3 Quantum Concepts To Boost Your Vibrational Frequency

energy vibration Aug 18, 2021

You are surrounded by a quantum field of energy. The entire Universe is made of energy fields. The fields span all of space and time, constantly playing an elegant, subatomic symphony.

Quantum physics is both complex and simple. It is mysterious and beautiful and unifies each and every one of us. It affects our perception of reality and our wellbeing.

You might hear “quantum physics” and feel intimidated by the topic. Never fear! There is so much to learn and understand about the field of quantum physics, but I am here to give you a crash course on quantum knowledge that will help you boost your vibrational frequency.

What I am about to share with you will illuminate how you can harness quantum tools to raise your vibration.

We will focus in on three key quantum concepts:

  1. Everything is Energy and Can Influence Your Vibration
  2. Your Consciousness Level Impacts Your Wellbeing
  3. Low Vibrations Can Be Transmuted With Love

I will also be outlining an action step you can take to implement the quantum concept in your life!

Key Quantum Concept 1: Everything is Energy and Can Influence Your Vibration

The word “quantum” comes from the Latin for “how much.” It seems the answer to that question is: everything. The foundation of everything in this world is energy and vibrational frequency. We are surrounded by a quantum field of information. It is both outside us and within.

Nothing is truly still. Objects like the furniture in your home that appear to be inanimate and still are in fact vibrating with energy. There is no such thing as “empty space.” Observing our reality at the sub-atomic level, even the “space” between atoms in objects and our own bodies contain a series of electron clouds, all bound together by quantum energy.

Even your emotions emit a vibrational frequency. Every thought in your brain is vibrating as you think! Quantum physics helps us understand that even the things we cannot touch and hold in our hands, like thoughts, are very real and powerful. The quantum phenomenon of spontaneous self-organization outlines how vibrations of different objects can sync up to resonate at the same level. 

This is an important quantum concept to understand because it will help open your eyes to how things impact your personal vibrational frequency and how your frequency may be affecting the world around you. We are influenced by the vibration of our water, food, the people we are around, where we spend our time, and the things we do.

Action Step: Awareness

If you walk into a room and feel “bad vibes” - you are likely picking up on low vibrations and a lack of energy flow in the room due to people or incidents that have impacted that space. This is also why you will feel uplifted by witnessing the beauty of nature where energy flows efficiently and freely with high vibrations. Becoming aware of how your surroundings make you feel is a big step toward being able to avoid situations that bring you down and prioritize experiences that boost your vibration!

Key Quantum Concept 2: Your Consciousness Level Impacts Your Wellbeing

Let’s open up discussion on this concept by briefly exploring the nature of consciousness. The foundation of our reality on a quantum level is the vibration of light. It is the core of all we see and know. Everything we experience is a formless essence of light that is projected into the reality we call life. The light we all have within us is what we know as our consciousness.

Consciousness is the ability to perceive and interact with a flow of energy. It is an awareness of being, of observing, and of being observed. Your consciousness level connects your body, mind, and soul and impacts every aspect of your experience on this planet. It connects you to the infinite field of awareness, space, and time.

Humans can expand and elevate their consciousness level by connecting with the Divine intelligence of nature and our higher selves. In addition to your unique personal consciousness, you are also part of a Collective Consciousness. All things are connected. Our consciousness and the consciousness of all beings are intricately linked, constantly influencing each other.

According to consciousness expert, Konstantin Korotkov, PhD, humans can connect to the collective field of consciousness and receive information downloads. (1) You are meant to live in harmony with the world around you, and when you shift into a state of oneness with nature and the Divine, you activate your inner gifts to operate at a higher level of consciousness.

The different levels of consciousness can be quantified and linked to an emotion, as you can see in the graphic below.

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To put things simply, the higher your vibration, the happier and more fulfilled you are! So how can you raise your consciousness level? A great place to start is by tuning into your thoughts.

Leading biologist and genetics expert, Dr. Bruce Lipton, has proposed that our thoughts influence the outer world – but also the most microscopic aspects of our bodies! He has done many studies to illustrate how positive and negative thoughts shape the behavior of the body’s cells, tissues, and organs. (2) Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

Action Step: Observe and Honor Your Emotions

Take time to pay attention to your thoughts. Notice, do you feel at ease or do you feel resistance? Even when you experience anger or sadness, witness your emotions with curiosity and accept and honor them. This will keep your emotions flowing through you which will help you more readily shift into a state of energetic flow. This in turn allows you to consciously create a healthier body and a happier reality!

Key Quantum Concept 3: Low Vibrations Can Be Transmuted With Love

As you could see on the scale of consciousness graphic, the emotions that vibrate at a low level below neutral include shame, guilt, and fear. These lower vibrations exist all around us so it is helpful to know how to transmute these low vibrations with love.

Everything begins with the self. You must have love and compassion for yourself first before you can amplify and expand that love out to the world. Filter your experiences through the lens of love, emanate love from your heart, and expand luminous love to the planet. When you are aligned with love, your ability to transmit and share love with others will be amplified!

Action Step: Infuse Your Actions With Love

Besides simply focusing on transmuting fear into love with words or mental effort, there are many ways you can accomplish this Divine purpose with conscious intent. Here are some things you can do to raise your vibration instantly: Engaging your body in healthy movement, laughing and playing, doing breathwork, expressing gratitude, being in nature, listening to classical music… As you do the activity, hold a conscious intention to infuse the moment with love!

We are all cocreators in our life experience. If we adopt this shift toward love together, we can collectively transform our entire planet.

Thank you for joining me on this journey through quantum concepts! Understanding these fundamental aspects of the quantum universe will help you greatly as you explore new frontiers of energy, consciousness, and vibrational frequencies on your journey. Let’s use the energetic tools we all have at our disposal to create a brighter, more love-filled future for all.

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1) Korotkov, Konstantin. “What Is Consciousness?” International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography, June 27, 2018.

2) Lipton, Bruce. “Be Conscious of What You Are Thinking.” UPLIFT, February 7, 2020.


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