The Dangers of Electric Cars

5g electric cars emf Mar 07, 2022

I want to share some emerging research with you and highlight some of the current concerns around electric cars to help you and your loved ones make informed decisions. While more research is needed, it’s still important to be aware that there are potential environmental, health, and safety risks associated with electric cars.

I will go into detail on each area of concern below. We will also discuss three ways you can become a wise consumer, how close-knit communities are an eco-friendly solution, and how you can join our virtual community of consciousness explorers to help raise the vibration of humanity.

The purpose of this discussion is not to judge anything or anyone as good or bad but to illuminate humanity's amazing ability to shift. I encourage you to check out the resources I’ve cited for you as well as our recent Vibrational Revelations episode on electric cars below. You will see it is well worth considering the pros and cons of electric cars and many other “green” alternatives.

We are in the midst of finding new ways of living and new ways of being to help heal the planet. This mission involves uniting with love to find the solutions in our hearts.



Are Electric Cars Really Environmentally Friendly?

Despite what fancy marketing tactics would have us believe, electric vehicle batteries are far from eco-friendly. The assembly of the battery depletes the Earth of natural resources, manufacturing and charging them is energy-intensive, and they are nearly impossible to recycle. Not to mention, mining the raw materials for the batteries, mainly lithium and cobalt, requires large quantities of energy and water. (1)

The EPA reports that most lithium batteries end up in landfills (a major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions), leaking hazardous chemicals into the soil and groundwater. They are not usually recycled because there is not a standardized way they are manufactured - so it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to break them down. (2)



Are The EMF Emissions From Electric Cars Dangerous For Our Health?

As auto technology continues to advance, the electromagnetic fields (EMF) exposure dangers increase too (especially with 5G and driverless cars becoming the new normal). The batteries of electric cars are often stored in the hood of the vehicle, so it’s concerning that the peak EMF levels are being emitted very close to the driver.

The EMF emitted by these cars has been studied recently by several institutions and the results were inconclusive. Some claimed they pose a cancer risk for the vehicles' occupants and some claimed they are safe. Keep in mind that much of the research conducted on this issue has been industry-funded by companies with vested interests on either side of the issue, which makes it difficult to discern which studies are unbiased. (3)

As I discussed in my blog about 5G EMF exposure, the acceptably “safe” levels of EMF are below 400 MHz, but already when we are using our devices to emit and receive signals - the levels triple, fast approaching and surpassing GHz levels. Waves ranging from 60-90 GHz have been shown to penetrate the skin to cause pain and disease. The upper range has been used in crowd control tactics because it makes people feel like their “skin is on fire.” (4)

A lot of the research about EMFs being cited by the FCC and other overarching organizations we should be able to trust are outdated. New studies are managing to trickle out with shocking revelations about EMF exposure. For instance, scientists have discovered a "sensor mechanism" that allows human cells to detect electrical fields. (5)

Also, this study showed that exposure to extra low frequency (ELF) EMF at high levels can affect the functioning of the nervous system and even increase rates of childhood leukemia. (6) Based on the limited evidence they have, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified ELF magnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

It is not just humans that are affected. Animals are too. In this systematic review, there is good evidence that humans and animals are able to perceive the presence of static EMF at sufficiently high levels. (7)

This scientific review highlights evidence stating that excessive exposure to magnetic fields from power lines and other sources of electric current increases the risk of development of some cancers and neurodegenerative diseases, and that excessive exposure to EMF increases risk of cancer, male infertility, and neurobehavioral abnormalities. (8)

Some people have a higher sensitivity to EMF than others. There is increasing evidence that EMF exposure significantly impacts the oxidative and nitrosative regulation capacity in sensitive individuals. This finding may also explain why the level of susceptibility to EMF can change and why the range of symptoms reported from EMF exposures is so large. (9)



Are Fires From Electric Cars Worse Than Gas-Fueled Cars?

Electric cars with lithium ion batteries are reported to be more dangerous when they catch fire than gas vehicles. Although it is a rare occurrence, when electric vehicles with lithium ion batteries do catch fire - they burn hotter, faster, and require far more water to completely extinguish. The batteries can re-ignite hours or even days after the fire is initially put out. This unpredictability puts salvage yards, repair shops, and others at risk. (10)

It is worth noting that hybrid vehicles are actually the most common type of vehicle to catch fire with 3,747 fires recorded per 100K sales in 2021, while electric vehicles from the same data set only came in at 25 fires per 100K sales according to the National Transportation Safety Board. (11)



Three Ways To Make Wise Consumer Choices

Let’s explore three ways we can make wiser consumer choices right now:

  1. Be informed consumers. We must do our own research about what products emit EMFs so we don’t get drawn in by attractive marketing and unintentionally feed into questionable agendas. Really take it to heart that you can choose what you purchase and what companies you support. 
  2. Tune into your intuition. Companies may not be transparent with their intentions, but you can follow your gut instinct about them. If something feels off with a company or potential purchase, you must trust that feeling and act accordingly. Muscle testing can also be helpful when making purchasing decisions. Consider honing your intuition, your superpower, and sacred responsibility! 
  3. Choose to consume less media. Unfortunately, we cannot choose to simply NOT expose ourselves to EMF. It is all around us from WiFi, to cell towers, to power lines. What we can do is reduce our exposure with our lifestyle choices. Reducing screen time and consuming less media is one of the most impactful shifts you can make in your everyday life. 

So how can we solve this problem?

The search for Earth-healing solutions must center around humanity uniting with love. When we connect to our hearts and work together toward the mission of healing the Earth, that will be the catalyst for the best way forward to emerge. The solutions are within us! 



Close-Knit Communities Built On A Foundation Of Love

An eco-friendly idea I wanted to highlight that is geared toward reducing the need for cars and uniting communities is “The 15-minute Neighborhood.” This concept is growing in popularity and the main idea is that everything you need to live comfortably is within a 15 minute walk of your home so there is little need to drive.

Homes, businesses, and public spaces are created in harmony instead of segregated into zones. Neighborhoods used to be naturally close-knit for most of human history. They were not planned and zoned in elaborate, politically-driven ways.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming years as like-minded individuals begin to unite and naturally form communities like one big family. It is clear that what we really need is communities built on a foundation of love.

To quote a beautiful article about 15-minute neighborhoods by Daniel Herriges, which I will link below, “For all that is different about the modern world from that of our ancestors, we still believe this: If you allow people to take steps to meet their own and their neighbors’ needs right in their neighborhoods, they will. And often in ingenious ways.” (12)

Remember this: we are not separate. We ARE a community and we can move forward towards a world living in harmony together once we awaken to the fact we are all connected. Doing the work to raise your vibration will help you find your people and will ultimately help us create the societies we wish to see and live in. 



Join Our Community Of Consciousness Explorers

I’d like to invite you to virtually join our own close-knit community, Vibrational Revelations! You can check out our library of free episodes on Youtube.

We have so many more eye-opening insights in store for you in our private membership portal. When you join the Vibrational Revelations community, you are given the insiders ability to question everything, explore beyond the beliefs you’ve become attached to, and dive deeper into understanding yourself and others.

When we unite together, we can help raise the frequency of humanity to the point where there is no hidden agenda, no desire to impose what one believes to the rest of the world, no ego-driven motivation for profit and control. Together, we help transform the old, broken systems into a new, love-fueled future.

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