The Secrets of Sound Revealed

consciousness sound Oct 04, 2023

Your sense of hearing allows you to have meaningful conversations, learn new things, enjoy music and nature, and hear that you are loved.

However, sound is so much more than what you experience with your auditory perception. Sound waves are making magic happen all around you!

Read on to uncover many exciting secrets of sound, including:

  • The mysteries of cymatics and acoustic levitation
  • The connection between sound and consciousness
  • How you can hear the universe with cosmic resonance
  • How sound is shaping the future of medicine



The Magic Of Cymatics 

Sound is a type of energy that travels through different mediums like air, water, or solids. Vibrations of sound create waves that are invisible to the eye but are captured by the ear. Imagine sound waves as ripples in the water that carry sound from one shore to another.

Cymatics is a field of study that investigates the interaction between sound and matter. As sound waves travel through materials like sand...

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