The Top 8 Elements of Intuition

intuition Sep 14, 2020

Intuition is a mysterious and powerful aspect of our existence.

It is an inner knowing - a unique way of processing information that can seem almost magical. This gift that all of us have access to has been discussed for millennia. In history and legend, it is often referred to as “a sixth sense,” “second sight,” a premonition, or a gut-feeling.

Your intuition is that little voice that prompts you with insights and a “knowingness” throughout your day. The voice can be a quiet whisper. Other times it takes the form of a big idea that manifests in your mind out of nowhere. Sometimes it is a loud voice or a heavy gut feeling that you just cannot seem to shake.

Intuition helps us navigate our lives with valuable Divine guidance that improves our ability to make good choices and avoid mishaps.

There are 8 elements of intuition that I’d like to share with you to help you harness this special gift. By understanding each element, you will be able to recognize how your intuition functions and learn to tap into this innate sense.



Illuminate Your Intuition

Underneath the noise and the clutter in our minds, we find this beautiful shimmering part of our being. Use your imagination with me for a moment. I like to imagine my intuition as a light within me. It is small enough to go mostly unnoticed, but it is always there. Intuition goes where I go, it glows and illuminates. It reveals radiant insights and unique opportunities we would have otherwise missed.

What does your intuition look like? Is it colorful and bold? Or maybe it is soft and flickering like a candle? Perhaps it has been mistrusted and silenced so its light is dim right now.

We all have intuition as a natural part of our soul-anatomy. We can choose to listen and learn from what it tells us, or we can ignore it and snuff it out. It takes time, love, and care to develop a strong, trusting relationship with intuition.

The 8 elements we will be discussing today are the personality characteristics of a healthy intuition. Each one builds upon and supports the others. The more we get to know our intuition, the more we can discover what it has to say. Let’s dive in.



8 Elements of Intuition

1) Innocence
Your inner voice is bursting with child-like spontaneity. It is unhindered by doubt and fear. It is imagination and creativity. When allowed to speak, it brings forth ideas and possibilities that seem endless.

However, when it is tainted and drowned out by anxiety and stress, the help our intuition offers becomes lost in the chaos and noise. Fear, or imagining the worst, limits our ability to hear our inner voice.

Intuition is innocent in that it only reveals what we need to know – no embellishments. All that is required of us is listening and carrying out the guidance we receive.

2) Curiosity
One of the most powerful questions intuition asks is “what if?”. This question prompts us to open our eyes to the realm of possibilities. Your intuition is inquisitive and full of wonder!

Its curiosity about what is possible allows us to expand our perspective and consider new ideas that we may have otherwise overlooked by sticking with the same old routine. Our intuition is always seeking, filled with a strong desire to help you learn and grow.

3) Open-mindedness
The way intuition supports us includes a very special way of helping us stay open-minded. When we are open, we are able to understand the world around us with radiant clarity. When our mind is open, we don’t miss the nudge of our intuitive guidance.

Note that being open-minded is not that same as being gullible or naive. It is allowing ideas to flow and using wisdom to discern how these new pieces of information can be useful direction.

4) Imagination
Intuition is an expert at imagination. This can help you out of places you are stuck, and lead you to answers you may have overlooked. The solutions and ideas that we are led to by intuition are original and creative. Intuition has this unique ability to take what it is given and create something extraordinary.

5) Trust
Remember when you were a child learning to swim? You had to learn to trust in the water that was there but also fluid at the same time. It was scary at first to let go and allow your body to float. Eventually you did! You even learned how to swim through the water, trusting your body to move you and the water to gently support you.

Working with your intuition relies heavily on trust. It is not always easy to define, but it will take you to depths you could not explore previously.

Trust that it has your best interest at heart because it is the purest essence of you! Your inner voice of Divine guidance wants you to be protected and to succeed. It wants you to reach for your dreams and expand them into something truly magical.

6) Connection
Just as a flower on a vine needs connection to the earth through roots to thrive, we also need an intuitive foundation to ground us. It is important to be mindful of the energies we share and invite into our lives.

People who influence us, the media we consume, and the places that we linger all grow roots in time. Intuition is nurtured by love, joy, and peace so it helps to root yourself into that energy. Roots in toxic soil can have major negative effects on your intuitive clarity and overall wellbeing.

Be cautious of your connections and keep them motivated by love. Moments of solitude in nature can nourish your intuition, allowing it the space to flourish. Connection with loved ones often helps us reflect and strengthen our connection to ourselves.

7) Acceptance
Intuition does not waste its precious energy on things it cannot control. If you listen closely, you will never hear it fighting, grumbling, belittling, or creating conflict. This would go against its nature! Intuition accepts what is. It speaks truth and love to each situation. It illuminates a better path ahead.

We can waste so much time harboring resentment for the way things are or how we have been treated. Intuition calls us to rise above. It asks us to use the pain as lessons to harvest wisdom. When we stop trying to change things, the dust will settle, and we will begin to see answers that were there all along.

8) Integrity
Intuition helps us grow in integrity – how we show up in the world with genuine authenticity. This is the ability to trust you are living your truth. When we connect to our inner voice, we trust that we are worthy.

The more we practice letting our intuition guide us, the more truth we will discover about ourselves and our role in this life. When your heart, body, and soul align - doing the right thing is second nature. We are able to release the pull of ego and live transparently.



Develop Your Intuitive Awareness

Using these traits, intuition is able to see far beyond the drudge of everyday life. Listening to your intuition will fill your days with Divine wisdom and raise your vibration. As you deepen your trust of your intuition, you will begin to see the bigger picture of your life revealed in profound ways.

Commit to integrating this gift into your life and your intuitive awareness will be dialed in with great accuracy in no time!

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