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serendipity synchronicity Jun 03, 2017

Have you ever had that feeling of being in just the right place, at just the right time, connecting with just the right people? The planets are aligned… Everything is in sync... You are in the ‘zone’.

What is it that creates these moments? What is happening around us and to us? 

Of course, you are probably familiar with the flip side of this: Missed it by that much... Being in the wrong place at the right time... Or in the right place at the wrong time…

So how can we create a life that is filled with more synchronicity?



Let me share a story about a beautiful coincidence and the South of France.

Nine months ago, I was asked by an astrologer if I had any connection to the South of France. I was surprised to have this question asked of me out of the blue, because I have been drawn to this region for the last nine years, and have indeed gone on several vacations there in that time, the last one only 10 months ago.

He then asked me if I had any idea as to why I had been drawn to the area, and I realized I didn't know. I just knew that it felt good to be there. That when I was there my light was instantly raised and my soul fed. The astrologer proceeded to tell me that I indeed have a deep connection to this area and that there is a higher reason that I have been drawn to it. He told me that I have work to complete in this place.

This felt like a very powerful message to me. It resonated on a deep level. I didn’t do anything with it but I felt that my connection with the place was stronger than ever.

In Aix-en-Provence, in the Var region in the south of France, is a medieval town named Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume. Nearby this town are the sacred Mary Magdalene Caves where Mary Magdalene is said to have spent the latter part of her life. I have never visited these amazing caves in the past, and the mere mention of them gives me goosebumps.

Fast forward seven months and I meet a beautiful woman called Leyla. You know when you meet someone and you just get a feeling about them? Like you have known them before? Well the instant we met, I knew that I had a deep connection with Leyla. It almost felt like she was my family. After we first met, Leyla told me that one of the things she does is facilitate these amazing events all around the world called Heart to Table. She also happens to have a family property in the South of France, right nearby the Mary Magdalene caves, and she has always wanted to run a retreat there.

So we decided to create a sacred healing retreat together, in the south of France. I will be teaching about chakras, offering Quantum Medicine sessions and leading some of the meditations. Part of the retreat will be a visit to the very caves I feel so drawn to.

This is when I know I am living in harmony.

I'm sharing this with you because I have been working a long time to create synchronicity in my life. And now, I feel I am reaping the rewards. 

I have always felt that everything happens for a reason, nothing happens that does not have some meaning. As many of you may know, I had a family tragedy recently. My mother, only 63 years old, passed away. It has not been an easy time, but when things like this happen, I feel connected. I feel the spirit of the strong woman my mother was, the beautiful women I work with as a healer, and the wonderful new women that come into my life. I feel we are moving in a synchronistic dance with ancient wisdoms, thousands of years old.

Even sadness, even tragedies, if you sit with them, allow them to show you, have meaning.

So here I am getting ready to head off to the South of France, not just for a beautiful holiday this time, but to fulfill a higher purpose, and to help others build a spiritual connection.

This is my life's work, this is what I feel I was put on this Earth to do.  I feel truly blessed. This is when I know I am in the right place with the right people. 

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