The Secret Life of Chocolate

perfume Jan 05, 2017

Chocolate is synonymous with love, sensual indulgence and decadence. Who hasn’t salivated at the sight of a decadent chocolate ganache? Or had your heart race at the thought of indulging in a liqueur infused chocolate truffle? We gift chocolates to our lover. We turn to it for both comfort and celebration. The aroma is seductive and irresistible.



It can be addiction. An obsession. A love affair.

Our connection with chocolate dates back over 4,000 years. For the Mayan civilization, chocolate was an integral part of life. It was renowned to cure over 300 ailments due it its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. No single plant was held most sacred.

The Aztec civilization also held the bean of the cacao tree as sacrosanct. It played a central part in the most important rituals. Weddings, births, and religious ceremonies would not be complete without it.

A luxury item in 16th Century Europe, when the cacao bean was first introduced it was immediately adopted as the beverage of choice for the upper classes. So revered that the pope made a special decree allowing chocolate to be consumed during fasting.

But chocolate is far more than just a bean. The chemicals within the oils have a direct effect on our brains. Whether applied topically or inhaled, the medicinal properties of the essential oils uplift the mood and clarify the thoughts.

The delicious, heady aroma of chocolate bypasses rational thought and goes direct to our hearts. When smelling that exotic aroma, natural endorphins are released, you instantly feel calmer, happier, sexier…



Spice things up with a little chocolate magic…

The essential oils of the cocoa contains aphrodisiac flavonols. These promote an increase in libido and arousal. Wholistic’s very own Orali Chocolate Perfume is a unique blend of citrus and sweet floral that has at its heart the essence of chocolate. Use it to give you a lift and arouse your love hormones.

A light shimmer of the Orali perfume on your skin sets off a divine tang through your whole body. You first detect the delicate notes of citrus which sharpen your mind and clarify your thoughts. Then the powerful qualities of the sacred bean assert themselves as the warmth of your skin releases the exotic notes of cacao, arousing all of your senses.

Hear a whisper of ancient rituals. The air about you takes on a sultry quality as you move through it like a goddess.



There was a time when we relied on our sense of smell far more.

A time of ritual and sacrifice. Of royalty and decadence. A time when we were far more connected to the sacred within. This ancient history is stored in our collective consciousness.

Known as the sacred liquid from the mountain of sustenance, the Aztec high priests used oils of the cacao to sanctify the people. Newborns were blessed with it as they entered the world, giving them protection and acceptance into the society. Soldiers were anointed before they went to battle as an insurance policy against fatigue and bestowing upon them great prowess in battle.

This memory of this ancient connection is still with us. It is why chocolate holds a special place in our hearts today.



Send your senses wild with Chocolate!

Awaken your inner goddess with our Chocolate Body Elixir! For special occasions and to connect to your feminine sensuality. Anoint yourself and arouse your inner divine. With aphrodisiac and anti-aging properties, the Chocolate Body Elixir both arouses and stimulates. A truly pampering experience, the elixir stirs ancient memories that will connect you to your inner sacred, in the way that only scent can.

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Create a night to remember with Orali Perfume Chocolate! This divine perfume holds a hint of the erotic. With ancient aphrodisiac qualities, you will be whisked away to a land of sultry perfumes of heady blossoms. Let the deep undertones of chocolate work its magic.

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