascension of corrupted leadership occured. There are theories that the destruction of Atlantis was at the hands of a priesthood that rose to power over the civilization. This leadership was disconnected from the heart chakra.

Little is known about what occurred at this time, but some believe there were experiments being done with DNA with the goal of controlling and manipulating the mind. Much wisdom and history was lost and the self-destruction of Atlantis resulted in a global decrease in energetic frequency.



Vibrational Frequency of Atlanteans

Alejandro and I tested the vibrational frequency of the Atlanteans during the Golden Age and it gave us further clues about what may have led to the downfall of this civilization:

  • Soul Frequency: 525 (love)
  • Relationships: 450 (reason)
  • Personal Growth: 540 (joy)
  • Creativity: 540 (joy)
  • Intuition: 525 (love)

Atlanteans could navigate and operate between the 4th and 9th dimension. However, their alignment with their Divine Purpose measured at 57%, which is low.

Their integrity measured very low as well, at 36%. We believe the reason their integrity was so low is because they were using genetic manipulation. This desire to be God-like was misaligned with their purpose.



Connect With Your Atlantean Past

With focused intention, memories of your Atlantean past can flow back into your consciousness!

Here are three ways you can connect to your Atlantean roots:

  1. Crystals: You feel drawn to crystals because in your past as an Atlantean, you were a master of harnessing crystalline energy! You can tap into that ancient expertise and knowledge now. Meditate, decorate, or adorn yourself with crystals you have imbued with intention. Larimar, also known as the Atlantis stone or Dolphin stone is thought to have been a special crystal there. Working with this crystal can help you remember your Atlantean past. However, the Atlanteans worked with all types of crystalline energies, so work with whichever stones you feel most drawn to!
  2. Dolphins: This special sea creature is one of the few remaining inhabitants of the Atlantean civilization. Dolphins are enlightened beings with one of the highest vibrations of all animals. If you don’t live anywhere where you can spot some dolphins, I recommend watching videos of dolphins in the wild or listening to dolphin sounds. You can also connect to the dolphin kingdom in meditation.
  3. Meditation: A powerful way to recall your Atlantean heritage is to go into meditation and ask your guides, angels, and higher self of your highest and best good to awaken that part of you and help you remember Atlantis. If you do a meditation before bed, you can ask that your time in Atlantis be shown to you in a dream. Ask your guides for help reawakening your Divine skills and wisdom from this part of your past.

While you may have mostly or entirely fond, beautiful memories of this legendary oasis, there was some upsetting events that transpired there that brought Atlantis to its end.

Know that in addition to the enjoyable memories, there may be some healing of past-life trauma that needs to be addressed too. Release any fear surrounding this - your experience is all part of who you are!



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