See Through The Illusion of Separation

love Apr 12, 2021

Have you noticed the divide that seems to be growing more prevalent in our world today?

The differing opinions and backgrounds of different people seem to clash now more than ever. It seems like humanity as a whole is at war. It’s true there is a lot that needs to be fixed, wrongs to be righted, and wounds to heal. It is also true that we are all Divine beings that deserve love. I’m here today to help bridge the gap that divides, and give you hope that we can overcome the us vs. them mentality.

There is an illusion of separation, like a dense fog that threatens to blind humanity and tear us apart. Yet I believe that we are at a vital point in history where we have the opportunity to come together and truly learn to understand one another.

Today I am going to help you understand what is causing this division, explain the difference between the frequencies of fear and courage, and help you release the opposition that is holding you hostage. I also have a FREE meditation to share with you! My desire is to help you see through the illusion of separation to walk in unity with your Divine soul family.



Waking Up to Understand

Think of holding two magnets. Positioned end to end they will either repel or attract each other. When the forces are opposed, or coming from opposite directions, the fields cannot join no matter how hard you push them together. In order to come together and create a strong bond, there needs to be a repositioning, an aligning of the fields. In my study of the energetic frequencies that surround us all, I have learned that there are both “force frequencies” and “power frequencies”.



The Force of Fear

Fear measures to 100 on the energetic scale and is a force frequency. As we experience troubles in this world, we feel pain and fear. Our natural tendency when confronted with fear is to run and hide or push back. We repel what makes us uncomfortable or what we perceive to be a threat. We do this instinctually for survival. Unfortunately, we end up pushing one another away and viewing each other as enemies instead of fellow travelers. It takes a lot of effort to overcome fear.



The Power of Courage

We begin to take control and find power again by walking through the gate of courage at the frequency of 200. Courage is a power frequency. Instead of pushing away, courage can propel us onward up to higher levels of enlightenment and love. As humans right now, we need to embrace and learn to understand each other. Now more than ever is an opportunity to rise above the fear, even in the midst of not knowing all the answers, and hold onto love. We can align with one another and learn to appreciate different views. We will become stronger together when aligned with love.



Release the Opposition

As long as we oppose something, we are holding that energy hostage as negative in the forcefield. Remember the magnets? The field of opposition is creating resistance and division. When something is bothering us, it’s often all we can think about, and usually we begin to overthink about it.

Try this quick exercise with me now. Ready?

Don’t think about a green apple.

Impossible, right?

As soon as you tried not to think about the green apple, I bet you ended up seeing a shiny, crisp green apple in your mind’s eye.

The same is true when we, as a global community, focus on our differences. We will see problems and dangers everywhere. The more we push back, the more opposition we hold in our heart, the more fear is sown, and the more separate we feel from the rest of humanity.

So, how do we reposition our hearts so we can connect to one another instead of repel? We need to look for the common ground. Instead of looking at what divides us, what is it that we both desire? We must invite each other into new conversations. Let us ask: What can you teach me?



Basic Human Needs

As humans, we all have basic needs. There are physiological needs (food and shelter), safety (personal and economic), love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. (Source: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs)

When one of these areas is out of balance, the whole self fails to thrive. If someone’s needs are not being met, it is perhaps understandable that they lash out, or cling to ideals that are different than your own. We may never know exactly what is going on in someone else’s life, but offering compassion goes a long way to bridge the divide. If you see a need, there is your opportunity to take a step towards love. It takes courage to choose love.

Here are three simple ways to practice unity today:

  1. Listen. By listening, you can create a safe space. It shows that you care and helps others feel valued.

  2. Withhold judgment. Resist the urge to judge the conversation as good or bad. Allow it to simply be.

  3. Let go of the past by working towards something new. Find common interests and desires and begin creating your new reality. Focus on where you are headed more than where you have been stuck.

We can learn to understand each other on different levels, from our unique perspective, and our reality will begin to shift. We are living through a great awakening, regardless of your belief system, we are all connected. It is through our differences that we can open doors and find healing.

As we wake up, our understanding and acceptance of each other grows on deeper levels. Separation because of belief, lifestyle, race, or nationality no longer makes sense. Our strength is found in our diversity and by reaching out. We all long to be safe, loved, heard, and understood exactly where we find ourselves today.



Free Meditation

Did you know you can make a difference and help unite the world in love right now? I would like to invite you to listen to this FREE guided meditation, Unite The World In Love!

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