What Is Intuition And How Can I Learn To Use It?

intuition Apr 08, 2022

Have you ever felt so strongly about a situation or person in your life that it surprised you? Some people experience a “gut feeling” that they cannot shake. Others describe it as a small inner voice prompting them. Have you ever talked yourself out of following that quiet voice and then wished you would have listened?

This sense of inner knowing is called intuition.

I want to explore this important concept with you today. It is a huge part of the Quantum Medicine work I do with my clients and students and it’s something we are all capable of tapping into.

So what exactly is intuition and where does it come from? Can our intuition really be trusted to help us in our daily lives? How can we learn to listen to it?



Where Does Intuition Come From?

Does it come from the body? The mind? The soul? Let’s investigate…

Our body is a miracle, managing vital functions automatically, without a thought. The heart beats, lungs breathe, cells divide and regenerate, all without us having to consciously think about it. Keep these amazing known-truths about the body in mind when considering the existence of intuition.

The “auto-pilot” of most bodily functions frees our minds up to spend most of our time thinking and feeling. Based on past experiences, data, and cues from others, our brain decides what is important and what it can disregard and filter out. When we have gut feelings, it seems to come from somewhere beyond thought, reason, and intellect – like an instinct we cannot seem to explain, yet we can come to know it is very real. The findings from this study show that intuition is scientifically considered a product of the synergy that occurs as a result of the interaction of factors like knowledge, feelings, and experiences. (1)

As much as we are body and mind, we are also energy and spirit. Intuition comes from beyond the body and mind, connecting to the body and mind through our morphogenetic field. This is the energy field that surrounds us and guides us through life.

Through the process of what’s called “morphic resonance,” we actually have access to AND contribute to a “collective memory” of experiences. This is why you may feel you know exactly what to do when you listen to that “gut feeling,” although you may be in a situation you’ve never experienced before.

The very nature of intuition limits our ability to pin down a precise definition or adequate empirical evidence to “prove” its existence or worth. But there are bodies of research that have investigated the power of intuition because it’s influence can’t be denied.

Healthcare professionals have been studied for their incredible ability to “predict” when a sick person will die without hard evidence to influence their accurate gut-feeling. (2) Research shows physicians perceive clinical intuition as beneficial for correcting and advancing diagnoses of both common and rare conditions. (3)

So you can appreciate that the lack of “solid proof” that intuition exists does not detract from its value in daily life. Even the most skeptical person could agree that they sometimes access answers to silent questions beyond what seems physically or intellectually possible. It’s truly a sophisticated process of “invisible” communication across space and time. Opening our minds to this amazing Divine channel we all have access to is an incredible gift.



Learning To Listen To Your Inner Voice

This idea of unconsciously sifting through an invisible information superhighway and using the resulting “gut feeling” as a guide may sound mystical and far-fetched. But most people practice this skill even if they do not realize it. Choosing what job offer to accept, or who to be in a relationship with are examples where we think logically, but also listen to and trust an inner sense of knowing to guide us along the right path.

Since intuition flows from our bodies and minds, taking care of the health of our whole selves is vital. If our minds are clogged with toxic thinking or our bodies overwhelmed by poor habits, how can we expect our system to process information most efficiently and accurately? When our systems are balanced, intuition can come through loud and clear.

You can also improve your ability to listen to your intuition by consciously choosing to surround yourself with supportive influences, sound resources, and healthy energy to be able to have clearer channels for accurate and useful answers. Detox your relationships and other outside influences like social media and other entertainment sources that you “plug in” your energy.

Identifying and honing your intuitive senses takes practice. Like any new skill or exercise, it requires time and repetition to grow strong. The more you can set aside time to practice techniques like the ones I mention below, the easier it will be to recognize intuitions guiding presence in your life.



How To Tune In To Intuition

Imagine a radio that must be tuned into the right frequency. If the dial is a little bit too far to the right or the left, the station becomes full of static and the message is murky or missed. Something similar can happen when you are learning how to tune in to your intuition.

Be aware that part of the process is learning to differentiate between intuitive guidance and the “white noise” of things like random chatter, internal bias, and the often-noisy ego vying for your attention. You may even tune in to some false guidance if your vibration is low and your energetic defenses are down! We must practice tuning in to learn to pinpoint what the “right station” is for clear guidance through experience and attention to how it feels.

Here are five practical ways you can prepare yourself to tune in to and trust your intuition:

  1. Spend time in nature. Take a few moments every day to step away from your busy work and family life to refresh in nature. As your mind clears and relaxes, you will create a welcoming environment for your intuition to begin to come through. Often the solution to a dilemma will appear as a sudden inspiration as you simply take time to “just be.”
  2. Get enough quality sleep. Our unconscious mind will continue to work as we sleep. Intuition may come in the form of dreams or sudden “knowings” as you recharge through sleep. Keeping a dream journal may be helpful in exploring the messages from your intuition during sleep. Being rested will also help you attune to your inner voice during waking hours.
  3. Practice meditation and mindfulness. You will learn to clear your mind of distractions and stay present to listen to your inner guide. It is so important to create the space for your intuition to emerge and deliver your truth. Invite it in with love and patience.
  4. Allow yourself to feel. It may feel like a flutter of butterflies in your stomach, a surge of adrenaline, a sweet tug on your heartstrings… or on the other hand you could feel an uneasiness in your gut, chills down your spine, or a bad taste in your mouth. Ask those sensations what they are trying to tell you rather than pushing them aside or ignoring them.
  5. Create the space. Set aside time to ask yourself questions and write down answers. Sometimes you may receive words or phrases. Other times you may even be able to experience a running dialogue. A good prompt to start with is to consider a situation and ask yourself, “what is true in this situation?” Or state aloud: “My truth in this situation is…” And see what comes up for you.

Intuition comes in different forms to different people. Sometimes it is a subtle whisper, and other times it sounds an alarm that cannot be ignored. Through experimenting and careful listening, I hope that you will find your own unique path of communication with intuition. When you do, thank it for its guidance in your life and express gratitude for the wonderful gift you have!



Wake Up And Rediscover Your Senses

For so long, you have experienced your senses at a fraction of the capacity they are capable of. Our fast-paced, overstimulating, stressful world numbs the senses. You must learn how to open those doors to experience the fullness of your senses again. Your inner Divine intelligence communicates with you through your senses. When you are attuned to them, you make healthier choices and achieve a balanced state of being.

 In my 6-week online course Deepen and Anchor Your Awareness, you'll focus on a different sense each week: sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, and intuition. For each sense you'll have a video overview, lesson for integration, guided meditation, sensory support prescription (including colors, crystals, movements, nourishments, behaviors, and affirmations), and journaling prompts. 

With this comprehensive sensory approach, your efforts will result in a lifetime of embodied joy, passion, and presence. You'll also create a solid foundation upon which you can build your connection with your intuitive gifts and easily receive divine guidance.

So if you’re ready to take the next step on your path to become your absolute best self and heighten your intuition, enroll today!

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1. "Intuition: An Important Tool in the Practice of Nursing." Journal of Nursing & Healthcare1, no. 2 (2016). doi:10.33140/jnh/01/02/00008.

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