Attract Your True Soulmate

soul mate Feb 03, 2021

Welcome to the WHOLISTIC LIVING PODCAST: Episode 16
Aligning Body, Mind, and Soul with Elena Bensonoff



Welcome to the podcast. My name is Elena Bensonoff – Quantum Medicine Practitioner, clinical pharmacist, and Health Expert. Many of you may be on an exciting journey of discovery – in search of your perfect match, your soulmate. It is a beautiful journey to find that special someone to share life with, but it is not always an easy one. However it can be a smoother path if you have some clear guidance. I am going to share with you today how my partner, Alejandro, helps our clients illuminate the path to love and attract their soulmate.

If you genuinely want to attract your True Soulmate, you are more than ready to embark on this journey and receive the ultimate gift of love. True Soulmate consists of souls that have originated from the same oversoul at the exact time. Others call this type the Twin Flame or Twin Soul. You and your True...

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