Why Natural Healing Is The New “Cure”

healing May 29, 2019

We have learned to depend on pills to continue performing at top levels and alter our emotional state even when we know we aren’t feeling well. Illness is marketed and sold by big pharmaceutical companies that want to get people hooked on “quick-fixes.” Yet we wake up day after day feeling worse than the day before. Where is the cure that we have been promised?

It is critical to recognize the danger of prescription drugs as a cure-all. A quick-fix is not the answer. Luckily, there are answers that will help you start your journey of reclaiming long-lasting health in all areas of your life. Let’s start by exploring the difference between a “cure” and true healing...



The Danger Zone

Did you know that 55 percent of Americans regularly take prescription medication? More than 30 percent are on drugs associated with depression. We are crying out for relief, but our calls are falling on a broken system.

The rate of prescriptions per capita is at an all-time high, with 53 percent of people reporting they actually receive prescriptions from more than one doctor. This opens the door to over medicating and overwhelming our bodies while the doctors remain in the dark about the root of the issue.

Even though these drugs are being prescribed by doctors, there are dangers we must be aware of. All of these drugs have side effects and interactions, to such an extreme that doctors struggle to distinguish between a side-effect and symptom when treating their patients. The lack of continuity between providers is dangerous.

This overtaxed system cannot be sustained, much less provide adequate checks and balances to keep patients safe!



A “Cure” Isn’t the Answer

There’s an underlying urge in all people that brought us to this place of need. The desire to find a cure that will end suffering and set us free is a powerful driving force. We all recognize that life should not be repeated days of continuous misery leading to an early grave, yet our methods are failing us.

Throwing more pills at our problems makes us sicker, sometimes addicted, and often more depressed than ever. The medical system is unable to support us in the ways we desperately need, and pharmaceutical companies only seem to care about making a profit. So, where is the cure?

There is a very important distinction that makes all the difference in satisfying this urge for a cure within us. That is the difference between cure and healing. Everyone thinks they want a cure because it sounds “final.” But it is often a false promise. This is why our focus should instead be on healing. Healing is ongoing. It is a dedicated, patient process.

Healing rebuilds and renews until those old patterns are no longer part of us. Taking care of our bodies requires us to be present and aware for as long as we are alive. This may sound daunting, but it is truly rewarding! After all, you deserve more than a life of medication-propagated side-effects and failed “miracle cures.”

The moment you decide to choose awareness and prevention over a quick fix, you will finally realize: the powerful medicine you seek is within.



Let The Journey to Healing Begin

It is time to take the first step on the journey to healing. It is a promise to yourself to illuminate a path of discovery. I would like to invite you to explore the importance of connecting to your heart, learn the impact of your thoughts, and seek the Divine purpose of your soul.

All roads to wellness require personal responsibility. Resolve to take action to collaborate with and listen to your body. By doing so, you can create an environment where you will thrive.

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