Your Wholistic Guide to Consciousness!

consciousness Apr 30, 2020

Do you ever wish you could feel more present and aware in your life?

You are not alone! The topic of consciousness has inspired many spiritual leaders, philosophers, and neuroscientists to craft complex theories and experiments to try to uncover its mysteries.

Contemplating the way you experience reality is the first step to raising your consciousness, tapping into the wisdom of the collective consciousness, and helping to boost the consciousness of the planet!

Let’s dive into a “user-friendly guide” to consciousness. Uncover your many inner gifts and learn to be of service to a Divine mission of spreading love and peace on Earth.

Read on to harness your ability to shift your consciousness level and cultivate a deep oneness with the world around you!

Ready to Shift Your Consciousness?


What is Consciousness?

In short, consciousness is the ability to perceive and interact with a flow of energy or information and shift behavior in response. It is an awareness of being, of observing, and of being observed.

This fundamental concept doesn’t just apply to humans. The animal kingdom, plant kingdom, and crystal kingdom all have consciousness. Reflect on your interaction with a happy pet, a blooming flower, or a crystal you’ve held during meditation. You “feel” something – you interact in an unspoken but tangible way.

Humans are believed to be unique because we have the ability to formulate new thoughts and ideas, share thoughts and ideas with others, and manifest thoughts and ideas into reality. You might think this special feature would mean our consciousness was more evolved than other beings… Not at all!

Unfortunately, most humans are operating at a level of consciousness below that of the plant, crystal, and even some of the animal kingdom. However, with humble intention, we can expand and elevate our consciousness by connecting with the Divine intelligence of nature and our higher selves.

According to consciousness expert, Konstantin Korotkov, PhD, humans can connect to the Universal Informational Field and receive direct information from the Higher Planes of Consciousness. (1) That is to say that we are not separate from nature - we are meant to live in harmony. By shifting into a state of oneness with nature and the Divine, we activate our inner gifts to operate at a higher level of consciousness.

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Quantum Effects: Your Thoughts Shift Your Reality

Sometimes, the information we receive from these higher planes can’t even be put into words. We “know” what the color red “looks like” or what love “feels like,” but these perceptions are in fact products of our conscious connection to the quantum field of information. (2)

Our thoughts and feelings about things are not simply fleeting inner experiences. They are powerful precursors to physical shifts in our reality. Our outer world reflects our inner world in a powerful quantum dance of energies. This is true for our experiences with the world outside ourselves and within.

Leading biologist and genetics expert, Dr. Bruce Lipton, has proposed that our thoughts influence the outer world – but also the most microscopic aspects of our bodies! He has done many studies to illustrate how the mind’s expression of positive and negative thoughts shape the behavior of the body’s cells, tissues, and organs. (3)

Shifting the focus and energy of our thoughts and feelings allows us to consciously create a healthier body and a brighter, better reality!

Ready to Shift Your Consciousness?


You Are Part of a Collective Consciousness!

In addition to your unique personal consciousness, you are also part of a Collective Consciousness. This is one of the “Higher Planes” Dr. Korotkov was talking about. All things, everything with consciousness, is connected. Although unseen, our consciousness and the consciousness of all beings are intricately linked, constantly influencing each other.

This collective consciousness that connects all of us contains eons of information. Think of it as an infinite library we have access to at any time. We give and take from this library as we navigate our life experiences with Divinely guided inner wisdom.

You can begin to pick up on your connection to the collective consciousness in small ways. How many times have you been sent “good vibes,” felt a “magnetic” connection with someone, or walked into a room and sensed “negative energy”?

Although seemingly invisible, some research suggests that these “vibes” we pick up on are transmitted through light waves and DNA! (4) As you can see, tapping into the collective consciousness can be incredibly helpful for little things like navigating social situations – but there is so much more we can do.

The Maharishi Effect is a well-studied phenomenon that occurs when individuals or groups focus on heart-centered intentions and generate a significant energetic shift toward peace in the collective consciousness. Mass meditations and group immersions are common ways this is done. When we unite with love-filled intentions – we can use our consciousness to change the world!

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Consciousness: You Can’t See It – But You CAN Measure It!

Different emotions have different energetic frequencies that can impact your level of consciousness. After an emotion is experienced in your mind, the frequency of it is registered in your heart, the spiritual center of your body.

The Hz frequency that each one of us emanates from our heart contributes to the frequency of the collective consciousness! As I mentioned, humans often register very low in frequency - especially compared to highly evolved plants, crystals, and some animals.

I did a small study on 170 people in December to measure their collective energetic frequency with a special device I use in my practice as a Quantum Medicine Practitioner before, during, and after a consciousness-shifting online retreat (more about that in a moment!). The results were magnificent. Those who completed the full course from start to finish raised the collective vibration from 450Hz to 600Hz!

500Hz is the frequency of love, so not only did we generate a love frequency, we went above and beyond to the level of peace! Look at the chart below and you can see that some of our sessions actually resonated at the level of enlightenment… (click image to enlarge chart)

Ready to Shift Your Consciousness?


Shift Your Consciousness in 7-Days!

The online retreat mentioned in the study above is called Ignite Your Codes of Consciousness.

I developed this powerful 7-day illumination retreat to help people discover how to shift their consciousness to a higher vibration with several revolutionary techniques, including: 

  • Detoxifying the body and anchoring to Mother Earth
  • Connecting with the plant, animal, and crystal kingdoms to awaken inner gifts
  • Clearing your chakras and reclaiming your multidimensional identity
  • Accessing areas of your brain to uncover your unique consciousness codes
  • Discovering your inner living library and calling back lost aspects of yourself
  • Activating dormant DNA to ignite your consciousness codes

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Each day you’ll enjoy a short interactive lesson that will guide you to train your consciousness to cultivate and sustain self-love. You will achieve that AND contribute to raising the vibration of the collective consciousness as a whole!

Plus! For a limited time, you’ll receive amazing bonus materials when you enroll!

  • Free Workbook to help integrate all you learn
  • My Ultimate Guide for Healthy Digestion
  • Elena’s Recipes Rx Cookbook
  • 5 Free Guided Meditation Downloads

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