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daya senses Sep 13, 2021

Welcome to the WHOLISTIC LIVING PODCAST: Episode 27
Aligning Body, Mind, and Soul with Elena Bensonoff



Hi there, welcome to today’s podcast. My name is Elena Bensonoff and I will be your host and guide as we dive deep into a brand new five-part series on the podcast. This is the first episode in my Senses Series where we will explore ways you can get more grounded and in tune with your body through your physical senses. It is my passion to help you support your health in body, spirit, and mind and I can tell you that honing in on your senses is a must for finding that balance. Today, we will start off the series by discussing five ways you can get grounded into awareness of the senses to support your physical health.

Your five senses often operate on a subconscious level in your daily life. You busily go about your work and don’t often stop to appreciate the gifts they bring. Overstimulating noise, screens, and toxins infiltrate our world and before you know it, you feel burnt out and stressed. It is important to take time every day to pause and reconnect to each of your senses.



Grounding into Your Senses

This practice of grounding anchors you into your body and deepens your connection to the present moment.

When you stay in harmony with the present, you no longer worry over the past or the future. You begin to feel balanced and at peace. Grounding can even regulate your heart rate and blood pressure, which immediately improves your physical well being.

Here are five simple ways to practice this grounding process right now and begin reaping the benefits right away:

To ground into your sense of sight, I want you to get out into nature. Stepping away from the constant barrage of screens will give your eyes a break from harsh blue lighting that disrupts your sleep and saps your energy. Look at the sky, watch the clouds moving with the wind, creating wonderful shapes and depth to the vastness. What colors do you see? Do they change from one side of the sky to the other? What plants and animal life can you see? Have you ever noticed these particular creatures here before? Using our sense of sight to appreciate and explore nature helps us feel instantly connected to the planet and the creatures we share our home with.

Now, to ground you into your sense of hearing, listen to the sounds around you and notice how you respond. Do the sounds you hear cause you stress and anxiety? Do they bring you joy and help you feel calm? Are they artificial or natural? It is important to check in from time to time in your environment so you can make changes that will support you. Choose classical music or nature background noise over mindless media chatter. Sounds impact our mood by affecting our heart rate, breathing, and brain waves.

Next, let’s ground into the sense of touch. Sit still for a moment and scan your body. Do you feel any areas that are holding tension? Perhaps your neck is strained or your shoulders feel stiff. Take a moment to release this tension by doing some gentle stretches. Notice your movements and if they cause any pain, pause and adjust. As you tune into your body through your sense of touch, you will feel more confident in expressing your needs and wants to those around you because you have taken the time to get to know yourself.

Your sense of smell is next. Let’s get grounded here. Pick something natural and fragrant from your kitchen or garden. Maybe some fresh herbs, an orange, cacao, or cinnamon - something you enjoy. I want you to sit with this item at a safe distance under your nose and do some deep breathing exercises - inhaling for a count of five, noticing the details of the fragrance. Exhale for a count of eight. Repeat this nine more times. See how you feel afterwards!

Lastly, let's talk about your sense of taste. We all love to taste good food. But often these good tasting foods are loaded with processed sugars that get us hooked and harm our bodies. Excess sugar causes inflammation, liver disease, obesity, diabetes, and more. We practice enjoying and relishing our sense of taste by indulging in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole organic foods that come from a healthy earth and support our bodies. Imagine the food that you eat being welcomed by your body and used to heal and provide you energy.

I hope you found this information valuable today and feel empowered to take action to improve your health and wellbeing.



Ready to Connect on a Deeper Level?

I am excited to offer a new six-week course called Deepen and Anchor Your Awarenesswhere I will help you connect to your senses and reestablish your foundation for a healthy and happy life.

You can find out more about this course and my work on my website wholistic.comUntil next time.

Many blessings,



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