Serendipity – When the Universe Works With You

serendipity synchronicity Jun 03, 2017

Have you ever had that feeling of being in just the right place, at just the right time, connecting with just the right people? The planets are aligned… Everything is in sync... You are in the ‘zone’.

What is it that creates these moments? What is happening around us and to us? 

Of course, you are probably familiar with the flip side of this: Missed it by that much... Being in the wrong place at the right time... Or in the right place at the wrong time…

So how can we create a life that is filled with more synchronicity?



Let me share a story about a beautiful coincidence and the South of France.

Nine months ago, I was asked by an astrologer if I had any connection to the South of France. I was surprised to have this question asked of me out of the blue, because I have been drawn to this region for the last nine years, and have indeed gone on several vacations there in that time, the last one only 10...

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